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The Suspect: Sakura Of The Akatsuki by Myeongsun_95
The Suspect: Sakura Of The Akatsukiby Lee Myeong Sun
Haruno Sakura finds herself falsely accused of murder and unwillingly became an Akatsuki member. Seeking justice for herself, she accepts Sasuke's 'conditioned' help as...
The Warrior of Avelyn by MiNinjaGeek
The Warrior of Avelynby SAMA
Her life ended with fire and began with ashes. After a heartbreaking loss; Clara trains to become a knight with the General's help. After years of fierce training, she f...
I AM ABLE by KingMoha
I AM ABLEby Muhammad Abubakar
Despised by her father for not being a male child, Fatimah Bulama hopes to attain her father's love and to prove how able she is to render the same service a male child...
Milk and Cookies by M_Rose1
Milk and Cookiesby Meg 🌹💔💤
'milk and cookies" is a collection of poetry and quotes about life. A twist on the classic 'milk and honey' by Rupi Kaur.
Cat's fate (Catra x Fem!reader) [She-ra and princesses of power] by ezio_exot
Cat's fate (Catra x Fem!reader) [S...by Teufel
A blind Panther-hybrid in war. When people see her, all they think is "Some blind,weak,useless cat ? What will she do ?" Let me tell you. A lot of things. And...
The Azure Empress Of Destiny: Phoenix Master's Exquisite Soulmate by Light15XV
The Azure Empress Of Destiny: Phoe...by Light15XV
Yin Lanying ended her own life in front of whom she used to love, now hating him and her half-twin sisters for executing her eldest sister and adoptive elder brother for...
Deep Thoughts by firefly_fly
Deep Thoughtsby Jenna
When the sun sets and they can't see me, can they hear me? * * || "Poetry" by an invisible girl. || * * * Highest Ranks: #6 in poetry [8/26/20] #11 in poetry [...
The Last Philosopher by NickfEast
The Last Philosopherby Nick East
Before everything, it's assumed there was nothing, but what if there was no real difference between the two? Just two extreme philosophies from the first conflict. The p...
The Fractured Holder [Pokémon/LoZ Crossover] by ImberLapis
The Fractured Holder [Pokémon/LoZ...by Sailwind Shadow
There exists a power that has dwelled in the land of Hyrule for countless millennia. It is the power that helped create the land, one that is coveted by many. Every few...
love or sympathy 🤔 ( COMPLETED) by Samrakhi__fanfic
love or sympathy 🤔 ( COMPLETED)by samrakhi fan
cover by muskaan.... story kya hai....read karke pata kar Lena 🤭🤭
Yet another collection of quotes about writing... for writers. Read if you need inspiration and motivation from the words of wisdom of the greatest writers before us and...
Poetry, Poetry, Poetry by sherwin_mago
Poetry, Poetry, Poetryby sherwin mago
a Poetry of Poetry's Poetry.
 Bible Study  by StoriesBecomesMe
Bible Study by StoriesBecomesMe
It's all about feeding our soul, getting more wisdom and most importantly, learning how to become more Christ like in all we do....
Thoughts by arffndi
Thoughtsby Ariff Affandi
Have you ever wonder why?
Clouds of Wisdom by moonhuayoon
Clouds of Wisdomby 문화윤
A collection of short islamic reminders.
  Kings of New York ( Pablo Reese)         by holycruciformedxz
Kings of New York ( Pablo Reese)...by Michael Nayas
They stared at each other's eyes as sun sets slowly. He could read her mind that that's it. " i love you, Pablo." she said, licks her lips for more words...
Philippians (Bible Study) by JLMeadow
Philippians (Bible Study)by JLMeadow
In this mini-series, we'll dive deeper into the book of Philippians. In this book, Paul writes to believers in Philippi, sending both encouragement and instructions for...
Wisdom of the Ancients by dvdvnr
Wisdom of the Ancientsby David Viner
A possible future in less than 500 words, if plastic wins. This was my entry for the WattPad/National Geographic #PlanetOrPlastic competition back in late 2018. It re...
Transforming Spells by Mark2Marie
Transforming Spellsby Khaostica
By Mark2Marie. This tg tf story is my first, so don't judge me too harshly. It's about a young boy named Mark who becomes a servant of a new, kindly goddess, but with a...
A Collection of Inspirational Quotes by Geordin1
A Collection of Inspirational Quot...by Geordin B.
Wisdom from experienced beloved ones - friends family members, and strangers