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The Rainbow We're Making (NaVia) by Dethreon
The Rainbow We're Making (NaVia)by Mark Seville
(Disclaimer: I don't own anything on Fairy Tail) Team Natsu's previous job was unsuccessful, not because they didn't complete it, but rather, most of the job rewards was...
Melted Ice {Navia} by galaxydeviant
Melted Ice {Navia}by •galaxy_deviant•
"Where was she? She struggled to move her sore limbs and heard a metallic 'clanggg'. She stiffened at such a loud noise, and attempted to bring her hands down to he...
The Plan (NaLu + GrUvia) Short Story by Anime_nevv
The Plan (NaLu + GrUvia) Short V
~ The Plan ~ My first story After the raven haired male left with the not so happy blonde, Mirajane helped the water mage and fire mage get the loves of there lives.
Natsu x Juvia (Lemon) by Jayarmas123
Natsu x Juvia (Lemon)by jay armas
Hot, Steamy, Wet, and Dreamy
The Fire that Warms the Water by DatBoiSama
The Fire that Warms the Waterby Karma-Sama
Instead of Grey fighting Juvia, what if it was Natsu?! NatsuxJuvia
Some Like It Heated by ChillyGray
Some Like It Heatedby Gray Fullbuster
Disclimer~~~~~~~~~~ I don't own fairy tail or its characters.I even got this story idea from a friend.Read if you wish its just a comedic one shot.
New feelings {COMPLETE} by ayanopacifyher
New feelings {COMPLETE}by ayanopacifyher
when juvia sees gray kissing lucy at fairy hills. juvia turns around and walks around magnolia, when she bumps into one of her guildmates. "gomen, juvia was not loo...
Never Say Never ©/ UNDER MAYOR EDITING  by AnneRosario17
Never Say Never ©/ UNDER MAYOR √ 𝙰𝚗𝚗𝚎 あんね √
When Juvia decides to finally give into her best friend Natsu's offer and move in with him . She realizes that she is in for the ride of her life . •Falling in and out...
Three Angel first book by singyuandnavia
Three Angel first bookby singyuandnavia
Sting and Lucy started to date and yukino got sad and left. While Juvia is getting make fun of. Read to find out😁😁
Dying flower (Navia NatsuxJuvia) by WarauCx
Dying flower (Navia NatsuxJuvia)by Unknown
Its been seven years that all the regions have reunited and now Natsu Dragneel ,Prince of the fire region, must be marry to become the next ruler of his region. Denying...
The Struggle to Let Oneself Love Another by DeathTheK1d
The Struggle to Let Oneself Love DeathTheK1d
One day Natsu was trying to avoid an angry Juvia who was out for his head after beating her beloved Gray in a fight. However, Juvia realizes some feelings that she didn'...
We'll destroy FAIRYTAIL!( Juvia and Erza's revenge)  by Fuke-chan
We'll destroy FAIRYTAIL!( Juvia Fuke
Erza and Juvia want revenge on Fairytail? Why ? Want to know? Then read the story!♥>\\< ♥Reminder: I don't own FairyTail♥ Slow update😣
You and Me by SwanSpring
You and Meby SwanSpring
it all started after one incident which changed everything for them. One-shot
Fairy Tail next-gen: The secret relationship by SwanSpring
Fairy Tail next-gen: The secret SwanSpring
What if Natsu had a Daughter that no one knew about? What her mother was Juvia? What will happen if she came to the guild? How will the others react to this? How will Lu...
My Sunflower (Navia/JuTsu/NatsuxJuvia) by RiriDesu
My Sunflower (Navia/JuTsu/ Riri
Do you remember when you first fell in love ? Who, where, and when was it? Natsu and Juvia met a long time ago. Juvia fell for Natsu's smile and Natsu fell for Juvia's...
Cuore spezzato... (Natsu x Juvia) by Mitsuri000
Cuore spezzato... (Natsu x Juvia)by Plesai771
After Gray and Lucy started getting closer to each other, their guildmates cheered for them, but they didn't notice two heartbroken mages in the opposite corners of the...
I'll make u mine   ( natsu x Juvia ) navia story by NatsuCelestialBall
I'll make u mine ( natsu x Natsu Dragneel
Navia this story is when juvia gets betrayed by gray cause he loves lucy heartfillia so natsu and juvia comes together and cheer her up so they had feelings and they...
Vampires and Dragons {Navia} by gezusgeek
Vampires and Dragons {Navia}by Colleen
"...In her last seconds of consciousness, Juvia watched as her prison burned under the heavy rain. She blinked, and suddenly bare red feet with sharpened nails was...
You, Me and her by SwanSpring
You, Me and herby SwanSpring
Lucy Heartfilia a 16-year-old high school girl who's in love with her sensei Natsu Dragneel like other girls in her class but she's in love with him to the point of obse...