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Her Lover: Frankenstein (Noblesse FF) by writewriteandwrite
Her Lover: Frankenstein ( Noblesse Fanatic
The youngest daughter of the Previous Lord and the First Noblesse is considered to be the most powerful being to ever walk on Lukedonia. She who has the blood of the nob...
Mutations by EmbracingYou
Mutationsby EmbracingYou
| C O M P L E T E D | Subject Six is a genetically advanced human. Created in the new world of science, there are only four of her kind. Humans designed to be weapons i...
Project Venom #Watty's2016 by Tyro619
Project Venom #Watty's2016by Joseph
19 year old Josh Miller is your average social reject. Doesn't go out on the town, only has three friends, is pretty sure he won't make it in the world outside of the ca...
ZERO (Complete) by EdwardMullen
ZERO (Complete)by Edward Mullen
Against many people's fears and warnings, A.I. started off as an innocent project spawned by the curiosities of scientists and tech entrepreneurs alike. It eventually ev...
Love Hurts Sometimes, Babe by MrsRehlander2016
Love Hurts Sometimes, Babeby Mrs. Rehlander
Shigaraki has learned and found out EVERYTHING about Dabi that the fire user was desperately trying to hide from. His past, his pain, his abuse, his father, his name, hi...
Status One: Agent (Book One) by TSValmond
Status One: Agent (Book One)by T.S. Valmond
**CURRENTLY IN REWRITES**RETURNING IN MARCH 2023 A loyal agent, a powerful telepath,..and government experiment? Imperial Genevieve Sorel of Red Moon was a Status One le...
The Experiment by LovelyLittleLoser
The Experimentby Elizabeth T
Scientists worked for years to combine the strands of DNA from animals who were completely incompatible, and for years they failed and failed again. Then they succeeded...
Misguided Fables by YourSilentMistress
Misguided Fablesby Victoria Eliza
(Please read before continuing to the story: You have been advised) Every fable has its story. You have Snow White and the poison apple, The Emperor and his new clothes...
Hypnotic Glasses by katrai
Hypnotic Glassesby nisha
Disclaimer! This isn't my work, for offline reading purposes only! Author: Wolf's Left Hand / 狼的左手 Alternative Title: 催眠眼镜 According to the manual, the mirror of this pa...
Need For Speed: Enter the Volkswagen  by Flare713
Need For Speed: Enter the Flameowl725
Connor Smith, a teenager wants to be good at street racing so badly but he drives a 1989 Volvo 240 sedan. With help from his friends: Maya, James, and Mike, the bad boy...
Frankenstein's experiment by frankenisbestmom
Frankenstein's experimentby
Hey, this is my first fanfic, I hope you enjoy my weird interpretation of a Korean webtoon. I think I'll be mainly focusing on Frankenstein as he's my favorite character...
Roblox Flicker - Act One by constantlyconstance
Roblox Flicker - Act Oneby melly
WARNING: contains themes of murder, graphicness, extreme gore, excessive cursing in one particular chapter DISCLAIMER: Flicker belongs to JJ Studios, I have in fact made...
The End Is Never by owlpatronus16
The End Is Neverby ♟• Cass •♟
Blood is weak. Tears are weak. Sweat is weak. Losing is weak. The past is weak. I am the future. And I am weaker than before.
Pest by RoseKarrter
Pestby Rose Karrter
When the United States government releases swarms of genetically modified bees to combat the extinction of the honeybee, the world rejoices. After the experiment backfir...
The medium prince by Die-steppenwolf-86
The medium princeby Die Steppenwolf 86
Twisted alternative end to one of my favorites
Evil vs Good by Thejediofdarkness
Evil vs Goodby Thejediofdarkness
Two stories about Queen ashnah and introducing my new oc Octavia two stories how these two pushed through the tough times
​ေ႐ွာင္​မိုဂူ  by chaos_error
​ေ႐ွာင္​မိုဂူ by အယ္ရာ
Description အန္​းကြ်ယ္​ဆိုတာက သူ႔ဘ၀တစ္​​ေလွ်ာက္​လံုး သူ႔ရဲ့မ်ိဳးမႈန္​​ေလး​​ကို ဂရုစိုက္​​ဖို႔ပဲ႐ွိတဲ့ မိႈ​ေလးျဖစ္​တယ္​။ တစ္​​ေန႔​ေတာ့.. သူ႔မ်ိဳးမႈန္​​ေလး ​ေပ်ာက္​သြားခ...
Tampered by ileanaclair
Tamperedby Alicia
What would you do if you lived in a generation of genetically engineered human beings? Only a part of an experiment, a wild project. Some may see it as a reawakening, so...
For the better or worse in Tamriel (Modded Skyrim) by DarkNarukami112
For the better or worse in Dark Narukami
We all know Skyrim for it's brokenness and its unique modding community (no I don't mean NSFW/18+ mods) Now how about a human being sent to live in a now modded Skyrim n...
Changed by hieaatdah
Changedby Cassemiah
Katherine was used to living on the streets. You didn't have to think too hard and it was almost too easy to run from your past. Unfortunately Kat's world is shattered w...