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That Damn Clown {Hisoillu} by potsANNDpans
That Damn Clown {Hisoillu}by potsANDpans
Illumi only took the hunter exam to 1. Get a license for a job that he had and 2. To watch over Killua because of their mother's worry for Him leaving and going off on h...
Sinners Hand (HisokaxIllumi) by RazorFan4Life
Sinners Hand (HisokaxIllumi)by The Ulitmate Razor Stan
Illumi has never felt love in his life but maybe Hisoka will help with that. (HisokaxIllumi)
idk hxh gcs?  by iamgod_
idk hxh gcs? by pin cushion
because i am gay and i have no life and cottageore hisoillu is my only thoughts ever i just like got bored and started writing if hxh had a gc, i thought it'd be fun ig...
The longest night Hisoillu story♥️ smut.  by buggystorys
The longest night Hisoillu story♥️...by Therockinyourshoe
All hisoka wants to do is shatter the straight faced mask illumi wears everyday (ima hisoillu slut sorry not sorry heheh)
Kiss me like you miss me~ (hisoillu)  by kenmasbeautifulface
Kiss me like you miss me~ (hisoill...by Jess_666
Basically some one shots of some hisoillu and some times I'll do two parts. WARNING ⚠️ sex ⚠️ this was made in 2019 btw
Reminiscent by selfish_slut
Reminiscentby selfish_slut
Hisoka's been dating the love of his life for 3 years and now, it's their anniversary and he wants to pop the question. Will Illumi Zoldyck marry him. A long walk on the...
Different but alike | hisoillu by bunnyc0rpse
Different but alike | hisoilluby Kaya
So basically our dear Illumi just moved to another city with his family and he had to change schools. He is in highschool btw. And there he meets Hisoka and stuff. I'm l...
Hisoka x illumi one shots by tomatosoup20
Hisoka x illumi one shotsby Babybird
Warning, spicy, blood, all that hisoka and illUmi crap. I don't own any of the pictures or character I may or may not warn you when there's gonna be smut so just be pr...
I Don't Know ~ Hisoillu fanfic (ON PAUSE) by GoodMorninGoodNight
I Don't Know ~ Hisoillu fanfic (ON...by Insert Name
Hisoka and Illumi secretly have a crush on each other, but Illumi doesn't know if he actually likes Hisoka. Normal Hisoillu stuff. No smut. Also, this is my first publi...
What the Zoldycks do behind closed doors. by Flower_lover68
What the Zoldycks do behind closed...by Flower_lover68
{RECONTINUED} (I have no idea where I am going with this)The Zoldycks are a family of assassins that seem calm and collected on the outside, but what chaos really happen...
parent Hisoillu oneshots by Wibbzey
parent Hisoillu oneshotsby 💫 Ray 💫
Illumi decides to bring an unstable 12 year old home for him and Hisoka to raise...what could go wrong?
Strange Feeling by ChonkaBONES
Strange Feelingby BONES
Basically HxH but if Hisoka and Illumi were together since the beginning. The beginning of the story will be before the show starts. Long story just for fun. *This is go...
hisoillu au(Omegaverse) by mavelfan
hisoillu au(Omegaverse)by mavelfan
Hisoka and illumi were childhood bestfriends Till illumi got 14. I OWN NONE OF THE PICTURES OR CHARACTERS
Without You  by IlumiZoldyck1
Without You by Ilumi Zoldyck
You will be reading as a 3 person pov, you read about my interpretation of Hisoka and Illumi's relationship. I'm aware it is not exactly their character personalities bu...
Cards And Needles - Hisoillu Fanfic by antonia_kalkatzakou
Cards And Needles - Hisoillu Fanficby Antonia Iris
As Illumi and Hisoka find themselves against the Phantom Troupe, they decide to flee together till they've thought of a plan to kill their new enemies. Since they spend...
Bloody Flowers II; A Hisoillu fic by hisacookie84
Bloody Flowers II; A Hisoillu ficby hisacookie
Sequal to bloody flowers hanahaki disease a.u <Warning kinky, has some mild gore here and there.>
Sukina Hito (The Person I Like) by illumi_is_life
Sukina Hito (The Person I Like)by Illumi is love Illumi is life
* Illumi x Hisoka lemon* Illumi is on a mission, stalking his brother through the forest with plans to bring the boy home at any cost. Along the way, however, the appea...
Better Together by MissBlackRaven
Better Togetherby Raven Black
Hisoka loves Halloween almost as much as he loves Illumi. A perfect plan for the perfect evening gets ruined and they discover a lot more than what they were looking for...
hisoka x illumi by pigeonsrthebest
hisoka x illumiby pigeonsrthebest
Warning this is smut Sorry for any bad spelling and grammar I only made this for myself but might aswell post it Update embarrassed that i wrote this but ima keep it up...
His Jester || Hisoillu Fanfiction by mrsmorow22
His Jester || Hisoillu Fanfictionby Gray Morow
A magician and a royal assassin are both tired of the life they're living. But what could a simple "I'm in love with you" change? Turns out, everything. ~~~ s...