I Wanna Be With You by layasworld
I Wanna Be With Youby Bluevelvet
Melissa Smith is a 10th grade student at Mittchel Malone High School. She is what you call a gg (good girl).She has never cussed, she goes to church, and loves her famil...
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This Tour (Diggy Simmons Love Story) by werjetsetters
This Tour (Diggy Simmons Love Stor...by werjetsetters
YN (Your Name) is an upcoming artist and is known around the country. It's her first tour and her tour mates include the very own Mindless Behavior, OMG Girlz, Jacob Lat...
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Celebrity Imagines 💋 by wassgoodxo
Celebrity Imagines 💋by wassgoodxo
Any Celebrity💋 You Pick and i write 😂😊
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Anything but Normal (a Chresanto August love story)(editing) by _xQVOx
Anything but Normal (a Chresanto A...by _xQVOx
meet Abrianna Russo... her older over-protective brother disappears at late hours of the night, her parents are barely around and the new guy Chresanto August has her bo...
  • princeton
  • chresanto
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My Brother's Best Friend by Hailey_Michele
My Brother's Best Friendby Michele
Jazmine Lopez is Ray Ray Lopez's little sister. Their parents died a year ago and now Ray is raising Jazmine. But, because Ray likes to party so much, there are many man...
  • behavior
  • august
  • royal
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Abused Love by PrinceWifeyy
Abused Loveby Alexis Green
"Ray stop your hurting me" you said as you tired blocking the hits from him but couldn't. "Daddy stop hurting mommy" Kenan said as he tired pushing R...
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  • omggirlz
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Celebrity Imagines  by Danniduhh
Celebrity Imagines by Danni.duhh
Tell me any celebrity! I will try to make you a short story with the person and you. Let your imagination run wild and free! (Not my cover. Found it on Google)
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My Bully Adopted Me: Ray Ray Love Story ❤ (Season 1)  *EDITING*  by CreativeMindlessTia
My Bully Adopted Me: Ray Ray Love...by QUEEN ♡
COPYRIGHT © 2012 All Rights Reserved Highest Ranking: #3 in Mindless Behavior Friends, Best friends, now Enemies. Lovers? That seems way out of the question. Cat Young a...
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Abused Love(Yn And Mindless Behavior Story) by fruitydimples
Abused Love(Yn And Mindless Behavi...by fruitydimples
Yn (Your name) get abused/bullied by a of group of boys. Prince, Roc, Ray, and Prod. They torture you everyday. Roc and Prince live down the street from you and Prod and...
  • prodigy
  • rayray
  • bullies
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Bestfriend Ray Ray by _Truly__Blessed__
Bestfriend Ray Rayby _Truly__Blessed__
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Hidden (A Princeton Love Story) by misfitprincessss
Hidden (A Princeton Love Story)by misfitprincessss
Jacob is a poor teenager taking care of his two younger sisters. His mom is an alcoholic and doesn't help at all. His brother is just as much help as his mom. Jacob does...
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Adopted By Mindless Behavior✔ by hope1299
Adopted By Mindless Behavior✔by kk.slays
Madison is 5 yrs.she never spoke a word since she been in the orphanage. Because of that she get bullied. One day, a famous boy band walk in. Will they make Madison come...
  • wattys2017
  • adoptby
  • princeton
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Mindless Imagines (EDITING) by Distvrbed
Mindless Imagines (EDITING)by Distvrbed
  • mindless
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Problems That Can Turn To Mistakes by dm_the_love
Problems That Can Turn To Mistakesby dm_the_love
Roc Royal is a 20 years old rapper that lives in Los Angeles Californian with his girlfriend\ baby mother Yn and his 7 years old daughter Jasmine. The two couples had a...
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Geeky girl next door [ completed ] by Trendy_misft
Geeky girl next door [ completed ]by Tatiana
This girl isn't used to attention and lots of friends, so when a new boy moves in next door during the summer what problems will he bring along? Although this girl is bo...
  • princeton
  • behavior
  • rayray
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Dear, My Bully... I Love You ❤ *MB Love Story* by QueenRoyal
Dear, My Bully... I Love You ❤ *MB...by QueenRoyal
Aubrey Crippen. 16. Bullied by Jacob Perez. Do I need to say more? Read the book to find out... ©2013 QueenRoyal
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Love, Pain, and SmackDown  by Foreigngurl2018
Love, Pain, and SmackDown by Foreigngurl2018
You have to read to find out...
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Oui (MB and TBD fanfiction) by Karis_Gordon4L
Oui (MB and TBD fanfiction)by 💙Karis👑
"If I told you I loved you in the beginning, I'll love you in the end. I'll love you forever , through everything no matter what happens " What happens when a...
  • boys
  • tbd
  • rayray
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My Substitute Teacher by YungTBreeze
My Substitute Teacherby NѧţıoňTяєʏBяєєzʏ
Chris is your substitute for a little. Will you guys fall for each other?
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Why Do You Act That Way...I Love You (MB LOVE STORY Ft.Diggy) by MizzNini813
Why Do You Act That Way...I Love Y...by ___NiniLove
Are you Mindless enough to sneak on a tour bus to see your favorite Boy Band,hide,get found,then have them fall in love with you?Well if you are,Continue Reading to find...
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