The legacy of a villainess by lenlop
The legacy of a villainessby lenlop
I was born for nothing . Cancer consuming my limbs I only became a curse to my parents . All I could do was read and sit in a hospital bed all day . I cursed this life f...
  • immortal
  • dragons
  • demons
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Yandere Monster/Creature/Urban Legend/Folklore one-shots X Reader by ourcreepypastalover
Yandere Monster/Creature/Urban ourcreepypastalover
They want you. They NEED you. Some have never felt any love aside for the love you have shown them and some felt love at first sight. You will never be free, not if they...
  • oneshot
  • yanderexreader
  • wattys2018
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Shewolf by thefeelsofbooks
Shewolfby Alyssa💕
Living in a small town that practically nobody knows of can be difficult, especially when you're someone who literally no one knows of. For a girl named Melanie Mayor...
  • rogue
  • love
  • alpha
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Taming the Dragon |  Rosalia Red by RosaliaRed
Taming the Dragon | Rosalia Redby Rosalia♛
Highest Rankings: #1 in Mythical #2 in Legends #1 in Monsters #1 in Dragon | He remembered you, your scent, your touch, your everything...Even after all these years he...
  • magic
  • supernatural
  • dark
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Romancing a Heretic by odyssk75
Romancing a Hereticby Odysseus F. K
Hey everybody, thanks for taking a look here. This is NOT your typical wattpad story considering the demographics of the audience. If you are looking for sexually expl...
  • mythicalcreatures
  • multicultural
  • religion
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The Hydra Sin (Seven Deadly Sins) by klypso01
The Hydra Sin (Seven Deadly Sins)by klypso01
You know the original seven deadly sins, right? Melodias, the dragon's sin of wrath; King, the grizzly's sin of sloth; Diane, the serpent's sin of envy; Merlin, the boar...
  • fanfictionawards2018
  • mythicalcreatures
  • eightdeadlysins
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Fire Of The Heart by AlexisThompsons
Fire Of The Heartby AlexisThompsons
What's scarier than waking up in a strange place? Waking up naked. That was what I woke up to. A naked body in a strange place. The naked body being mine. Opening my eye...
  • mythicalcreatures
  • romance
  • youngadult
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Wings of Fate by Lightshadow368
Wings of Fateby Lightshadow368
In a world of magic & mythical creatures, people's jobs are decided based on how much magic they possess. When Kira is tested for how much magic she has, the results are...
  • mythicalcreatures
  • action-adventure
  • war
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Return of the Asuras |Lesbian Story| (The Sequel) by Svetaivanova
Return of the Asuras |Lesbian S V E T A
The Holy Game is over. Now Nikita has won both respect and support among the children of the gods, but she has come to face an even bigger crisis. After their painful br...
  • actionpacked
  • romance
  • demons
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Spark by amanda1930
Sparkby K.A. SAMPSON
Riley Daley was born with powers she knew nothing of until it came like the crashing waves on her seventeenth birthday. Her life was spinning out of control. Then it too...
  • kingdoms
  • royalty
  • romance
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Moonlight | Jenlisa by skivern
Moonlight | Jenlisaby kia
"Secrets are a burden." Where Lisa Manoban is a werewolf and is entangled in a war-threatening plan between mythical creatures in the underworld. «slow updates...
  • lisoo
  • jennie
  • girlxgirl
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A Monstrous Quirk (Boku no Hero Academia) by WaterMistress
A Monstrous Quirk (Boku no Hero ☠ A Pirates Life For Me ☠
I'm into boku no hero academia, plus I kinda want to write something other then one piece, for me its kinda getting boring (just saying, I changed their gender to a male)
  • midoriya
  • thisisgonnabehard
  • femaleoc
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His Other One  by starlily1
His Other One by starlily1
Follow Taylor as she maneuvers in a new world where vampires inhabit, secret roams and danger is never far behind. The story of a girl who doesn't believe in her self wo...
  • romance
  • legends
  • supernatural
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Rewind Villainess! by MonoPanPan
Rewind Villainess!by Mono Panda
Why was she here? She had asked herself a number of times but never seemed to remember. It wasn't her fault that she couldn't even control her body and emotions. It w...
  • villainess
  • mythicalcreature
  • troubled
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Loving My Best Friend by HashtagAmourshipper
Loving My Best Friendby HashtagAmourshipper
In this magnificent world, there are magcial creatures, and one of those creatures are werewolves, and there's one named Chase. Chase has crush on his Werewolf bestfrien...
  • bxb
  • werewolves
  • werewolf
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Inhumane Seduction (Vampire Romance) by BloodyHemsworth
Inhumane Seduction (Vampire Avi
His sharp teeth nipped on the tender skin of my neck. I froze, not knowing whether to expect pain or pleasure. "I've had many women before, but none of them tasted...
  • vampireromance
  • smutwarning
  • love
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Headstrong by Snevets1
Headstrongby Snevets1
Amanda Potter was separated from her brother after that night. She will meet her brother once more, but when she finds out about two prophecies that affect her family, h...
  • dracomalfoy
  • severussnape
  • mcgonagall
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His Prized Possession -Yandere! Male x Mermaid Reader- by LoudMouthJasminee
His Prized Possession -Yandere! <3 Jasmine
Possession pəˈzɛʃ(ə)n/Submit noun 1. the state of having, owning, or controlling something. -------- Your a mermaid living peacefully in the ocean when one day a fisherm...
  • yandere
  • maturelanguage
  • love
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The Vampire (A Kuroko No Basuke Fan Fiction) by reverseharemlover001
The Vampire (A Kuroko No Basuke Mido-chan
(L/N) (F/N), aka Kuroko (F/N) was a first string member. Not only that, she was a GOM too. She studied at Seirin to accompany her adoptive brother, Kuroko Tetsuya after...
  • gold
  • mythicalcreatures
  • variousxreaders
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Yandere fairy boy x Reader by sammiseawater
Yandere fairy boy x Readerby sammiseawater
He watched the humans with distaste. Why were they so adamant that love was real? They stabbed each other in the back and then turned around and hugged, digging their di...
  • maturethemes
  • obsession
  • mythical
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