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Rodney Copperbottom x Reader (ON HOLD) by MaskedDragon533
Rodney Copperbottom x Reader (ON MaskedDragon533
When Rodney arrives at Aunt Fanny's, he sees something most peculiar. He is astonished to see a human being hidden by Fender and the gang. He learns you somehow ended up...
  • robots
  • bigweld
  • ratchet
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The Alpha's missing Mate [Nalu fairytail] by lupoleopard
The Alpha's missing Mate [Nalu lupoleopard
There are 4 werewolf packs in the hilly lands of Fiore. There are the Mermaidheel, Bluepegasus, Sabertooth and Fairytail. There are many loners in the area, but most st...
  • nonali
  • wolves
  • idk
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Mirajane's Shipping Book by FridayNight27
Mirajane's Shipping Bookby • Fia •
Mirajanes Shipping book. She is spying on EVERYONE. She Also has her own club: SHIPPING CLUB! She is the president and Lisanna is visepresident.
  • fairy
  • baccana
  • jerza
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Dragon Slayer Mating Season by DragonQueennn
Dragon Slayer Mating Seasonby DragonQueennn
It's that time of year.. The three male dragon slayers in the guild become of age for Mating season! Will Lucy, Levy, and Mira make it through this? What are they gonna...
  • gale
  • fairytail
  • miraxus
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Fairy Tail Oneshots ~Requests Open~~Slow Updates~ by Gruvia2006
Fairy Tail Oneshots ~Requests Macie
Where you can come to read about your favorite ships also I will do x readers too. ~Requests Open~ Disclaimer: I own no characters they all belong to Hiro Mashima. Pictu...
  • gruvia
  • miraxus
  • rufmi
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Super Mario Odyssey (Fan Novelization) by SentientPaintCan
Super Mario Odyssey (Fan Soup
When a forced wedding between Bowser and Peach is soon to take place, it's up to Mario the plumber - and his new friend Cappy - to crash it and save her again. Will he b...
  • supermarioodyssey
  • marioodyssey
  • mario
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12 Years [Fairy Tail Fanfic]  ✔ by Hinata36
12 Years [Fairy Tail Fanfic] ✔by Hinata Lion
12 whole years. 12 whole freaking years. That's how long fairy tail's gone. That's how long Lucy and Happy was in their own world. For years, Happy and Lucy have trai...
  • lucy
  • marriage
  • modern
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Ask Natsu and Happy || Closed by ChisanaKenjyou
Ask Natsu and Happy || Closedby Little Creatures
Natsu and Happy Ask Book #1 Any comments on here will be answered in another Ask Book.
  • fairy
  • tail
  • natsu
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Fairy Tail Oneshots by luckykuroneko
Fairy Tail Oneshotsby bl.ackcat
Nalu, Gruvia, Gale, Jerza, Rowen, Elfever, Bixanna, Cappy, Cobrana, Miraxus, Baccana, Roka, Stingyu, etc! All will be written! Please PM if you have any suggestions! I w...
  • cobrana
  • oneshot
  • cappy
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Tales of the Heart by HeartInMusic
Tales of the Heartby HeartInMusic
Natsu buys Lucy a magic lacrama while the guild is on vacation. Because of the Lacrima Lucy, Levy, Erza, Juvia, Wendy, Carla, and Aries get sucked into a magic portal wh...
  • tail
  • jerza
  • fairytail
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Miraculous & Fairy Tail by NaLu_Oncoming_Storm
Miraculous & Fairy Tailby NaLu_Oncoming_Storm
Ok. Don't judge but I decided to make a fanfic where the members of fairy tail end up in Paris and have to help Ladybug and Chat fight an akuma. They even end up going t...
  • marichat
  • miraxus
  • love
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Hello Revenge by SkyplusFire
Hello Revengeby RedSky-san
One day when Wendy, Carla, Lucy, Levy, and Juvia enter the guild they see people they have never seen before but then a month later everyone hates them. If you want to f...
  • gruvia
  • cappy
  • happy
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Tip O' The Brim by PBJsandwitches525
Tip O' The Brimby Solace
This is my story of Super Mario Odyssey. Enjoy!
  • smo
  • supermarioodyssey
  • peach
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Future Kids by SHOTO_IcyHot
Future Kidsby Todoroki
The next generation goes back in time and meet their parents before they started dating. How will this affect the Fairy Tail groups from both times?
  • stingue
  • bixanna
  • gale
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Robots Meet Cyborg by TwilightSage12
Robots Meet Cyborgby Taluja Hayes
Hey guys I just recently watched the movie "Robots" And I feel the fandom does not get enough attention. Okay here's the run down. A 6 year old human cyborg N...
  • cyborg
  • crank
  • ratchet
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One Shots of all the Fandoms! by ShipperOfAllSortz
One Shots of all the Fandoms!by Jess🌻🤘🏽
💚Bela and I share this book!!!!🖤 I have many ships and many fandoms. LET ME SHARE THEM WITH YOU. This will have my ships and my fandoms in it. Don't like it? Leave it...
  • triggerwarnings
  • blison
  • ladrian
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Fairy Tail Ship Pics by WolfKaila
Fairy Tail Ship Picsby WolfKaila
Pictures of all of the fairy tail ships ( or that I approve of and know) There will also be some interviews from the characters and what they think about their ship I do...
  • cappy
  • ships
  • interviews
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Opinions on Fairy Tail Ships by Imafangirl21
Opinions on Fairy Tail Shipsby Little Sapphie
What the title says. If you read my previous one you know I'm not doing yaoi and yuri on this either. And don't take anything I say personally or too harshly because it'...
  • graylu
  • otps
  • fairytail
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Fairy Tail one shots  by Animegirl689
Fairy Tail one shots by 💛Anime-Chan💙
Fairytail one-Shots! Enjoy reading about your favorite characters. Please read A/N PLEASE READ IT DO NOT SKIP IT IMPORTANT
  • lucy
  • ships
  • let
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Back to the past  by WonderfulEevee123
Back to the past by WonderfulEevee123
It was a normal day at the guild until a strange portal just POP out of nowhere!Some kids/Cats came out of it.Turns out there from the FUTURE and need there/parents help...
  • fairytail
  • jerza
  • gurvia
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