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She's the only girl in section D  by jenna_lei
She's the only girl in section D by jenna
"Who are you? bakit nandito ka sa section namin?" tanong ng lalaki sakin‚ hindi ako umimik at nanatiling nakayuko. "Bawal ang babae dito! umalis kana"...
My Ex-Girlfriend is my New Mom (GxG, Lesbian) •Rewriting• by FallinginReverze
My Ex-Girlfriend is my New Mom (Gx...by Jei
Ginger Vera, a fifteen year old typical 2nd year high-school who works as a part timer in a pastry shop. She has to work in order to continue her studies in a public sc...
'Til Our Love Meet Again. (Forced Marriage Series #1) by Azelluna
'Til Our Love Meet Again. (Forced...by 𝘙𝘦𝘢𝘱𝘦𝘳
"It's the happy ending i never had." #1 in suggestion #1 in Wattpadphilippines
Love on the Field and Stage by storyweavermalik
Love on the Field and Stageby Malik
When NFL star Travis Kelce and pop sensation Taylor Swift cross paths at a charity gala, an unexpected spark ignites. From secret late-night conversations to quiet dinne...
تەنها لہ نێوان ئێمہ||🔚 by Laraa_44
تەنها لہ نێوان ئێمہ||🔚by 𝗟𝗮𝗿𝗮 || لارا
شتێڪ بڵێم تەنها بانێوان خۆمان بێت «خـۆشـم ئـەوێـت جـۆنڪوڪ». هەموو مافەکانی بۆخۆم دەگەڕێتەوە. #laraa_44
What's for Breakfast? by chroniclesoftatiana
What's for Breakfast?by chroniclesoftatiana
[COMPLETED] Samantha Sandoval has it all together - a thriving career as an interior designer, a cozy condo shared with her brother Patrick, and financial stability at t...
Last Summer (Cruel Summer Series #01) by _ali13
Last Summer (Cruel Summer Series #...by Ms.13erry
[CRUEL SUMMER SERIES #01] It happened Last Summer. Celeste, one of the campus Princesses who's living in her older sister shadow 'The Campus Queen' wanting to surpass...
" FORGET ME NOT  "  *STARRING : (BECKFREEN ) by MitchDegenion
ئازارەڪانی هاوسەرگیری||🔚 by Laraa_44
ئازارەڪانی هاوسەرگیری||🔚by 𝗟𝗮𝗿𝗮 || لارا
نوسەر:لارا بڵاوڪردنەوەی:2024/3/1 دەربارەی بیرۆڪە تەواویمافی بیرۆڪەی چیرۆڪەڪەو مافی بڵاوڪردنەوەی بۆخۆم دەگەڕێتەوە. تایبەت بە ئەڪاونتی:Laraa_44 ئەگەر هەرڪۆپیەڪ لە چیرۆڪەڪە...
Uno Prinsesa (CMC Series #1) by blinkue_blackpink08
Uno Prinsesa (CMC Series #1)by elle
An Epistolary Asia moved to Shin Beau University for her final year of college, but little did she know that she would end up managing the basketball team, whose player...
چـەوسـانـدنـەوە||🔚 by Laraa_44
چـەوسـانـدنـەوە||🔚by 𝗟𝗮𝗿𝗮 || لارا
مـن قەڵـاوم ڕاسـتە بەڵـام ئـەوە نـاگـۆڕێ ڪەتـۆڪوڕی یـەڪەم جـێـی مـنی ڪەواتە بۆستە لە چەوساندنەوەم ڪوڕی یەڪەم جێ.
Loving Regine (Completed) by reginegoesallout
Loving Regine (Completed)by Two in One
Former Title: ALPAS "I'll do Loving Regine until my last breath." Title:Loving Regine Genre: Fanfiction, Romance Started:June 14, 2022 Finished: December 25, 2...
[My Home Is You] by AbigailSalen2
[My Home Is You]by Abigail Salen
Lu-maki man siyang hindi ma-yaman, Pero ma-yaman naman siya sa Pag-mamahal. But not until nag hiwalay ang parents niya. Napuno ng masasakit na ala-ala ang buhay niya at...
New Year's Kiss: Secretly in Love by applejam19
New Year's Kiss: Secretly in Loveby LeeJiHye19
Monica Lowe hasn't celebrated the New Year since her family died ten years ago. However, this year will be different for her. Not only will it force her to celebrate the...
Your Place Or Mine?  by nealless
Your Place Or Mine? by Nealle
Haley thought she finally found her prince. she believes that being married means a happy ending. But soon after marriage, her dream of happiness suddenly turned into a...
THE UNBREAKABLE TRIO  (Friendship Series #1)  by itsmelavapurplepen05
THE UNBREAKABLE TRIO (Friendship...by Lava's_Purple_Pen
Naranasan mo na bang mag karoon nang kaibigan na kahit sa bingit nang kamatayan ay sasamahan ka? Kaibigang nasa tabi mo ano mang oras? kaibigang kahit nasa kalagitnaan n...
The Promise Of Tomorrow by dianamarieberro9
The Promise Of Tomorrowby Edelixx
Timeless Romance #2 In a tale that defies time itself, Selene, an orphan starved for affection, and Red, a renowned matinee idol from 1997, find their hearts intertwined...
Spirit of You [BL SHORT STORY]  by KitKairo
Spirit of You [BL SHORT STORY] by bunnybit
I am a spirit living in this doll. They always threw me away, abandon me. But my objective is to make people want to take me home... And then, scare them so hard that th...