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Wings by DizzyHurricane
Wingsby Dani Paige ♥☯
Firstly, it was just the prisoners that were used. Then it became orphans, and even some of the elderly. Now it is everyone in a society where people are struggling to...
  • tail
  • facility
  • mutant
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Marvel one shots by Bea_boheme
Marvel one shotsby Bea
make a request via comment or private message nothing too smutty please,i will do sex scenes if they pertain to an overall plot. (no porn without plot if you will)
  • phillinda
  • fanfic
  • alteration
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Windows On One's Life by lightningsurge
Windows On One's Lifeby lightningsurge
Past and present can be altered.
  • alteration
  • fluctuation
  • science
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Renoir's Helix  by blujade
Renoir's Helix by j a d e
WINNER of the '1000 Contest,' courtesy of @SciKick . *** Renoir's Helix made her superior, the ultimate predator, just as I designed her to be. *** © Jade Archuleta (blu...
  • science
  • scikick
  • fiction
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Clarity by antireamour
Clarityby Antire
My digital book/poem "Clarity" Is about people and outwardly experiences, dreams and wants all In a poem.
  • mysterious
  • mystery
  • realization
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Heritidge for the Future by WingsOfGenesis
Heritidge for the Futureby WingsOfGenesis
Whilst driving to work, a normal man with a love of sci-fi has an accident and an interesting change in perspective.
  • modern
  • memory
  • future
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Top Five Distinctive Features of Custom Made Suits by nicholasoflondon
Top Five Distinctive Features of Nicholas Of London
A perfectly fitted suit epitomizes style and fashion and makes the individual stand out among the crowd. In today's times, an individual has three options when it comes...
  • tailored
  • made
  • suits
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The Memory Coder by JessicaBrody
The Memory Coderby Jessica Brody
When a security breach is detected at Diotech Inc, the Memory Restoration Department is called upon to do what they do best: make you forget. But with every memory that’...
  • seraphina
  • unforgotten
  • wattys2014
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Piety and Persecution by CorinTenns
Piety and Persecutionby Corin Tenns
The Tale of a young girl and her blight, in a different world entirely. The world of Ink, where anything can happen.
  • reality
  • christian
  • satire
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Universal Alteration by the_Izy_writer
Universal Alterationby Israel Adeloye
Flight, laser-vision, super-speed, shape-shifting, extraordinary strength. These are a few of the abilities harboured recently by the citizens of earth. Shawn Mach is o...
  • atom
  • powers
  • shadow
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Questions by TeriGrace
Questionsby Teri Grace
  • heart
  • alters
  • alteration
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Rewritten l Death Note Fanfiction l by dalisaylamb
Rewritten l Death Note Fanfiction lby Cyeria
I do not own death note or any of these characters (except Sara) Don't read on if you havnt seen death note: it has spoilers I couldn't accept how L died. In this versio...
  • alteration
  • deathnote
  • surprise
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Samuel & Sarah by Jacobhhart
Samuel & Sarahby Jake Hart
An alteration about two star-crossed lovers
  • alteration
  • love
  • starcrossed
Tailor's Son by greywolfeza
Tailor's Sonby greywolfeza
Dear Nick, your life has been an unfortunate series of miseries that has left you unable to allow people inside. I hope these restored memories help you in some small wa...
  • family
  • drama
  • bittersweet
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Clan Jaguar by Diddstar
Clan Jaguarby Katrina
  • distophain
  • alteration
  • mutant
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The Musings which Rhyme! by Heliocentre
The Musings which Rhyme!by Heliocentre
  • happiness
  • brain
  • conscience
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