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The struggle to let oneself love another by DeathTheK1d
The struggle to let oneself love DeathTheK1d
One day Natsu was trying to avoid an angry Juvia who was out for his head after beating her beloved Gray in a fight. However, Juvia realizes some feelings that she didn'...
  • fairytail
  • spreadthenavia
  • natsuxjuvia
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Love Me (Navia/ NatsuxJuvia) by RiriDesu
Love Me (Navia/ NatsuxJuvia)by Riri
"Only do it with the one you love! Yes I remember! That's why!" He gave me a peck on the lips "that's why I'm kissing you" and he kiss me once more t...
  • juvialoxar
  • juvialockser
  • jutsu
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An Unknown Love ( Juvia x Natsu ) by TotalAnimeFreak
An Unknown Love ( Juvia x Natsu )by XxXxX
Natsu and Juvia are chosen from Makarov to go on a certain mission. Only the two of them. During this mission the two of them start to gain feelings for each other, but...
  • fairytail
  • natsuxjuvia
  • navia
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The Water-dragon slayer by -Peachy_Lemons-
The Water-dragon slayerby 『♚』 桃
What if Juvia was a water-dragon slayer, instead of a water mage? And instead on joining the Phantom guild, she joined Fairy Tail first? And what if she loved someone ot...
  • levy
  • nalu
  • lyonvastia
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Never Say Never (NatsuVia/NaVia) © by CRISSY43V3R
Never Say Never (NatsuVia/NaVia) ©by Ana Crystal
When Juvia decides to finally give into her best friend Natsu's offer and move in with him . She realizes that she is in for the ride of her life . •Falling in and out...
  • lyon
  • navia
  • juvia
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Jealous Hearts (NaLu/Gruvia) by WarauCx
Jealous Hearts (NaLu/Gruvia)by Unknown
" I don't care if you come back or not! Go away as far as you can from me! I hate you I hate you!" she screamed and I wink at her and blew her a kiss and laugh...
  • natsuxlucy
  • navia
  • graylu
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Dragon Mating Season  by kimgmax
Dragon Mating Season by Kiernen
Dragon mating season ( warning not the ship you think) Natsu x Juvia. When Lucy wants Loke instead of Natsu. When Grey is not the man Juvia thought she wanted.
  • juvia
  • natsu
  • navia
Natsu x Juvia (Lemon) by Jayarmas123
Natsu x Juvia (Lemon)by jay armas
Hot, Steamy, Wet, and Dreamy
  • navia
  • natsu
  • lemon
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Navia Forever by KleptoKitsune
Navia Foreverby Aena
Here Juvia awaits the return of her beloved Gray sama, only to find out holds no feelings for her. Will Juvia forgive him later on or will she give up on him and find lo...
  • natsu
  • navia
  • graylu
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Thank you | A NaVia FanFic| [Discontinued] by fairy_chan101
Thank you | A NaVia FanFic| [ waifu material
One "Nice" Day Gray Fullbuster suddenly asks for Lucy Heartfillia to be his New girlfriend. Now both Natsu and Juvia is heart broken. But what happens when, in...
  • kawaii
  • fairytail
  • ship
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fairy tail el cambio de natsu by AlejandroMego
fairy tail el cambio de natsuby Alejandro Mego
después de la pelea contra tartaros natsu fue volando sobre igneel quien logro vencer a acnologia todos los miembros del gremio estaban reunidos a excepción de natsu qu...
  • minerva
  • erza
  • navia
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Water Goddess (Mb/s) by oceanicgoddess
Water Goddess (Mb/s)by 𝓔𝓵𝓲𝔃𝓪
Uwu juvia Lockser
  • water
  • powers
  • navia
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Say 'I Love You' {NaVia} by foundmykee
Say 'I Love You' {NaVia}by Poisoned Potato
"If we are together we can do anything!" ~NaVia (Natsu and Juvia)
  • fairy
  • navia
  • graylu
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Poisoned With Love (F.T) by JB1608
Poisoned With Love (F.T)by JB1608
This is another Fairy Tail fanfic, but it's a little different. This story contains Navia & Gruvia, reader discretion advised. :3 Plot: Juvia will test her limits withou...
  • navia
  • fairytail
  • natsuigneel
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The Vampire's Mate © by CRISSY43V3R
The Vampire's Mate ©by Ana Crystal
Highest ranking since Oct./22/2018 : #1 lockser #1 natsuxjuvia Juvia Lockser a common teenager who attends to Magnolias famous private high school 'Fairy Tail Academy'...
  • witches
  • lyvia
  • whowillshechoose
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Melted Ice {Navia} by galaxydeviant
Melted Ice {Navia}by •galaxy_deviant•
"Where was she? She struggled to move her sore limbs and heard a metallic 'clanggg'. She stiffened at such a loud noise, and attempted to bring her hands down to he...
  • romance
  • kidnapped
  • desperate
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He's My Monster ( Natsu x Juvia Navia/Jutsu) by RiriDesu
He's My Monster ( Natsu x Juvia Riri
A split personality. He's a sweet immature man and the next thing he's a hot mess. Juvia and Natsu promised to protect each other when younger but being separated for 8...
  • gray
  • natsuxjuvua
  • jutsu
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New feelings {COMPLETE} by ayanopacifyher
New feelings {COMPLETE}by ayanopacifyher
when juvia sees gray kissing lucy at fairy hills. juvia turns around and walks around magnolia, when she bumps into one of her guildmates. "gomen, juvia was not loo...
  • bora
  • fairytail
  • navia
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Fairy Tail: "La gran aventura del dragon" by PrincessCarmesi
Fairy Tail: "La gran aventura Karla Dias Rojas
luego de la guerra con Alvares, Natsu Dragneel, enfrentara una nueva aventura, llena de emociones y sentimientos nuevos (lo se descripción del asco)
  • romance
  • nali
  • natsu
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Fairy tail- a love pandemonium  by 12345Polol
Fairy tail- a love pandemonium by 12345Polol
This is a story where Sting comes to fight Natsu and ends up meeting Lucy Heartfilia and finds out that Lucy has a crush on Natsu. So Sting decides to help Lucy but ends...
  • natsuxminerva
  • gale
  • cobra
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