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Left with the Enemy by slytheringirl6350
Left with the Enemyby slytheringirl6350
What if Harry and Ron weren't able to get ahold of Hermione before apparating out of Malfoy Manor? What if Draco saved Hermione from ever being tortured by Bellatrix? Wh...
  • bellatrix
  • harrypotter
  • deathlyhallows
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Mr. Glassman ✰ D. Malfoy by writer1092
Mr. Glassman ✰ D. Malfoyby 🐷☕️
"Uh, thank you," Delilah mumbled. "The spell is broken." "Wait, aren't you engaged one of the weasel twins?" He asked. Delilah Glassma...
  • ronweasley
  • slytherin
  • gryffindor
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The Hufflepuff by jessgb7
The Hufflepuffby j e s s i
#1 in ministryofmagic #3 in jkrowling Arabella Rose Hufflepuff is the descendant of Helga Hufflepuff. She's a kind-hearted, good-natured witch with an aptitude for Herbo...
  • ronweasley
  • jkrowling
  • love
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An artist for him (Cedric Diggory fanfiction) by 88E288
An artist for him (Cedric Diggory...by E
Ariana Bloom is starting her last year at Hogwarts. She is friends with Laurie and Alice, who just happen to be a couple, and Ariana is the third wheel. She has never fe...
  • hogwarts
  • jkrowling
  • hufflepuff
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A Whole Other World by FandomObsessed0909
A Whole Other Worldby FandomObsessed0909
Petunia and Vernon Dursley were proud of half of their lives. This half that included their nice, stress free, normal family that consisted of them and their twin childr...
  • awholeotherworld
  • dursley
  • harrypotterscousin
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By law | Sirius Black by KyanaKnight
By law | Sirius Blackby Kyana Knight
When a ridiculous bill is passed in the ministry of magic thousands of lives are changed forever. The Marriage law has been invented to purify the wizarding world of so...
  • hermione
  • harrypotter
  • siriusblack
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black's kitten | s.b. by _outofcontext_
black's kitten | s.b.by Calliope
"You know, don't be surprised if I'm carrying you like this again someday." "Oh, piss off." Genevieve Potter is James Potters fraternal twin. Althoug...
  • harrypotter
  • wattys2018
  • fanficromance
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Shipwreck | Newt Scamander ✓ by lahotaste
Shipwreck | Newt Scamander ✓by ˗ˏˋ ᴊᴇᴀɴɴɪᴇ ˊˎ˗
Sirens were born with soulmates, but it was up to them to find their soulmate. Their soulmate could be anywhere in the world. Trinity never thought her soulmate would be...
  • fantastic
  • fantasy
  • harry
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Little Riddle | James Potter by annweasley
Little Riddle | James Potterby Andrea
[ EDITING] James Potter was a skilled and talented wizard, his name a renowned one amongst Hogwarts students. Many knew him because of his outstanding Quidditch skills...
  • jamespotter
  • jkrowling
  • remuslupin
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The Beau Monde | Sirius Black by annweasley
The Beau Monde | Sirius Blackby Andrea
Valerie Churchill did not want a happy ending or a romance that mirrored even the most captivating of fairytales. She did not want palaces and princes, or for a more mod...
  • littleriddle
  • romance
  • remuslupin
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Lollipops ↬ Sirius Black  by Emma0n3
Lollipops ↬ Sirius Black by manny ;)
❝I think-I think I'm in love. I know it sounds crazy, but I really think she's the one.❞ | Naomi Serdeys was about as unique as anyone could get. Despite her 'popularity...
  • fanfiction
  • naomiserdeys
  • siriusblacklovestory
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✓ | MISCHIEF MANAGED | James Potter V.S. Sirius Black | WATTYS2017 by yannannalays
✓ | MISCHIEF MANAGED | James Potte...by ˗ˏˋ fhreya ˎˊ˗
"Just look at her, James!" Sirius cried out exasperatedly. "Can't you see it? You're in love with her." He shook his head stubbornly. "No, I l...
  • humor
  • wattys2017
  • jamespotter
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Alliterating Alligators by dirtpeople
Alliterating Alligatorsby E. D. Wazlib
A literary club started and manned by the Dirt People. We meet authors, and famous book characters, and whomever else you want us to meet, I guess? We talk with them, ho...
  • suzannecollins
  • contest
  • cinder
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Worlds Apart by cosmicstarseed
Worlds Apartby cosmicstarseed
It is 2046 and the world is entwined with war, interstellar space exploration, and new and frightening possibilities. Through all of the chaos, Mila struggles to find he...
  • sciencefiction
  • spacetravel
  • atlantis
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Half-Potter (A Harry Potter Fanfiction) by LittleSproutling
Half-Potter (A Harry Potter Fanfic...by LittleSproutling
Callie lives a complicated life that had been filled with secrets, loss, and magic. She thought that her life is as crazy as they come, being a wizard, metamorphmagaus...
  • jkrowling
  • halfpotter
  • totallyawesome
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The two who lived by fre-sh-avac-ado
The two who livedby Sydney Treagus
Rylee Evans thought she was a normal Slytherin, that is until she received all the attention...
  • jkrowling
  • ronweasley
  • hermionegranger
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The Competiton... by BestBoooks
The Competiton...by BestBoooks
Once upon a time there were two kids One called Bianca and the other one called Logan. Bianca extremely liked reading books on Watt pad and Logan was subscribed to a su...
  • teenwolf
  • love
  • romantic
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Expecto Patronum by vidhyascribbles
Expecto Patronumby vidhyascribbles
A compilation of one-shots, graphics, book reviews, quotes, memes and everything Harry Potter! Comment down below for shout-outs!
  • danielradcliffe
  • ifharrypotterdied
  • harrypotterfanfiction
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🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 by madeye47
🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔by madeye47
how India represents itself in the magical world
  • wizardstory
  • india
  • wizardingworld
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A new beginning (Newt Scamander) by LauraVormann
A new beginning (Newt Scamander)by Laura Vormann
Rebecca is a german witch who flees to Great Britain during world war 2 and gets to meet Newt Scamander.
  • lovestory
  • newtscamander
  • eddieredmayne
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