True Love~ Pan OUAT by Gingerninjar98
True Love~ Pan OUATby S.A.Charlton
Charlotte is Pan's true love. Both smitten but deadly, the couple live peacefully in Neverland. That is until a certain pirate with a particular queen steal his love aw...
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  • pan
  • neverland
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¹ ARROW ° HENRY MILLS [ UNDER EDITING ] by pepperronys
¹ ARROW ° HENRY MILLS [ UNDER 𝒔𝒑𝒐𝒐𝒌𝒚 𝒌𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒚!
ARROW. ❛ important encounters are made by the souls long before the bodies see each other ❜ ONCE UPON A TIME | HENRY MILLS A SOULMATE SERIES BOOK © kelly langston | cove...
  • emmaswan
  • reginamills
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I Believe (A Killian Jones Story) ouat by CelebrityGeek
I Believe (A Killian Jones Story) CelebrityGeek
"This is not the end of me..." I whispered in an attempt to sing one last time, and my hand reached up to press against my loves cheek, damp from his tears. ...
  • captainhook
  • evilqueen
  • onceuponatime
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Once Upon A Time Facts! by Ultravi3
Once Upon A Time Facts!by ultravi3
Fun facts about Once Upon a Time for all Oncers! ~~~ Magic is EVERYWHERE. ~Baelfire ~~~
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  • enchantedforest
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His Weakness✔ by -periwinkles-
His Weakness✔by Perri
{Book 1 of the Weakness Trilogy} "Welcome to the New Neverland." "Neverland? You must be off your block, this is Storybrooke." "Not anymore love...
  • storybrooke
  • rumpelstiltskin
  • pan
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Love Don't Die |  A CaptainSwan Story by PirateMascot
Love Don't Die | A CaptainSwan ☘️
Storybrooke, a small town in Maine. Very different from New York or Boston, Emma's previous homes. Her new family was different, they actually cared about Emma and Emma...
  • killianjones
  • love
  • storybrooke
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The Magic Within ↠ Once Upon A Time by JazzEmerald21
The Magic Within ↠ Once Upon A Timeby Jazz Emerald
"You thought you've read every fairytale out there? Trust me, there are more stories that not even one book can hold..." Just when our heroes thought life coul...
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  • henrymills
  • snowwhite
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Lost Girl Turns Found >> Peter Pan X Reader (OUAT)  by TheNotoriousMEG
Lost Girl Turns Found >> Peter m e g a n 🌹
"Peter... I love you." I whispered and I wrapped my arms around his neck. "I - I think I love you too." He said quietly. The next thing I felt were h...
  • xreader
  • baelfire
  • megansingh
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The Final Move by zippy7941
The Final Moveby zippy7941
Emma Swan is a 15 year old girl who has struggled her whole life in the foster system until she moves to Storybrooke, where she finally feels at home with her foster fam...
  • killianjones
  • captainswan
  • fanfiction
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The Queen's Daughter by Princess_1200
The Queen's Daughterby Princess_1200
"She's my mother. I'll always love her no matter what she does." I do not own any OUAT characters or the plot line . All characters belong to the creators of o...
  • reginamills
  • witch
  • wonderland
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Long Lost | Once Upon a Time by Forever-LostGirl
Long Lost | Once Upon a Timeby grace
The Charming family is one messed up household. What better way to confuse it even further than to throw in Emma's twin sister, a sarcastic young teenager that has had...
  • peterpan
  • neverland
  • grace
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Touch of Gold | OUAT by -mxrlin
Touch of Gold | OUATby - `ˏ Chandler ˎˊ -
Before... Jules K. Sapphire Gold, a very unusual name but she loves it very much. The adopted daughter of Mr. Gold, the nanny of Henry Mills, the Sheriff's best friend...
  • julessapphire
  • captainswan
  • peterpan
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Once We are Descendants by starchild10
Once We are Descendantsby starchild10
When Mal of Auradon and Crystal of Storybrooke mix the wrong spells together, both end up accidentally opening a portal and sending the students of Auradon to Storybrook...
  • cruelladevil
  • princecharming
  • rumpelstiltskin
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Wonder | Once Upon A Time by Molly_Nightingale
Wonder | Once Upon A Timeby ♡Molly♡
'Have You Ever Been So Truely Madly In Love That You Would Do The Craziest Things?' ~~~ In the Enchanted Forest Giselle, The huntsman's sister, falls in love with Jeff...
  • jefferson
  • ouat
  • storybrooke
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Enchanting ↠ Killian Jones [1] by -beautifuleyes
Enchanting ↠ Killian Jones [1]by -beautifuleyes
"You're an enchanting one, Swan." "Shut up." [once upon a time season two] [book one in Alexa Swan series] HIGHEST PEAKS : #1 in CAPTAINHOOK #2 in K...
  • onceuponatime
  • ouat
  • killianjones
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My Allegiance by fulltimeoncer
My Allegianceby Fulltimeoncer
"What's wrong, little one?" She looked down at her feet and tried to steady her voice. "You think you own me." It came out as a mere whisper, though...
  • fairytales
  • robbiekay
  • lostboys
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The Dark one's love by LilEmilyAnne
The Dark one's loveby LilEmilyAnne
What if Belle was actaully dead? What if Rumpelstiltskin aka Mr.Gold fell in love with someone else. This someone else just happens to be Emma Swan's best friend. Her na...
  • maigc
  • once
  • rumpelstiltskin
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Forbidden Fruit by babyemmaswan
Forbidden Fruitby Char
Swan Queen High School au Part 1 in the Forbidden series
  • ouat
  • swanqueen
  • storybrooke
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The Wolf's Soldier ➡️Red/Ruby Lucas by king_toby-parker
The Wolf's Soldier ➡️Red/Ruby Lucasby King Toby ✌
Emmet and Emma Swan have only known each other for as long as they can remember. Twins stick together. What happens when Emma's 10 year old son, who she gave up for adop...
  • gip
  • storybrooke
  • onceuponatime
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Nightmares of a Broken Winchester by antonio757
Nightmares of a Broken Winchesterby Tony3
I accredit all original characters to their respective shows. Anyone else is formed by me and are purely fictional attributes to the story line. Thank you for reading! I...
  • werewolf
  • stilesstilinski
  • magic
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