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Play// Stranger Things by Kalani_kisses
Play// Stranger Thingsby Kalani <3
"Don't hide away, come out and play" ⤷ ❝ In which sixteen year old Valerie Archer had never known anything but running, and small-town Hawkins was a place w...
The Love of a Witcher (Geralt Of Rivia x Reader) by Koogl001
The Love of a Witcher (Geralt Of Koogl001
This is a fanfiction of a young girl, that fell in love with a witcher that saved her the other villagers lives and homes. Thankfully, her love wasn't only one sided, ev...
Fix Me Up (SONNIE'S EDGE || LOVE, DEATH + ROBOTS) by red2angel
Fix Me Up (SONNIE'S EDGE || _☆𝔬𝔥,𝔫𝔬
"Come with us, then" Sonnie offered softly "Do you ask that to every girl you come across?" "Only the hot ones" OR where two useless lesbia...
Spooky Booky by durriza
Spooky Bookyby Durriya
The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. Find ways to include laughter in your daily life. If you enjoy horror and humor, this joke book is just for you! ;)...
World Of Monsters: Transformation by PJLowry
World Of Monsters: Transformationby P.J. Lowry
The ongoing story of Alyssa and Gabriel in the middle of a world ravaged by zombies. After fleeing the destruction of her town, Alyssa must adapt to the many changes ahe...
My world turned upside down (Percy Jackson fanfiction) by Purplepancakes4life
My world turned upside down ( Purplepancakes4life
My life was going great, at least I think it was. I had friends, family, and even a boyfriend. But then my life turned upside down and here's why: •My boyfriend turned...
The Stupid Adventures of Stupid Teens by S4RCA5M
The Stupid Adventures of Stupid ︻デ══一
A troubled teen wanders into a monster bar, befriending a few of the better absolute batshit crazy creatures in there. Here, we record the stupid adventures of these stu...
The Adventures of Eve Wonderwood by AleiGator
The Adventures of Eve Wonderwoodby AleiGator
Eve Wonderwood is one of my OC's, and I thought of doing many types of stories, but then I realized I wanted to write her story on Wattpad because I think it is interest...
Not Alice by EVUHorror
Not Aliceby Hatter
"Until one day from the Looking Glass A new Alice came Though it wasn't a girl The boy had been thrown in without choice Pale purple eyes surveyed his surroundings ...
BoneChiller by Kai_s_stories
BoneChillerby Kai
Even here at the end of the world, nightmares will track you down. To Danny, small town life is a deadly dull... Until his school mate disappears naked and delirious int...
Camp krioons (book 2) The attack of harpys. by nickanotor
Camp krioons (book 2) The attack nickanotor
What everyone thought was going to be perfect a perfect day in the shiny camp of krioons Turned out to be a disaster after all.
#Relatable by JustThingsH
#Relatableby Hailey Banditt
A very relatable book. #relatable
The Zodiac by Gr33kFr3ak
The Zodiacby Percy
Gemini tries to return to his place in the godly realm, and if he happens to meet the reincarnations of his brethren- well, then its up to the gods to decide their fate.
The Last Fairy (Fixing And Editing) by creepyiceangelgirl
The Last Fairy (Fixing And Editing)by Angelwhitewitch
My parents named me Irridessa because I was a miracle baby in their. They were very young when they met. It was love at first sight. They married soon after graduating h...
Warnings from the ward by love_nd_shit
Warnings from the wardby love_nd_shit
Cadren and Iris have each had feelings for one and other, but when Cadren goes missing Iris begins to live in fear without him. She fears both the idea of the man that t...
A whisper of glory by ayuno_atsume07
A whisper of gloryby ayuno_atsume07
GUYS THIS STORY IS BASED OF PJO NOT ACTUALLY WITH THE CHARACTERS all rights for the pjo universe go to rick riordan (def not me) will add story description later ......