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QST(H): The Delicate Flowers are Hard to Grow [快穿之娇花难养] by violet-lilium
QST(H): The Delicate Flowers are H...by violet-lilium
Fan Zijing is a small transparent of the Time and Space Administration, and she has been deployed from the female match against the clear water group to the female match...
Mr. CEO's Pregnant Ex-Wife by fleurdelyse88
Mr. CEO's Pregnant Ex-Wifeby Ruffa Torres
Ace Carter Greyson, her husband of five long years forcefully divorced her on the night of their fifth wedding anniversary. Reason? Simply because she can't bear him a c...
Fast-Crossing Sexual Blessing Strategy by furheartedgurl06
Fast-Crossing Sexual Blessing Stra...by furheartedgurl06
Min Yao is a generation queen who accidentally died, but was bound to the "Sexual Blessing" strategy system. From then on, she began her career in various worl...
Make a passionate scene with husband's father (high h)   by Yurirosie
Make a passionate scene with husba...by Yurirosie
An affair story caused by accidental insertion in a movie with the actor's father who is an impotent husband.......... Note:This is not my story. Upload for offline read...
W-S-T-E by lostnheaven
W-S-T-Eby 🌨
WHO STOLE THE EMPRESS Author: Lee Jihye Translator/s: RainOfSnow "You have no idea how repulsed I was every time I saw you limping." These wounds had made her...
The girl who is going to wear fast is coming  by furheartedgurl06
The girl who is going to wear fast...by furheartedgurl06
Introduction: Li Yuan is a secretary, and her daily life is very busy. One day, she got a system and was taken by the system to various worlds, becoming the second femal...
Ito ay hindi maaaring basahin ng edad desi sais pababa. Ito ay hindi angkop sa iyong kaisipan kung ikaw ay mayroon man. Ito ay puro plok-plok-an lamang pero may daloy pa...
Broken protagonist (bl) by rahzel03
Broken protagonist (bl)by Rahzel
In the system's meeting : [ We have a broken protagonist!!!!!] System 001 shouted in panic. [Oh my! Did the world collapse???] System 6784 cried in worry. [Is the protag...
Wild Si Bakla by Atejojoy
Wild Si Baklaby Bakss💗
MATURED CONTENT this is story work of fiction. please read at your own risk PHONIX: isang baklang naadik na lang sa sex simula nang may nangyari sa kanila ng kaibigan ni...
My Step-Brother (ON-GOING)  by AnakNiKuto_
My Step-Brother (ON-GOING) by Allyssa
- Sharlene Astley Buenaventura Start: October 24,2021 End: ------------------ Still Editing it so asahan ang magulong chap.
Vicejack (Oneshot) by Baysjackk
Vicejack (Oneshot)by Baysjackk
Hi po first story ko po ito so hope you like it enjoy reading
Daddy (R18) by Aling_Olibs
Daddy (R18)by VARKEN
My first smut STORY
cyber criminal (Tokyo revengers bonten arc) by Fujoshi_shipper_chan
cyber criminal (Tokyo revengers bo...by ☆みぎりずき☆
you're own personal harem bonten arc x reader the following characteristic dose not belong to me it belongs to the right owner of the Tokyo revengers and you? you belo...
mamang chris by AlvinChristopher9
mamang chrisby ELEVEN
+18 keep off my writings
Jungkook 21+ Ff Pillow Humping ‼️🔞 by JungkoogieProd
Jungkook 21+ Ff Pillow Humping ‼️🔞by JungkoogieProd
PLEASE FOLLOW MY WATTPAD ACCOUNT FOR MORE STORIES. i need encouragement to continue. This is just a fan fictions. Contains 18+ words. Read at your own risk. Please foll...
Raped By My Professor by Atejojoy
Raped By My Professorby Bakss💗
Matured content if you are young and innocent, don't read this but if you really interested go. Expect the typos because I'm not professional author, this is my first st...
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"If Love Is Like Desire, "Quickly Pass Through"" by furheartedgurl06
"If Love Is Like Desire, "Quickly...by furheartedgurl06
Author: Zhu Yan Eats the Mirror, Flowers and Eats the Tree Introduction to the work (copywriting): Ji Nanling has no memories of the past, but she knows that her mission...
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နတ်ဘုရားတို့ လျှောက်သောလမ်း Part-1 by KoYei2
နတ်ဘုရားတို့ လျှောက်သောလမ်း Part-1by Ko Yei
သူက ရွာငယ်လေး တစ်ရွာမှာ အဘိုးဖြစ်သူနဲ့အတူ နေထိုင်တယ်။ သူ့ဘဝက သာမန် လူငယ်လေး တစ်ယောက်နဲ့ အတူတူပဲ။ ဒါပေမဲ့ သူ့အဘိုး ကွယ်လွန်သွားတော့ သူ့ဘဝက ရုတ်တရက် ပြောင်းလဲသွားတယ်။ သူ့က...
Dipper's Secret [BillDip] by AngieFujoshi18
Dipper's Secret [BillDip]by Too Many Fandoms OMG
Bill survived Weirdmagedon and stayed in earth thanks to Dipper, In exchange he stays and protects him. Do 4 years of being around eachother account for a summer full of...
EL PARADISO SERIES 2: Slave of Sensation by eatmesunshinee
EL PARADISO SERIES 2: Slave of Sen...by elle
Ivy Gianna Francisca is a sophisticated, strict, ruthless and only one daughter of Francisca family. She's very responsible, respected person in the whole business world...