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Bella's Accidents by bellisima1995
Bella's Accidentsby bellisima1995
Bella is about to enter eighth grade, but she has started having some unexpected and embarrassing accidents!
Goodnites for the holidays by Hydratedone
Goodnites for the holidaysby Hydratedone
Emma is ready to go on a trip with her best friend and family but she discovers a new aspect to to her life
Diapered Weekend by SubPuppy
Diapered Weekendby Little One 🍼
#1 in tag Bottle (10-11-18) #1 in tag TeenBaby (10-30-18) #1 in tag Pull-Ups (7-31-19) #1 in tag Paci (8-09-19) Alex, a 16 year old boy, takes a job babysitting for his...
God's and Little mortals (New)✔️ by The_Star_Rie
God's and Little mortals (New)✔️by Rie
Want to know olivers stoey? check out "Oliver's Curse (new)" Rie is a 22 year old man who loves to cause trouble and prank people. One day while at a flea mar...
Baby Avengers by Nuggets445
Baby Avengersby Nuggets445
A 6 part story of 1 shots showing how each member falls into the care of all the caregivers Starting with Steve, ending with Loki! (CARRY ON BOOKS ARE IN PROGRESS BUT FO...
The babysitter  by goodniteman
The babysitter by goodniteman
What happens when Emily age 17 babysits Brothers Landon 8 Jonathan 6 and Jaxson age 11
The Diaper Trio by Thebigbilly27
The Diaper Trioby Thebigbilly27
Nathaniel and Ryan spend a week with their friend Jacob and discover his surprising secret, he wears pull-ups. This little discovery sends them on a week full of padded...
Hidden Secret by SquishyJimin219
Hidden Secretby Squid
It's the new year and BTS is the center of attention all around the world due to their increasing popularity. The pressure of being an idol takes on a toll for each mem...
ABDL Markimoo [Slow Updates!] by LittleMarkimoo
ABDL Markimoo [Slow Updates!]by LittleMarkimoo
((Hiya! This is my first ABDL story so...be gentle. And if you don't like it, don't read it. Plain and simple. I hope you enjoy it!)) ((Basically this is an ongoing stor...
The Little  Changling  by kiaratiger
The Little Changling by Ruby
STORYBOOK INTRO Aurora is an unusual little girl. This is because she is a changeling. a rare hybrid of a mortal and a Fae. This means she is great at adapting to fit...
Regressed Bonding Moment of a Father and Son by Door691
Regressed Bonding Moment of a Fath...by Door691
When Ethan orders a machine that will achieve his dream of becoming a toddler, he should have read the full manual. Now his father and he have to deal with being toddler...
Claire by iagopereira26
Claireby ###anonimo###
Claire era uma menina normal e com a vida normal, exceto pela sua enurese noturna. quando a sua mae se cansa disso, coloca Claire em pull-ups para não vazar nada no seu...
Kall The Regressed by BabyCory1
Kall The Regressedby BabyCory
Once upon a time, there was a man named Kall. Now Kall was someone that you would call a pariah. This was mainly due to his size. Kall is about the size of a one-year-ol...
Diapers for Halloween?! ✔️ by The_Star_Rie
Diapers for Halloween?! ✔️by Rie
This is a short story of a young adult named rie. He still lives with his mother and she wants rie to go trick or treating with his younger brother star. But the first h...
Jackaboy Slips by LittleMarkimoo
Jackaboy Slipsby LittleMarkimoo
**This is an ageplay one-shot, that involves a grownup in pull-ups. If you don't like it, don't read it. And please don't start drama or steal my ideas or plagiarise. Th...
Dared to diapers (role reversal) by diaperdragon23
Dared to diapers (role reversal)by diaperdragon23
This is a story about two brothers who dare to swap places with each other on there way to see grandma. This story is based of an old now removed "Experience"...
Little Play Date by LittleMarkimoo
Little Play Dateby LittleMarkimoo
**A lot of people really love Little Jack. So...here's some more Little!Jack. With some more Uncle Bob and Uncle Wade! And please no copying...** **This is an ageplay on...
Sleep is For The Weak by LittleMarkimoo
Sleep is For The Weakby LittleMarkimoo
**Warning: Contains a grown up in pull-ups.** Mark bit down on his bottom lip, swallowing thickly due to his throat growing dry from fear. He heard another noise, causi...
Diaper boy by girlygirl20000
Diaper boyby Girlygirl2000
(Note: if I'm slower on updating it's because I'm busy, sorry guys!) You are his boyfriend (daddy) and Ryan is the regressed diaper boy. if there are any mistakes. I'm s...