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BEST FAMILY EVER by Lakakamutante
BEST FAMILY EVERby notcoolbrunotcool
Peter was left to live on the streets. But after he meets The tony stark in and gets and internship with him, what will happen when the boys get close and Tony notices t...
Match Made in Heaven by Frank3678
Match Made in Heavenby Frank3678
Brianna is a very normal girl, but after wetting her pants in front of her boyfriend, she finds out a different side of him that wouldn't of come out otherwise. Based on...
The Wish by BabyCory1
The Wishby BabyCory
Lauren's life was what most people would call mundane, the same thing over and over. That is, until one night when a mysterious man appeared before her offering her a wi...
The Little Flower Girl by sweeteddy_bear
The Little Flower Girlby teddy_bear
In a different world where when you turn 18 you get a classification on whether your a Caregiver or Little. When Delilah turns 18 she goes to get classified, read to fol...
The Little Lost Bee (a DDlg story) by LetitiaRosee
The Little Lost Bee (a DDlg story)by LetitiaRosee
It's the 2700s and the world is run by vampires. I tried to make it a standalone; however, most of the characters are introduced in previous books in the series. I do in...
 Diapered by little sister stories  by diapernet
Diapered by little sister stories by diapernet
a collection of mini stories about brothers being Diapered by their sisters, some stories may have other people involved.
From big brother to little sister  by ultramegacool
From big brother to little sister by ultramegacool
Nia comes up with a plan to turn her big brother into her little sister
Padded for now. by Idk_Lmao_200
Padded for now.by Idk_Lmao_200
Grace has always been fascinated with diapers, but has never been able to get any diapers due to her overprotective mom. What happens if her mom finds out?
Zach's Pajamas by Deekerfan2
Zach's Pajamasby Deekerfan2
Zach's new girlfriend loves his fondness of Disney movies. She decides to buy him some pajamas that coincide with his interests and unbeknownst to him, he slowly begins...
Baby Avengers by Nuggets445
Baby Avengersby Nuggets445
A 6 part story of 1 shots showing how each member falls into the care of all the caregivers Starting with Steve, ending with Loki! (CARRY ON BOOKS ARE IN PROGRESS BUT FO...
Wetting bed by goodnite2
Wetting bedby goodnite2
This story is about how one kid named Devon went from popular to unpopular but found a true friend.
Daddy's Pumpkin Princess (a DDlg story) by LetitiaRosee
Daddy's Pumpkin Princess (a DDlg s...by LetitiaRosee
It's the 2400s and the world is run by vampires. This is the story of human Molly becoming vampire Edwin's little pumpkin princess. This is a DDlg / little / age play st...
My Diaper Life by mayadiaperbaby
My Diaper Lifeby Diaper Baby
This is my life as a diaper baby
Marinette age regression book part 1 by adestouche23646
Marinette age regression book part...by Naya
Mlb will probably be centered mostly around her.
little bakugo  by Cute_shadowbaby
little bakugo by Cute_shadowbaby
This is a little space bakugo book. ⚠️!!!!SFW DO NOT ADD TO NSFW LISTS!!!!⚠️ Warnings: Swearing Wetting and maybe some messing talked about but no detail Diapers and pu...
My Abdl life( TRUE STORY) by Author6678
My Abdl life( TRUE STORY)by Author6678
My true story of how I became a abdl
Personal Diaper Stories by Masonis13
Personal Diaper Storiesby Masonis13
Stories of when I wore pull-ups or diapers in Wilmington from 2016 to the present day.
Bella's Accidents by bellisima1995
Bella's Accidentsby bellisima1995
Bella is about to enter eighth grade, but she has started having some unexpected and embarrassing accidents!
Ava Grace's Incontinence by CeciliaP90
Ava Grace's Incontinenceby CeciliaP90
Ava Grace, an 8th grader, begins experiencing some embarrassing accidents...
Best Friend's Worst Vacation by Garrett8080
Best Friend's Worst Vacationby Garrett8080
What happens when Keegan(8) stays with his bestfriend Hudson(8) for a couple weeks while his parents are out of town? Quickly Keegan notices something a little strange...