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Destiny With You  by authorPatricia
Destiny With You by authorPatricia
this is About GL series The Leads here is Freen Chakimha as Jess and becky Armstrong as Alie hope you like it and please Follow my Page thank you I wrote this base with...
My Badass Girl by Cloudslywery
My Badass Girlby Stvrlightt
She was rude, arrogant, aggressive, ruthless and dominating mafia, a frightening woman. The whole world was under her feet. Nobody had ever dared to disobey her expect o...
Loving My Friend (INCOMPLETE)  by intheera
Loving My Friend (INCOMPLETE) by Roseee
Freen and becky are two best friends! Freen loves becky but is afraid that becky doesn't loves her and she will lose becky if she confesses! Will Freen ever be successf...
Married to Miss Temperamental  by Petalpage
Married to Miss Temperamental by Petalpage
" Sometimes, the saddest endings are the ones we never saw coming." - Becky
MARRY NOT ME [FreenBecky] by Dakyutie
MARRY NOT ME [FreenBecky]by RainbowInk
This is a story about two women who are facing challenges in their respective companies. Their parents suggest an arranged marriage between them as a solution to save th...
DEVIL 👿 UNDER THE MASK  by freenbeckystan10
DEVIL 👿 UNDER THE MASK by freenbeckystan10
A story unleashing the secret behind the kind looking professor about her darkest obsession with her favourite student.........
Behind the Scenes  by srch_rmstrng
Behind the Scenes by pau
What happens when all the cameras are gone? Is it really all just fan service? FreenBeck fanfic
Fraternal Twins by terasomdi
Fraternal Twinsby somsom
Fraternal twins is a story of the royal twins, Khun Treenuch and Khun Sam, who fell in love with same girl, Mon. Can Mon handle the drama? Who will Mon eventually choos...
Her, My Husband by BABYP25
Her, My Husbandby Sam Andrews
"I don't deserve to be happy, I don't deserve to have you, but even after all the things that happened, I still can't help but want you" Freen said as she fina...
The daughter of my bodyguard (FREENBECKY) by leizou_Jephtha
The daughter of my bodyguard ( leizou_Jephtha
The proud and arrogant daughter of a drug lord falls for the daughter of her bodyguard. She saw herself superior to the middle and lower class citizens. But she saw her...
Cold CEO and her wife |FreenBecky| Cold CEO Girl×Girl by JJsooya103
Cold CEO and her wife |FreenBecky| Lilyrosie
Becky is all sunshiny , extrovert and a very sweet soul who cares about other before herself all the time .Freen is Cold , arrogant , selfish and a exact opposite of swe...
Stuck with YOU || BECKFREEN/FREENBECK STORY by angelss_srcha
Stuck with YOU || BECKFREEN/ Aso ni Sarocha
Hate to love? Or Love to Hate? | | Freen Sarocha. Chankimha, Very kind, beautiful, smart, and many more (ig?)One of the famous Young CEO's in Asia, lived in Thailand wit...
The Professor And Her Baby Girl by Freensarocha123
The Professor And Her Baby Girlby
"No prof i'm sorry but this won't work your my professor and i'm a student" -becky What happens if a professor falls in love with her student is she gonna fol...
GAP: Our Happy Ever After by crimsonwitch08
GAP: Our Happy Ever Afterby zeezee0814
Sam and Mon's family life. No drama this time, their pre-marital life is full of it already. P.S. - GAP the Series in not mine nor the characters. Just making an AU abou...
Last Chance (freenbecky ) by TayyabaAsad4
Last Chance (freenbecky )by Tayyaba Asad
Becky: I love you freen plzz I'm not asking much from u just asking to return the love is it why it's so difficult for u plzz just give me the reason to stay plzz Freen:...
Warm Heart (Eng Ver.) FREENBECKY [𝙂𝙭𝙂] by Author_lagibosan
Warm Heart (Eng Ver.) FREENBECKY [ Author_lagibosan
Freen doesn't want to enter into a new relationship, after the depression she's been through. Becca thinks Freen has a love allergy, and Becca is afraid to express her l...
The Right Thing (FreenBecky) by tc_freenky
The Right Thing (FreenBecky)by Tanya ❤️
She said we don't have to kiss or something like that but, She takes a step towards me and closes the gap between us. Becky Armstrong has the biggest crush on a guy from...
The Love We Failed To Unfold [COMPLETED] by Petalpage
The Love We Failed To Unfold [ Petalpage
"I want you back Bec." Rebecca paused and smiled bitterly. "Why would you want me back when I was never yours in the first place?"
Don't leave me behind. by karadan_
Don't leave me danve
⚠️Warning⚠️ the fic contains adult content🔞 please don't read if you are underage or don't like this kind of fics. I don't know if I will be able to survive or not but...
Setelah tragedi buruk menerpa, Ariana dan Rebecca memutuskan untuk berpisah sejenak. Ya, kata Rebecca sore itu itu mereka butuh waktu. Membenahi segalanya terutama hatin...