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The Forgotten Daughter by Cheshire_SK
The Forgotten Daughterby The SuperNerd
Aliana was basically raised at Camp Half-Blood. She has few memories of her life at home, but those she has retained are not pleasant. It's been 7 years, she's 14, and...
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐁𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐝 𝐌𝐚𝐭𝐞 ✓ by bjorghalla
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐁𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐝 𝐌𝐚𝐭𝐞 ✓by Bjorg Halla
Being blind has been Amelia's reality from the moment that she was brought into this world and is all that she has ever known. Looking at what bright sides of things, sh...
Milk and Cookies by M_Rose1
Milk and Cookiesby Meg 🌹💔💤
'milk and cookies" is a collection of poetry and quotes about life. A twist on the classic 'milk and honey' by Rupi Kaur.
The Azure Empress Of Destiny: Phoenix Master's Exquisite Soulmate by Light15XV
The Azure Empress Of Destiny: Phoe...by Light15XV
Yin Lanying ended her own life in front of whom she used to love, now hating him and her half-twin sisters for executing her eldest sister and adoptive elder brother for...
Deep Thoughts by firefly_fly
Deep Thoughtsby Jenna
When the sun sets and they can't see me, can they hear me? * * || "Poetry" by an invisible girl. || * * * Highest Rank: #6 in poetry [8/26/20] #11 in poetry [3...
I AM ABLE by KingMoha
I AM ABLEby Muhammad Abubakar
Despised by her father for not being a male child, Fatimah Bulama hopes to attain her father's love and to prove how able she is to render the same service a male child...
Wisdom of the Ancients by dvdvnr
Wisdom of the Ancientsby David Viner
A possible future in less than 500 words, if plastic wins. This was my entry for the WattPad/National Geographic #PlanetOrPlastic competition back in late 2018. It re...
The Other Malfoy by LucyHaire3
The Other Malfoyby Lucy Haire
Everyone knows the story of Harry Potter. You might even know his enemies Draco Malfoy story as well. I bet you dont know his full story. Did you know he had a half sis...
The Master's Affair by mqboamah
The Master's Affairby Mercy Queen Boamah
Who the hell does his undergrad degree abroad and Master's degree in Ghana? - LeRoy Yoofi Bartels. Who the hell keep on kissing a guy she's not dating? - Maame Yaaba Ote...
The Holy Bible by JulianRosalesNiles
The Holy Bibleby Julian Rosales Niles
A book to reach and guide people to the right path. Remember this: When you READ the Bible or go to Church "God is speaking to you". When you PRAY "You a...
Cat's fate (Catra x Fem!reader) [She-ra and princesses of power] by devxlswxngs
Cat's fate (Catra x Fem!reader) [S...by Devils
A blind Panther-hybrid in war. When people see her, all they think is "Some blind,weak,useless cat ? What will she do ?" Let me tell you. A lot of things. And...
Izukumi's revenge (Villain deku) by LeslyNaranjo
Izukumi's revenge (Villain deku)by Nakira19Queen
(⚠️TW⚠️Sensitive topics,Read at your own Risk) Female deku is a villain and that's how she wants it to be,she will over power All might and kill him with her quirks some...
Codes and Ciphers  by ManunulatRosel
Codes and Ciphers by ARDLPZ
It contains different codes where very applicable to all of you who loves mysteries. I also includes all of my learnings and studies that talks about unfamiliar ideas or...
toxic flowers | rant book by risuscitate
toxic flowers | rant bookby risu
❝wherein an innocent flower is surrounded by toxic, and we all know that toxicity is contagious❞ [rant book] x [WARNING: contains toxicity]
Gautama Buddha Says by darkhunter111
Gautama Buddha Saysby Mr. Dark Heart
Siddhārtha Gautama was a spiritual teacher and Religious leader who lived in ancient India. The founder of Buddhism, The Enlighted one. Write the Meaning of the sentence...
love or sympathy 🤔 ( COMPLETED) by Samrakhi__fanfic
love or sympathy 🤔 ( COMPLETED)by samrakhi fan
cover by muskaan.... story kya hai....read karke pata kar Lena 🤭🤭
Life Craps by ArchlordZero
Life Crapsby ArchlordZERO
This is a book of crappy quotes that you will never need in you life. And this book will slap you really really bad. "Wattpad's best picture of the decade"...
Helena Bonham Carter Quotes by piccolaJaneway
Helena Bonham Carter Quotesby Emma
Fuck it, let's dance
The Fractured Holder [Pokémon/LoZ Crossover] by ImberLapis
The Fractured Holder [Pokémon/LoZ...by It’s Spooky Month!
There exists a power that has dwelled in the land of Hyrule for countless millennia. It is the power that helped create the land, one that is coveted by many. Every few...
SpadesWatermelon's Book Of Wisdom  by SpadesWatermelonV2
SpadesWatermelon's Book Of Wisdom by Spades ♠️
A book where I can give stories about my life and stuff. Add to your library if you enjoy stupid stories.