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A Bambina or Bambino of Our Own by Musicgirl1120
A Bambina or Bambino of Our Ownby Musicgirl1120
Maya and Carina have been in a happy relationship for three years, and since the beginning, they both said they never wanted kids. But now, both of them find themselves...
And Baby Makes...? by GaylaBer
And Baby Makes...?by Goobyloob
Samantha Dietz, now Joseph, was finally settling in and settling down with her adoptive parents. Her birth father was gone, dead and buried, the Josephs were warm and lo...
The knight family (sequel to Mr.&Mrs Knight ) by princess_horan_1993
The knight family (sequel to Mr.& princess_horan_1993
The beginning of the sequel of Mr.&Mrs Knight is out! Follow the journey of the Knight family. See what life has in-store for them.
No Matter What (Sequal To My World And More) Completed by BoingxGorgeous
No Matter What (Sequal To My Estelle Du Plessis
Maya and Josh had their hands full with baby Kayden but when his brother arrived a lot earlier the couple definitely didn't know how it would end.
No more underwear  by goodnite2
No more underwear by goodnite2
Adam is 8 years old his parents are dead and his adoptive parents abused him
Little Munchkin by QueenOfNeuro
Little Munchkinby QueenOfNeuro
This Story is about Amelia and Link and their little Family that is about to get even bigger. Follow their journey of being Pregnant and having a baby and them remember...
Baby Heather Button (unfinished) by seenandunforeseen
Baby Heather Button (unfinished)by ella
Alison and Mike's daughter had a complicated birth, but Alison wasn't prepared for her to also be able to see the ghosts at home. The ghosts are overjoyed and take it up...
The Ending Savage (BOOK 3) by Grimmy_Black
The Ending Savage (BOOK 3)by Grimmy_Black
Beginning Date: March 13, 2020 Ending Date: "I made a promise to my son before he was born that I will end this once and for all." On that day, Artemis's life...
My Holland Baby~ Tom Holland by eddiesgirl04
My Holland Baby~ Tom Hollandby eddiesgirl04
Hannah Moses and Tom Holland have been married for over a year and Hannah is ready to start a family. Will Tom be a good father?
The Unexpected by heartland_fam07
The Unexpectedby carr_love
After Ty passes away Amy finds out some news that turns her whole world upside down and she doesn't know how to handle it with the pass of her husband. Read to find out...
Our little miracle (2nd part of my Conic Story) by Mialye216
Our little miracle (2nd part of Mialye216
Three years have passed since the birth of Riley and Oliva Hawkins-Nevin. Transitions have to be made, changes have occurred .... Could it be that there is the imminent...
The Unexpected  by Davi_Mikaelson23
The Unexpected by Multi_fandom631
Davina finds herself pregnant due to Kol and here's one night stand! Will Kol find out? What will he do if he finds out? Will he want it? Will he deny it? Read to find o...
THE CREATION OF EMMA(~ADRIENETTE~)by Angelica's not my real name
Adrienette is alredy married and are trying to have a baby🤰🏽👼 18+warning⚠️⚠️🔞🔞 Its a one-shot story First story so the may be bad grammar and a horrible plot Love...
The Family >GBD by graysbaildolan1999
The Family >GBDby Lilith Reané
SEQUEL TO ARRANGED MARRIAGE Alexis gets pregnant with her arranged spouses child. It wasn't planned as soon as it happened. But in the end they are both happy with their...
Birth |Papa Turtle Leo| (Completed) by bigxxgirlsxxcry
Birth |Papa Turtle Leo| (Completed)by Cat
They were overjoyed by the birth of their little man, Gideon
Finding Hope| Corbyn Besson  by leabeex
Finding Hope| Corbyn Besson by leah:)
This is a continuation from my story "The Slave Life" It's been two years since Avayah and Corbyn met. They now have a little baby girl and are due to get mar...
My Girl by AutisticArtist2000
My Girlby AutisticArtist2000
In a universe in which the explosion on the Xavier Institute and Professor X's coma never happened and where after the fight between Cyclops and Wolverine over Jean, Jea...
A New Member | ☑  by Bbraeeee
A New Member | ☑ by Real_Wednesday
AU Bbrae one-shot
Sweet Anniversary Gift by Creature11211
Sweet Anniversary Giftby Creature11211
After James has a baby he decides to get together with his best friends. After a year they decide they want to make it official but what happens when another baby decide...
My First Baby by MummyMontanaa
My First Babyby ‘Mummy Shark’
A Unique Journal throughout the journey that is Parenthood. Sharing real life experiences/ scenarios with new parents. Providing baby product reviews/ recommendations. S...