Life  by savannah5253
Life by savannah5253
You never know which way road life will take you, I guess that means you will just have to find out. Pls tell me if I should keep going with it or not?! Thank you
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The Love and the Hate by HufflepuffJediQueen
The Love and the Hateby HufflepuffJediQueen
What if Tom Riddle fell in love? What if he wasn't entirely cold hearted? What if someone had reached his heart and made it glow of warmth? In this fan fiction we follow...
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George and other magic stuff - Harry Potter, George weasley fanfiction by mayabayabobaya
George and other magic stuff - Har...by mayabayabobaya
This is a fanfic for George Weasley. I love the world of Harry Potter. I dislike Jk Rowling due to her political beliefs and her lack of representation for both POC and...
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Imagines PJO et Harry Potter by ElectraDiAngelo
Imagines PJO et Harry Potterby Το πιο διασκεδαοτικό κορίτςι...
Imagine une autre vie... Un autre destin... C'est ce que je te propose! Commandes ouvertes!! Donne moi des infos et je me charge du reste! Par contre petite info, je n'...
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Un Nuevo Rayo de Inteligencia. by VictoriaAlfaro7
Un Nuevo Rayo de Inteligencia.by Vicky
Esta será una historia completamente diferente sobre el romance que estos dos personajes, El Elegido Harry Potter con la bruja más brillante de toda su generación Hermio...
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The Guardians Of Hogwarts by julietpmusic
The Guardians Of Hogwartsby julietpmusic
Aakarshana (Shana) Mikami is a shinobi from the village hidden in the leaf. She lives in Konoha and she's kind of the happiest girl of them all. Her parents died, but a...
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100 Harry Potter Facts by reghanlibby
100 Harry Potter Factsby reg 🌱
100 of the most interesting and rare Harry Potter facts!
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Dear Fred by HinnyIsAlways
Dear Fredby Florem Nicole
For Our Dearest Freddie
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Mystery behind voldmort's nose by yaswanthramanam
Mystery behind voldmort's noseby yaswanth r
Everyone knows who voldmort was.but have you ever asked your self about the reason about his lost nose. Ok... I know you are now excited to know.Read this story then...
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Harry Potter Recomendation's by zapphire2404
Harry Potter Recomendation'sby Nuwanda
Lo dice el título, pvto. Todo, o casi todo, será yaoi y yuri, si no te gusta, te vas, si te gusta, disfruta 7u7r Por si acaso, los personajes y escenarios son únicamente...
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PICKPOCKETER. [harry potter | C.S.] by feIiciahardy
PICKPOCKETER. [harry potter | C.S.]by —JUNI.
HARRY POTTER 1/1 stand-alone, "sometimes the things we do are for ourselves. because we need to do them to survive." plot by -majesticsbutter started: 05.12...
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MODICUM ▶ one shots by tomholllands
MODICUM ▶ one shotsby Micah ™
Misc one shots for various fandoms. Copyright: Micah Good | titanically- | tomholllands
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Unyielding (A Young Sirius and Snape Story) by witchbitches
Unyielding (A Young Sirius and Sna...by witchbitches
Billie Elphick, sixth year Hufflepuff at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hiding in the crowds, she secretly excels in numerous areas of magic, as she plans t...
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Dark Lord's Daughter  by PrincessKnight23
Dark Lord's Daughter by Marvelyn Kedavra
She was supposed to bring Agony not solace Torment not comfort Kill not to heal Destroy not to build Hate not to Love...
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Half-blood Princess by Loki_for_LIFE
Half-blood Princessby Rebecca Barnes
Eliza Ann Dursley never knew that her father, wasn't her father. She never knew that she was different. But everything changes when she get a letter meets a little boy.
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Hazelnut {Golden Trio} by AllHailTheHolyBread
Hazelnut {Golden Trio}by SpicyBreadCrumbs
Let's say you stumbled upon this fanfic expecting to read an 'oH aNoThEr gOlDeN qUarTet' story. If that were the case then you can leave now for what you seek isn't here...
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changing the past(a dramione fanfic) by gizandkat
changing the past(a dramione fanfi...by gizandkat
Hermione has loved Ron but what if his affection is shown towards someone else? what if... her heart had belonged to someone else all along--A MALFOY? what would happen...
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Hogwart Glamouran by Rosieprince175
Hogwart Glamouranby Rosieprince175
It's The Golden Trio's Fourth Year. The Triwizard Tournament Is Being Held This Year At Hogwarts And, As Usual, They Expect Trouble. But What They Didn't Expect Was A Gl...
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My Blog Story by drarry_otpxx
My Blog Storyby Drarry Shipper xx
Anything that a regular person would put in an authors note but I think those are dumb so... I put this in the humour genre because my life is a joke
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BAD REP ➫  HARRY POTTER by nickelodeonz
[COMING SOON] ❝ TOGETHER WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL! ❞ they don't give a damn about their bad reputation © nickelodeonz 2k18
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