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AgustSUGAr_Daddy By KaRina-Sensei Updated Dec 05, 2017

A little 3 year old girl from the future accidentally entered to a secret portal where no one ever know. There she hasn't expected she went back to the past, and she has no home to stay. But a certain blue haired water mage has found her in a forest in the middle of the storm, and there the little girl was calling her "Mama Juvi". She hasn't expected that the girl knows her name? But how?

The woman decided to take care of her and brought her to the guild. And her guild mates was in complete state of shock, they thought that it was really her daughter because of the color of the little girl's cerulean hair mixed with salmon pink at the front, the colour of her eyes, and what's most shocking was her Baby 3rd person talking just like Juvia. 
But then the little girl saw the certain Fire mage, whom she thought her father was calling him "Papa Nashu"... After all the kid's appetite was just like Natsu's and his Immature Attitude. 

But Mira got a bright Idea! 💡

"Natsu, Juvia you will both going to be pretending as her parents!" 


Will they handle being a parent? Or Would the kid going to stay in the present forever? How can she return back home? Is she a Mage? What kind of powers she have? How can this parenthood affects Juvia & Natsu? And will they know who are the real parents of the Little girl?

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creamycookie12 creamycookie12 May 12, 2017
Why do you guys ship werid stuff srsly Juvia an Natsu  srsly  is that making any sense I see zero logic  in that
XenosTheCreator XenosTheCreator Sep 08, 2017
Talk a bout no emotion.[Blank]"Your mom died!" [Blank] "let's hug each other!!!!"