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Louis - A Zianourry Ageplay Story by Hopes4Peace
Louis - A Zianourry Ageplay Storyby Hopes4Peace
Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn are taking a break from performing. Their relationship together, always of media interest, is missing just one person - Louis. When they find...
Do Dreams Come True by bedwettingboy173
Do Dreams Come Trueby bedwettingboy173
Follow the journey of a young boy that wants to know what it feels like to wear diapers. comments are appreciated
Hermione's Problems by SkyeMariaDG
Hermione's Problemsby Skye Maria
Hermione Granger receives a mysterious letter inviting her to study at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry l, but how will she cope as growing up gets in the way...
Harry Potter and the Classification Potion by rachelih
Harry Potter and the rachelih
Everyone gets tested and classified at the age of seventeen, except Harry Potter. When Severus Snape forces Harry to drink the potion the results are not as expected.
Charlie's regression by youllneverknowithink
Charlie's regressionby J
This is a story about how Charlie becomes a little and Nick becomes his caregiver
Master's Baby Boy by littleboyblue17
Master's Baby Boyby Wolf Pup
Welyn is a runaway who ends up at an auction house and bought by Keon
Step Father by bedwettingboy173
Step Fatherby bedwettingboy173
Follow along as Justin's mother dates a witch of guy, causing Justin's bedwetting to worsen. Read to find out what happens. Comments are appreciated
13 year old in nappies by TbdlKid
13 year old in nappiesby zack
this story is about a 13 year old boy who uses to steal him little brothers nappies and wear them. his life changed when his parents found out.
Back in diapers at 7 by AnimeFan2828
Back in diapers at 7by AnimeFan2828
A young boy named Tommy went to a friends House for sleepover what happens next will change his life.
The Adventurous Twins by Sunflower28931
The Adventurous Twinsby Sunflower
A story about Louis and Harry who are 11 year old twins. They were born 2 months early, so they act younger than they are. Their birth mom didn't want them so she put th...
The Disappearance Of Mason Wolkoshki by Stranger779992
The Disappearance Of Mason Your.DL
One after another, it seems that the teenage boys of Vegas disappeared. No one knows whom have taken them or..what the kidnapper is doing to them. Will the townsfolk fin...
Little Steve Harrington (Hiatus)  by multifandoms23
Little Steve Harrington (Hiatus) by multifandoms23
Steve never really had a childhood, parents were never there so he didn't know what a 'good' childhood was supposed to be. That was until Nancy and Jonathan stepped in a...
I miss my baby girl... by DiaperStories122
I miss my baby DIAPER STORIES
eva is a 16 year old girl who has finished school and dosent really spend time with her mum anymore and rathers going out with friends, this changes after her mum has a...
A Godfather's love by DracoMalfoy26498374
A Godfather's loveby Draco Malfoy
When a certain Malfoy starts having wetting problems,Severus Snape steps in.Will Draco and Severus drift closer or drift farther apart.
Max | Dares and Diapers #1 by ryetale
Max | Dares and Diapers #1by ;
Max is caught pissing himself. This causes him and his roommates to wear diapers during the weekend.
True story of when I babysat my bedwetting cousin and I still bedwet by skybob21
True story of when I babysat my Mr mr
I babysat my little cousin who was 8 and I was 13 and we both bed wet and because I was basically his size we wore the same pull ups.
Alex - teen boy to baby girl  by ClaraJaneDiapers
Alex - teen boy to baby girl by ClaraJaneDiapers
Alex is a teen boy and the eldest sibling. he is on break from school when things take a different turn during a trip to his aunts. Read more to learn how he goes from o...
Gay Adventures: Johnny Orlando by thepersonincharge
Gay Adventures: Johnny Orlandoby ME
Johnny Orlando a pop singer sensation at 16 years old moves to a small town in the United Kingdom where he starts to question his sexuality.
turned into a baby by Mommy778
turned into a babyby Mommy778
jamie is turned into a baby by 3 girl class mates