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Trolls: Most Wanted by George_Beard
Trolls: Most Wantedby ~✌George_Beard✌~
Throughout The Days Of Trollstopia, Tiny Diamond Has Been Going Through A Identity Crisis. Sometimes He Can Be Cool, Sometimes A Troublemaker, And Sometimes Can't Seem T...
survivor by royalxz_
survivorby maahi
his scars told stories he never strived to complete people who died or not? there he stays amidst the dead bodies among those who died and those yet to. he somehow ca...
Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005): Remastered by LegendarySnipez7000
Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005) LegendarySnipez 7000
Cole is a hotshot street racer from Palmont City that's had a dream of street racing and made it come true. But when he runs off to Rockport. He runs into a local thug R...
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Azzam (On Going)  by Syagara_
Azzam (On Going) by Yukie Muhammadun Syagara
Seorang gadis berhijab harus menerima perjodohan yang direncanakan oleh mendiang Kakeknya dulu. Gadis tersebut menerima perjodohan tersebut karena ia yakin jika ini adal...
GLOVES by Svena_Agnes
GLOVESby Kim Kyung Lin
In a world where glimpses of the future can haunt your every step, Yoongi wears gloves to shield his heart. But when a stranger bearing an uncanny resemblance to his los...
FBI Most Wanted by 1dontwanttobehere1
FBI Most Wantedby Mary Eden
Aurora Bailey is a young and determent FBI special agent working with the Fugitive Task Force, run by Jess LaCroix. Something to keep in mind: this is my first and only...
LOST IN THE TIDES : A VOYAGE OF black_beauty_2003
An elegy, that tells us about the ways in which each and every person tries and finds a way to overcome their problems in life. The poem talks about the hardships faced...
Most Wanted! by imshandey
Most Wanted!by Chi Rosario
Senior police officer Lucy Heartfilia captures the notorious drug dealer Lyon Vastia. And Zeref, the most wanted criminal, doesn't like it one bit. Zeref ordered Natsu D...
The dragon twins  by Sunshine_chanlix
The dragon twins by Sunshine
Jisung and Felix are brothers. They are the most powerful twins. They are the most wanted twins. They are named "the dragon twins". Because they both have a dr...
Most Wanted Criminals( Reunited #3) by creepypastalover8590
Most Wanted Criminals( Reunited #3)by Taylor Stickney
Jeff and Liu are the most wanted criminals ever since they broke out of jail. Now since there are is a new Pasta and Proxy they are now a team that kills together. Once...
Cold-er | rosékook  by pastakukis
Cold-er | rosékook by pastakukis
[ rosékook fanfiction ] She was cold But, he was colder
Still Love You by zalfachnisa_
Still Love Youby zalfa choerunnisa
Ada opini yang berkata persahabatan antara laki-laki dengan perempuan itu tidak ada, karena salah satunya pasti ada yang menyimpan perasaan. Apakah kalian setuju? Reyn...
need for speed most wanted jaune  by valhalla1830
need for speed most wanted jaune by Sebastian Gilbert
jaune was a street racer but he was most wanted for 10M lien by escape from the cops and property damage but heat level was 10 everyone will react to him being chase by...
Sweet Badboy by secretadmirer363
Sweet Badboyby van je
hai readers!! Wassup! cerita pertamaku nih semoga kalian suka <3
A second chance by Miss-Halstead
A second chanceby Miss Hastead-Gaines
Kristin is finally moving on, turning a new page in her life, leaving her wounds behind, moving on. She has regained her taste for life, but will it spare her ?
twins! by kaniaalmi
twins!by kania!
daniel aksara wijaya dan daniella thalita wijaya. daniel dan daniella, niel dan ella. mereka kembar. si cowok cuek tapi diem diem perhatian, si cewek bawel yang sayang...
seven days by hyimputri
seven daysby sunshineyy
kalo mereka ga sengaja, terus apa yg bakal terjadi? ⚠️bahasa nonbaku ⚠️slow update ⚠️cerita biasa ⚠️happy reading<3
Vulnere by ajeblanc
Vulnereby jeje
"suka nggak suka, cuma luka yang bisa mendewasakan kita ra" andara lovena, panggil saja dara. gadis cantik dengan wajah imut serta lesung pipi di wajahnya itu...
Pro Hacker by Lil_Bear2016
Pro Hackerby Music
"You never suspect the quite kid until it's too late." ~ Clover Spice, a 17 year old 'nerd' who can easily hack the governments entire database in a snap of h...
CLAREY ~ {ON GOING} by pluwchaileyy
CLAREY ~ {ON GOING}by louviedevare
"Maudy aja bisa masa kamu gak bisa?!" "Apa yang harus saya banggain dari kamu!!" "Jadi anak gak berguna". Hanya kisah dua orang yang terjeb...