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Lovesick Brothers by AngelDipa5
Lovesick Brothersby Queen Of Darkness
Psycho brothers and a little angel sister sounds not so good together right? so what happens when an sweet angel comes live with her lovesick pyscho brothers so join the...
Secrets Of The Mute by Bism33
Secrets Of The Muteby Emmett Razz
All they know about her is that she was getting heavily abused. They don't know how old she is. Or even her name. She simply won't speak. What'll happen along the wa...
16 Letters To My Runaway Father | ✔️ by cynkruse26
16 Letters To My Runaway Father | Cyn
Dear Nathaniel Raymond, It's me, Anneliese, the daughter you abandoned to build your new, happy family. Care to explain your sudden disappearance for the last...
Tu Meri Zindagi by HrithikRoshanLover
Tu Meri Zindagiby Oindrila (Dona)
Nandini is a 25 year old girl who is mentally a child. Manik is a business tycoon who is always in "Angry Young Man" mode. How do these two meet....and how doe...
Snape's New Son by Hunter-queen88
Snape's New Sonby Hunter-queen88
Snape realized that Harry is being abused by the Dursley's. So Snape becomes obsessed with making it right by adopting, loving, and protecting Harry, so he kidnaps him...
My Brothers by SecretRose13
My Brothersby Rose
Imagine leaving. Walking away. Turning your back on everything you've ever known. Well Quinn had to. Her mother died and she had to go and live with her father that her...
Keep On Fighting by TyLynn14
Keep On Fightingby TyLynn
Gabriella and her two siblings were forced to live with their alcoholic grandfather, who didn't care to raise them. When one heated argument happens, everything changes...
Gracie  by Persephone_1428
Gracie by Persephone1428
Grace's life wasn't ordinary at all. She's super small for her age and has no family. She meets a guy at her work who she becomes a good friend of hers. After working th...
Killer Siblings by Little1Writer
Killer Siblingsby Little Writer
"Aurora, get in the goddamn car before I throw you over my shoulder and put you in there myself", One of my brothers say. I roll my eyes at them. Three step fo...
His new dark life by hgage123
His new dark lifeby Hannah
After a shocking discovery, Harry's life is thrown upside down. Friends become enemies. "Family" turn into threats. The only salvation he can turn to: the onl...
His Gifted Luna by NVMelissa13
His Gifted Lunaby N.V.Melissa
My name is Gemma and I'm the white wolf. My life has been really, really shitty. At 3, the pack I stayed at was attacked, I lost my mother, was kidnapped and abused by...
Elementary, Elias. by philouwrites
Elementary, Philou Evermore
Twenty-five years ago, Elias Zwarteveen unwillingly turned into a bogeyman. Desperate for a way to reverse the transformation, he'd like to meet another one of his kind...
Pretending (bxb)  by AzaelaBlaze
Pretending (bxb) by AzaelaBlaze
After Quinn Hale, a 16- year- old boy from Queens, gets removed from his fathers care, he's put into his mothers, who he hasn't seen in 10 years. Trying to figure out h...
I'm not a Kuran (Vampire Knight & Diabolik Lovers) by Infinity_of_Nobody
I'm not a Kuran (Vampire Kami-Sama
This is the story of a young girl born into a prestigious pureblood family, the kurans, along with her twin sister. Both girls looked exactly the same except for one dif...
One big Family by Bunny_loud19
One big Familyby ♛ Queen
Lynn Sr and Rite put Lincoln up to adoption because they still think he's bad luck they thought putting him up for adoption will get rid of the bad luck but what will ha...
The betrayal of Izuku Hisashi  by izumomolover25
The betrayal of Izuku Hisashi by Izumomolover
Izuku was betrayed by friends and family he was secretly dating momo while he was dating ochako while momo was the same with shoto thing is they caught them cheating on...
You're worthless  by DaInIaN05
You're worthless by The_Cringe_legend
What if izuku was the son of Endeavor and the twin brother to shoto? Not just that he had an extremely powerful quirk. But had to lie about it or did he. I don't own My...
New life / Culpa Mia  by TomHollandstoryys
New life / Culpa Mia by Storys.Storys
Noah is a 17 years old teenager who has had a messy childhood. When she gets a new home ( to escape her abusive father ) she meets Nick who seems to be this good guy bu...
In love with my nanny | Влюбен в бавачката си | by _prom_dress_
In love with my nanny | Влюбен в б 😐 dear reader 😐
На пръв поглед живота на семейство Смит е прекрасен, но през погледа на Лео нещата въобще не са розови. Родителите му често пътуват и се налага да наемат бавачка която...
Mirrors (The Academy) by SthepLiar
Mirrors (The Academy)by Sthep
Fanfiction based on CL Stone's Ghost Bird Series. For years, The Academy boys have kept secrets from Sang Sorenson. First, there were the understandable things like The...