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Rescued and Ruined by VTBonds
Rescued and Ruinedby V.T. Bonds
I thought being kidnapped by heartless scientists was the worst thing that could happen to me. I was wrong. Being rescued by a massive teal alien alpha covered in spik...
Cat Eyes: Sirius [Book 1] by MhavelN
Cat Eyes: Sirius [Book 1]by Mhavel N.
He's wild but doesn't even know what a kiss is. She will show him all, fascinated by his nature and beautiful eyes. Marien studies toxins; she is in charge of working wi...
starmaiden | eleventh doctor by newtsniffles
starmaiden | eleventh doctorby newtsniffles
What if Timelords and Timeladies had soulmates? Astraea, the Timelady who couldn't remember, meets the Doctor, the Oncoming Storm, who turns out to be her soulmate. This...
The Girly Watch Remade by Ravio_The_Thief
The Girly Watch Remadeby Jack Napier
#12 in #OVERWATCH #29 sci-fi romance Brian is an average 18-year old high school senior dreaming of finding his purpose. He leads a mundane life, struggling with anxiety...
How Far I've Come (Keith x Reader) by joonietoonie_
How Far I've Come (Keith x Reader)by juniper
"Keith, I promise, I'll come back." "It's not you that I don't trust." ☆·.¸¸.·'¯'·.¸¸.¤ ☆ ¤.¸¸.·'¯'·.¸¸.· ☆ What if, when Keith was all alone at the...
The Soft and Cute Omega Male (ChatGPT translation) by UnePetiteFleurNoire
The Soft and Cute Omega Male ( UnePetiteFleurNoire
"In the year of Jiyue's differentiation, everyone thought that the only son of the Ji family would differentiate into an Alpha like his rival, Zuoluo Huan. After al...
Across The Years (Camren) by charlotte_cabello
Across The Years (Camren)by charlotte_cabello
It started with Lauren visiting an antique shop and her spotting an old dusty photo. A photo of a young beauty that would change her life forever. Just how far would go...
We Make Mayhem [boyxboy] by rebeccarightnow
We Make Mayhem [boyxboy]by Rebecca Christiansen
[2022 WATTYS SHORTLISTED!] [WATTPAD EDITORS' CHOICE] Riley Axford has it all figured out: Temptr, the new app which claims to tell you the identity of your soulmate, is...
Gravity (Male x Male) by Evan_Binley
Gravity (Male x Male)by Evan Binley
After three years in a hospital, Damon is thrilled when a new (and very attractive) pathologist seems to be taking an interest in his health situation. Could this doctor...
Voltron x Reader; Preferences and Oneshots by joonietoonie_
Voltron x Reader; Preferences juniper
{Cover art; @ikumaru on Instagram} Here, you will find your: ☄︎Preferences ☄︎X Readers ☄︎Occasional Scenarios Things to know: ☫No smut/lemons here, move along (Nothing w...
Bumped into you. Hiro Hamada x Reader by datbighero6kid
Bumped into you. Hiro Hamada x datbighero6kid
You're a young 15 year old prodigy who just got into the college of your dreams. And you just started you're first day at the San-fransokyo Institute of Technology. You...
Rivean: Away from Home (18+) by emjaywrites
Rivean: Away from Home (18+)by Em Jay
BEYOND SPACE BOOK 3 (Can be ready as a stand-alone) War hero Rivean and Bounty Hunter Nadia cross paths, Nadia who will do almost anything for money, and Rivean who is h...
Անկում by fallenn_angell
Անկումby fallenn_angell
Թո՛ւյլ տուր ինձ անկում ապրել, եթե դա անհրաժեշտ է։ Նա ով ինձ այդպիսին կգտնի, կօգնի ինձ վեր բարձրանալ․․․
Getaway Girl [cayde-6 x reader] (#Wattys2017) by bliztbika
Getaway Girl [cayde-6 x reader] ( Bika
Waking up from Cryostasis and the Fallen was keeping you as their prisoner. What a rude awakening. Luckily, you make a quick getaway as you fled their place. Escaping w...
To The End Of The Universe (novel version) by Silverdawn284
To The End Of The Universe ( Silver
What do you do when everyone wants you dead? At twenty-two, Eileen thought her life was perfect. With a loving boyfriend and new opportunity to finally get some more mon...
in the bleak mid-winter... [sci-fi / sci-fantasy roleplay book] by -thiswarofhers
in the bleak mid-winter... [ 𝐬𝐤𝐲𝐞 "𝐬𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐨𝐰" 𝐫�...
i have decided that i should make this oc a separate book of its own with worldbuilding around the character! an original universe sci-fi roleplay/rp book!
Lie In Your Arms by margaaux_
Lie In Your Armsby maggie
A forensic woman who works with the Police. Erin, a passionate woman who loves her work, who doesn't sleep when she can't understand or something is wrong on her job. Sh...
 The Quest: Beyond The Timestream by GalacticScribe87
The Quest: Beyond The Timestreamby Kal-el the last son of Krypton
story of three siblings, this tale is purely speculative, born from imagination fueled by the mysteries of time travel and the complexities of historical events. The tru...
Adam: The last man by MhavelN
Adam: The last manby Mhavel N.
If you had the very last man, would you share him? The world is populated only by women, and Teresa has realized that she is less willing to share the man she found und...
Luminous Convergence: The Celestial Dance by MOTGentleman
Luminous Convergence: The ThaGentleman
"Luminous Convergence: The Celestial Dance" is a mesmerizing anthology that intricately intertwines tales of forbidden love and enchanting mysteries. At its co...