Sanctuary's Aggression: The Infected (Book 1 Complete) by MairaDawn
Sanctuary's Aggression: The Maira Dawn
#1 on Scifi and Pandemic Hot List, 1st for Scifi in Hidden Gems, Dizzy and Rebellion Awards. "I might have just procrastinated myself to death." As a psycho...
  • action-romance
  • apocalypse
  • virus
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Cataclysm (poly) by ladydragyn
Cataclysm (poly)by ladydragyn
One minute you're going through your mundane daily life without regard to the creature comforts you've been accustomed to. The next, your life is like something from th...
  • mxfxm
  • infection
  • twincest
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Sanctuary's Aggression Book 2: The Captured by MairaDawn
Sanctuary's Aggression Book 2: Maira Dawn
Skye and Dylan hope to enjoy the calm of Cole's Mountain. The community builds homes, plant, and tentatively rejoice that the worse is over until the doctor finds a disc...
  • youngadult
  • dystopian
  • disease
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The Perfect Disease (My Hero Academia AU) by TwilightLink
The Perfect Disease (My Hero Valien
Instead of a world of quirks, it's a world of infection. The infection isn't really hazardous or dangerous; people turn into something along the lines of furries, nekos...
  • katsudeku
  • bnha
  • shoutotodoroki
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Rain - A Zombie Apocalypse Story - by ReissRow
Rain - A Zombie Apocalypse Story -by Ross
Rain falls from the clouds and plummets down to the lands where it is then devoured by the earth. Rain is what helps the earth and its inhabitants thrive; but now, rain...
  • survival
  • thewalkingdead
  • melody
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Ruined by Mander_Pander
Ruinedby Amanda
(#1 In Sci-Fi!) For ninety-nine years, humanity has cowered behind force fields from a deadly foe that nearly caused the extermination of the human race. The Ru...
  • zombie
  • squad
  • ruin
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Virus - A Zombie Novel by AveryBethWilson
Virus - A Zombie Novelby Yours truly
What would you do if you came home to an empty house, stolen car and dead people in your yard? Alex had to learn by herself how to survive, and then she met Beau and Wi...
  • walkingdead
  • death
  • infection
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Chasing The Horizon by auseante
Chasing The Horizonby r A 9
❝ How about you...? ...What are you so afraid of...? ❞ The world starts with a bang... though it ends quite differently than everyone thinks it will. Lie the banks of...
  • sciencefiction
  • wattys2018
  • apocalypse
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Eyes of the infected by LaurenErin
Eyes of the infectedby Lauren
In the space of a few hours, Harley Sawyer's world is turned upside down. Ripped from everything she knows, her and the majority of the UK are forced to fight for their...
  • sciencefiction
  • zombies
  • science
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Infected ~ A Warrior Cats Roleplay  by BaccaraLily
Infected ~ A Warrior Cats Roleplay by ☁︎ f i r e ☁︎
  • infection
  • warriorcat
  • action
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The Scarlet Effect (Book 1) by alrains
The Scarlet Effect (Book 1)by A. L. Rains
The pandemic was just the beginning. After an unknown virus sweeps across the globe, Aurora and two other survivors seek out safety in a bomb shelter with enough supplie...
  • scifi
  • military
  • epidemic
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Wyrmrot by ssmith314
Wyrmrotby Stephanie Smith
It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's a... dragon? When scientists brought everyone's favorite fairytale creature to life, people flocked to see them, including Zelda Riss...
  • thriller
  • survival
  • romance
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Revenge of the Dead by HorrorLover2015
Revenge of the Deadby HorrorLover2015
BOOK TWO I can feel them getting closer. Their screeches haunting me at night, telling me to drop dead. I've never listened to them before. But it's different now. You...
  • group
  • appocalypse
  • thehordecometh
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New world Order: River by LizzyLandon
New world Order: Riverby Lizzy Landon
After being beheaded by Quinlan, the Master's taken another form, Zach Goodweather. Ephraim refusing to give up hope, and believing that he can cure his son, goes in sea...
  • strain
  • outbreak
  • master
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Only Time Will Tell (Book Five) by hwest36
Only Time Will Tell (Book Five)by hwest36
Jayson Floyd is just a kid with big dreams for himself. He falls in love with two beautiful girls, but everything falls apart when he gets devastating news. After the w...
  • apocalypse
  • plauge
  • adventure
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Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay by FuryIndignato6
Zombie Apocalypse Roleplayby Fury Indignato
It's all in the title! Roleplay a Zombie Apocalypse... pretty simple!
  • rp
  • infection
  • roleplay
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The Rise of the Outbreak (Slow Updates) by GatoKitten
The Rise of the Outbreak (Slow K. M. Taylor
Eden Lemington's worst nightmare has become a reality. A deadly airborne virus has threatened death among an entire nation and only continues to get worse. Eden if force...
  • virus
  • science
  • infection
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Infected Vampire by Gorgeousyika
Infected Vampireby ʏʀ.sᴀɴᴘʟᴀᴡᴇʀ
Hi I'm Klarrie Suzzana Montariwa, your peculiar infected Vampire. : )
  • strong-female-character
  • action
  • vbt-01
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World War Zed by TheOrangutan
World War Zedby Gavin Wilson
World War Zed : The Survivors' Stories - It is ten years since Britain declared itself free of the Zombie menace. This book compiles the untold stories of survivors acro...
  • undead
  • survivors
  • history
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╳ Infection. (ROBLOX) by xoolti
╳ Infection. (ROBLOX)by xooltichipz
In the city of Robloxia, the hat named 'Meeboid' is often used for trolling, robotic giants and Halloween. But it was never used for cult-like things - Neither was it la...
  • videogame
  • kidnapped
  • emotional
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