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Assassin's Creed One-shots #2 by FadedHonor
Assassin's Creed One-shots #2by Faded
Well it's official! this is my second one shot book! I'm both excited and nervous about how well this one will go. I hope it does better or the same as my other one! I m...
  • shay
  • kenway
  • assassinscreed
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Assassin's Creed Imagines/Preferences by toughcookies01
Assassin's Creed Imagines/ Cookie
*REQUEST ARE OPEN!!* Hey you, yes you Y/n, I'm talking to you! I know why you're here. You probably ran out of Assassin's Creed books to read or someone told you about t...
  • assassinscreedoneshots
  • assassinscreedimagines
  • jacob
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Assassins meet reader (Various Assassins x Reader) by Oreofignewtonsblazko
Assassins meet reader (Various Fignewtons
Just a collection of stories I have personally thought up- but there are some that the readers have requested!! If you would like a story personally for you, just commen...
  • edwardkenway
  • ac3
  • shaypatrickcormac
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Assassin's Creed High-School  by AssassinOrTemplar
Assassin's Creed High-School by AssassinOrTemplar
(Assassin's Creed Reader Insert) Begin your new life as a student now attending Primrose High, the islands' local high-school. Who will you meet along the way? What tro...
  • island
  • assassin
  • edward
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Assassin's Creed X Reader One-shots by AssassinOrTemplar
Assassin's Creed X Reader One-shotsby AssassinOrTemplar
A collection of Assassin Creed related stories. You x Assassin X Templar X Side characters (if you like!) I do take requests :) Votes and comments would be lovely
  • order
  • connor
  • templar
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Book 1: Alpha Altaïr by FadedHonor
Book 1: Alpha Altaïrby Faded
Alpha Altaïr Miller is a broken man, and like most of us, he put on a tough exterior to hide that fact from others. He's cruel, harsh, hot-headed, demanding, and worst o...
  • alpha
  • altair
  • rouges
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Assassin's Creed One Shots [SLOW UPDATES] by Flipping-Fan-Tastic
Assassin's Creed One Shots [SLOW ♌күℓειgн♌
Come one come all to the amazing world of Assassin's Creed. Featuring characters you love, old and young, with female, male, and gender neutral readers. So come on, delv...
  • haythamkenway
  • arnodorian
  • femalereader
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I'm In Love With My Kidnapper by Iesha07
I'm In Love With My Kidnapperby iesha
It's the last day of school. A day that's suppose to be relaxing, and happy. No more high school worries. No more type of mathematics. Just freedom. So why isn't Lizett...
  • ezioauditore
  • warrior
  • assassin
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Assassin's Creed One Shots by TemplarRogue1942
Assassin's Creed One Shotsby TemplarRogue
Any and all Assassins or Templars of the Assassin's Creed Franchise. *I only do SFW sorry guys* Requests are open and strongly encouraged
  • edward
  • assassinsxreader
  • ubisoft
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Assassin's Creed Gifs by assassinmyass
Assassin's Creed Gifsby ☁️💙
Gifs of all Assassin's Creed character including: • Altair Ibn La-Ahad • Ezio Auditore da Firenze • Ratonhnhaké:ton (Connor Kenway) • Edward Kenway • Shay Patrick Cormac...
  • haythamkenway
  • eviefrye
  • connorkenway
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Assassins creed x reader one shots! by AngeryDeerMom
Assassins creed x reader one shots!by Deer
⚠️WELL I've gotten in to the game assassins creed hardcore over the last year so why not! Please request a character and I shall write the best I can! Will try to update...
  • shaycorrmac
  • arnodorian
  • assassinscreed
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Assassin's Creed One Shots by Fryedays
Assassin's Creed One Shotsby FrenchFryes
A collection of One-Shots on the most famous ASS-SASS-SIN of the entire history! The requests,are OPEN,so feel free to write me and to request! (Would include: Altaïr Ib...
  • ibn-laahad
  • assassins
  • templars
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Info of TSUKINO Talent Production by arisaarishima27
Info of TSUKINO Talent Productionby Arisa Arishima
Hanya sebuah list untuk diri sendiri dan kalian mengenai data-data dari Unit serta member yang ada di TSUKINO Talent Production, entah itu biodata, album dan single yang...
  • gravi
  • tsukiuta
  • procellarum
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Assassin's Creed Imagines by ambervice
Assassin's Creed Imaginesby Impendingambervice
Highest rank: #45 in fan fiction! A collection of Assassin's Creed imagines! Requests are welcome :) I do not own Assassin's Creed! All are original and written by yours...
  • jacob
  • assassin
  • connor
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Love Will Remain The Same by Anniedianne
Love Will Remain The Sameby Annie Dianne
So what if the winx had an urgent mission and had to break up with the specialists because they had to be with their ex's because they're ex's are teaming up with the wi...
  • trixie
  • daughters
  • aisha
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Nobodies Assassin (I) by AssassinoKenway14
Nobodies Assassin (I)by Anna
Description on the inside. This is a Percy Jackson and Assassin's Creed fan fiction.
  • percyjackson
  • connorkenway
  • templars
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Assassin's Creed ONESHOTS by nopeh_ruski
Assassin's Creed ONESHOTSby Natasha Andreeva
It's all in the title. I will try with all of my heart to update every weekend/as often as I can, but AD/HD and homework suck ass, amirite? I will POTENTIALLY do smut, a...
  • templar
  • romantic
  • connorkenway
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Assassin's Creed Oneshots/Ships by MillsMouse
Assassin's Creed Oneshots/Shipsby 💫💕MillsMouse💕💫
The untold stories of you're favorite assassin's and templars. Oneshots and ships. Nothing is true, Everything is permitted. (Requests are allowed :D)
  • connor
  • kassandra
  • boyxboy
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Assassin's Creed One Shots by duleepsingh
Assassin's Creed One Shotsby greenie
This is literally just Assassin's Creed One Shots (mostly Arno, Jacob and Shay, but I do others) If you have any requests, ask me them and I'll try my best I don't do an...
  • kenway
  • eviefrye
  • haythamkenway
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