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December Appointment by RICK4111
December Appointmentby RICK4111
A girl has an embarrassing doctor appointment.
Diaper drones (inspired by Sketchman-DL) by nothinggg18
Diaper drones (inspired by nothinggg18
In this universe, women are kidnapped and assigned to units. Each equipped with full body suits that take over the body and give the women a new purpose.
Babysitting a Teenage Wolf by montysstories
Babysitting a Teenage Wolfby montysstories
When 18 year old coyote Ty gets a babysitter gig, he does not expect it to be for a kid in his own grade
Changing the Past by DiaperPup4
Changing the Pastby DiaperPup
Man goes back in time to change his husbands embarrassing childhood accident so that he becomes an ABDL and wears diapers
Accidents happen  by 00psipeed566
Accidents happen by accidentshappen
a series of semi short stories about a girl and the friends she makes through finding out about her fetish, ! warning ! you're pants might not be so clean after reading...
Lila's Family Vacation by reartykeuniverse
Lila's Family Vacationby reartykeuniverse
13-year-old Lila is going on a vacation with her family, and Lila's wearing diapers for the trip. She isn't too happy about it, but she'll come to appreciate it eventual...
Jacob's diaper story by vvelyros
Jacob's diaper storyby vvelyros
A story of a younger Jacob and the difficulties he and his parents had at trying to get him potty trained and out of diapers and pull-ups and on to big boy underwear
First Time Hyper-messing by Layla-Nightingale
First Time Hyper-messingby Layla Nightingale
My first ever ABDL story.
tbdl girlfriend  by D3nis3107
tbdl girlfriend by D3nis3107
you're a 15 year old guy who hasn't ever told anyone about liking diapers, you find a girl which you will stay with for 6 month in diapers having fun and become a couple...
Weird kink stuff idk by boob5678
Weird kink stuff idkby Boob haha funny
Scat, omo, things like that Most is reader pov
2 Adults, 1 Diaper by shittinandpissin
2 Adults, 1 Diaperby shittinandpissin
Jessica and Maya are offered £10,000 to partake in a social experiment. Little did they know how vile this experiment would turn out to be
To Diaper a Pop Star by ABDLRia
To Diaper a Pop Starby Ria
Sophie Parker is a small celebrity who's name is quickly gaining attention. And she's the most spoiled, bossy, and demanding bitch of a boss a personal assistant could h...
potty school by Asthetic_Angel
potty schoolby Gay Potato
a girl goes to school dry but almost every day comes home wet or messy, follow to see the story of Jaiden McKenna
Wish button by messydiaperbaby92
Wish buttonby Lol
One day Andy stumps upon a button that can grant any wishes and make them a reality. Written in third person and past tense and present tense Side note I'm sorry if the...
The Diapered Daycare by SeraphinaAnderson69
The Diapered Daycareby ABDL Stories
A girl named Leah who is the youngest in the family of 6 daughters always felt left out. During the summer her parents worked and didn't want the younger sisters to be h...
Terrible Timing by Dipetoboy
Terrible Timingby DL_Ant
I got a itch to write from reading my own one shots. SO this is what it will be: It will be a similar situation to that of the Messy Learning(One of my short stories oin...
Smart Nursery by DiaperStories122
Smart Nurseryby DIAPER STORIES
A 15 year old girl named Chloe who is 5,4 and weighs really light for her age is asked to look after a smart house for 5 weeks whilst the owners are away but something e...
Vance and Emily's Luv Life by SoggyDiaperBum
Vance and Emily's Luv Lifeby SoggyDiaperBum
(Book 5 of The Older Baby) Vance and Emily have started dating, and it's their graduation day in high school! But when they get back to their apartment, that's when thei...
Drugs, Delinquents and Diapers by FemboyCatboy
Drugs, Delinquents and Diapersby FemboyCatboy
Meet Rayne, a hard-as-nails young adult who takes pride in her reputation as a badass and her not-quite-legitimate business, with a humiliating bedwetting problem she'd...