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𝚃𝚘𝚘 𝚖𝚊𝚗𝚢 𝚋𝚛𝚘𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚜. by ____aris
𝚃𝚘𝚘 𝚖𝚊𝚗𝚢 𝚋𝚛𝚘𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚜.by Aris
"You promised me! You promised me you wouldn't, and you did. You all did. I don't wanna look at you. I don't wanna talk to you, I don't want nothing to do with you...
  • fame
  • brother
  • newfamily
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Their princess  by PurpleSlothStories
Their princess by PurpleSlothStories
Rosabell Lilly Kline has had a bumpy life. Her parents split up when she was 7, her brothers going with her dad and Rose staying with her mum. ...
  • newfamily
  • overprotectivedad
  • brothers
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My Dad is Alive? And a Cop? (On Hold) by Katharine2313245
My Dad is Alive? And a Cop? (On Lexi
Alexandra Maria Mundo grew up being told, by her mother, that her father was dead but one day her mother calls him to get things in order as her last stand. Her father i...
  • friends
  • brothers
  • newschool
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Emma and her five step brothers  by jennieN3333
Emma and her five step brothers by Jennie
Emma Stone is just your typical normal 14 year old girl. At least that's what you'd think when you look at her. This blonde hair, blue eyed beauty's dad ran out on her...
  • wattys2019
  • greyson
  • emma
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My Brothers by SecretRose13
My Brothersby Rose
Imagine leaving. Walking away. Turning your back on everything you've ever known. Well Quinn had to. Her mother died and she had to go and live with her father that her...
  • alone
  • unwanted
  • siblingrivalry
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My new 6 stepbrothers  by Madi__x
My new 6 stepbrothers by Madison
Isla Pyle is a 17 year old girl. Who's life has changed dramatically in such a short space of time. Isla's mom sprang her new fiancée on her. A move to another country...
  • new
  • billionaire
  • america
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Second Chances by Super-women-writer
Second Chancesby Super-women-writer
When Leah is finally given another chance at a family, it's too late for her. She's lost hope of anyone at all loving her. She shuts herself out, wondering if things wou...
  • teenfiction
  • awkward
  • secrets
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Royal Charity Project  by love-hunters
Royal Charity Project by love-hunters
"Money, influence, brain, looks. You are required to have at least two of those to be accepted into this academy, the rest always fall into place with time. So how...
  • loss
  • love
  • newstory
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I'm not a Kuran (Vampire Knight & Diabolik Lovers) by Infinity_of_Nobody
I'm not a Kuran (Vampire Kami-Sama
This is the story of a young girl born into a prestigious pureblood family, the kurans, along with her twin sister. Both girls looked exactly the same except for one dif...
  • crossacademy
  • kuran
  • shu
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Jungkook (BTS) by evilgirl1324
Jungkook (BTS)by evilgirl1324
Jungkook never shows any type of weakness, so everyone can't really tell if there's something wrong. Jungkook has been feeling really ill, to the point where he thinks h...
  • newfamily
  • jungkook
  • comfort
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OUR LOVE STORY ✔️  by badmuswaliyyat
OUR LOVE STORY ✔️ by Classique💖Olajumoke
Habeebat oluwadamilola grew up in Lagos, without a father. Suddenly one day a rich man showed up in front of their home as her father. She was taken to a foreign land wi...
  • enemies
  • sassy
  • suprise
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The New Sister by Amena114
The New Sisterby Amena114
Xena King a lot has happened to her over just a couple of months. Read to find out more...
  • overprotective
  • olderbrothers
  • sister
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Rooming with Mr. Perfect by bellasonline
Rooming with Mr. Perfectby Fathy Light
{EDITING} | He hates her. She kind of hates/loves him. What happens when they are stuck together in the same dorm room fir six months? | It was five years. Five years si...
  • issues
  • hopeless
  • selfdiscovery
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Mirrors (The Academy) by SthepLiar
Mirrors (The Academy)by Sthep
Fanfiction based on CL Stone's Ghost Bird Series. For years, The Academy boys have kept secrets from Sang Sorenson. First, there were the understandable things like The...
  • clstone
  • sangsorenson
  • harem
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Adopted  by queengg14
Adopted by Gigi Brown
Will kyann be able to trust les twins after being adopted by them read to find out
  • badpast
  • newfamily
  • lestwins
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New Home [tony stark x reader] by RuRaKo
New Home [tony stark x reader]by RuRaKo
I don't think this as one kind of avengers fan fiction, This is just Tony with his new family. Ouh and believe me, Tony will come like a lightning. *********************...
  • tonyasadad
  • tonystarkimagine
  • reader
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In love with my nanny | Влюбен в бавачката си | by _prom_dress_
In love with my nanny | Влюбен в б 😐 dear reader 😐
На пръв поглед живота на семейство Смит е прекрасен, но през погледа на Лео нещата въобще не са розови. Родителите му често пътуват и се налага да наемат бавачка която...
  • toalltheboysilovedbefore
  • smuts
  • секс
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Caius Volturi by nadeanchristie
Caius Volturiby Nadean Samantha Jamie Christie
Lilly White has just morved to Forks. There, truths are unfolded and having a family she didn't know she had. *I do not own any of the twilight series or characters.
  • enemy
  • caiusvolturi
  • twinsister
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Family Feud || Beyoncé • JayZ by sarah-015
Family Feud || Beyoncé • JayZby Helena
After the death of her mother in that terrible accident, Faith at the age of six left Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. 9 years later, she's back in her hometown but not...
  • bringit
  • forgiveness
  • 2019
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The broken God by Monster_Guardian
The broken Godby Sora-Kuroi Bara
The forced God of destruction, Error was finally catching up to the Creator. Soon the balance would be settled, only making him have to destroy the latest unnecessary ed...
  • newfamily
  • harrish6
  • blessed
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