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Creatures Of Fate by IndPhoenixGrimm
Creatures Of Fateby IndPhoenixGrimm
Ra'venna, a Fairy assassin cursed with a dark power never believed she would get a chance at revenge at the creatures that killed her family, until she is offered a cont...
Aether: Solitude by blue-iced
Aether: Solitudeby blu
[ Aether Trilogy | Book #1 ] Jadelynn Leora adalah satu dari sekian makhluk Aether yang memiliki nasib kurang beruntung, karena di usianya yang ke-16 tahunㅡdi mana...
breathless ━━ jason grace  by -PETTYWISE
breathless ━━ jason grace by ꒷꒦ 𝐕𝐀𝐋 ꒷꒦
Hope Lawson was dead. Simple. She had died in the Battle of Mount Othrys. Her boyfriend, Jason Grace, fell into despair and months later, he disappeared. But Hope never...
Turning The Tides (Prequel to The Bad Wolf Chronicles) by WritersBlock039
Turning The Tides (Prequel to Miss Moffat
Every universe has its own story to tell. Every universe has its differences. Every universe has its similarities. One universe has the Avengers, an original team of six...
Percy & the Primordial council by Primordial-Miky9
Percy & the Primordial councilby Primordial- Miky9
Betrayed by his friends Betrayed by his family Betrayed by his lover Betrayed by the gods He found a new family... The Primordials A New war has begun. The Primordials g...
Realm of the Runes: Blood Right by ginamaye
Realm of the Runes: Blood Rightby Gina Maye
Enter the year 2099AD - a living hell of industrial wastes, a dying planet, poverty, and high tech crime. When a mismatched group of youths are thrown together under dir...
Percy Jackson: Host of The Immortals by FanFiction-God
Percy Jackson: Host of The FanFiction-God
One night ten year old Percy Jackson had a strange dream. In this dream four beings tell him of a hard life he will have and offer him their power and in return, he will...
Air Tight by MEHollinger
Air Tightby Madilyn Hollinger
In this daring sequel of the Winter Soldier series we find Bucky just days later searching. The city is in ruins, collapsing at the hands of Hydra. People flee from the...
Pokémon Sun And Moon: Ash in Alola by AstaBlok
Pokémon Sun And Moon: Ash in Alolaby AstaBlok
This story is about Ash's Complete journey through Alola and all the friends he gets and pokémon he captures.he is on his quest to be a pokémon master and simultaneousl...
A Daughters Punishment by Lars_Dempsey
A Daughters Punishmentby Lars Dempsey
"Mother. She always enjoyed having power over Her children, Humilation as Well and this 'Punishment' ticked those boxes. But this... This was different."
A Warm Heart For Hoenn (Part 2) by RanbowHorsez
A Warm Heart For Hoenn (Part 2)by RanbowHorsez
Amy and her friends Iris, Cilan, Wally and her new boyfriend Steven have a new mission and it's get ready to face off Kyogre. While in the Alola region, Team Aqua secret...
Ghost Oneshots {Hiatus??} by Spiky_Anarchist
Ghost Oneshots {Hiatus??}by Call me Connor ✨
{I don't write that often} These are badly written one shots I randomly think of. Mostly fluff with occasional smut. (There's a warning for smut.)
Leap Luna by SeraphinaSolluna
Leap Lunaby SeraphinaSolluna
Upon a foggy evening, 17-year-old orphan, Maya Palmer finds herself deep in the woods, and after a series of odd happenings - deep in trouble. Her main concern should be...
Hespergon Academy: Seeking The Truth by asterim-
Hespergon Academy: Seeking The Aster Quentin
Dakota Reese Clion is the wielder of Lord Aeras' Sacred Aether. She is the daughter of the florist couple who lives beyond Mt. Serathocia and sells flowers at the town o...
Aether party fiasco by 1bunnylover
Aether party fiascoby 1bunnylover
It has been a great 5 years since the Aether siblings, Gladion and Lillie, have been running The Aether Foundation together. So, they decided to throw a party to celebra...
Fallen Love by VanaTheDevilishAngel
Fallen Loveby Vana The Devilish Angel
This a Herobrine x Reader story where the Reader is an Angel but turns to a Fallen Angel when - hang on, I can't spoil the story like this! Read the book to see what hap...
Lightning... Or air? by Book_Lover65
Lightning... Or air?by V.D.E.O
Sequel to "Piper McLean:Daughter of Chaos". After a tiring quest, a life on a far away planet and a school year at the institute for training magicians, Piper...
black ops zombies crews imagines by erasrhead
black ops zombies crews imaginesby ♡
- since i'm really into black ops zombies and i love the characters, i decided to write about them. (cover still in progress) ★ requests are open !! :D ★...
Crestfallen by ForlornGoddess
Crestfallenby 👑ǟʊɮʀɛʏǟքʀɨʟ👑
A Calaguas Series Iyong akala mo kayo na. Iyong akala mo siya lang sapat na. Iyong akala mo na wala ng makakapigil pa sa pagmamahalan ninyong dalawa. Hindi pala. Magkaka...