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The Daughter of Gallifrey by a_kay_h
The Daughter of Gallifreyby Ashley Kay
Caroline Thomas was only twelve when she stumbled into a bookshop through a door that appeared across the street. An impossible bookshop. Th...
Last Lady Of Time  by Sophilouise
Last Lady Of Time by Sophie Lou
Whilst picking up the distress signal at Van Stattens museum The Doctor discovers something that will change his life. But will this life changing event be for the bette...
G is For Ginger Genius - Torchwood/Doctor Who- Open :) by iznek123
G is For Ginger Genius - Nunya Buisness
My Names Rosamund. im wanted by the federal government for several reasons, even though i am indeed an adversary. My parents are buffoons, the most wanted idiots in the...
The Girl Who Forgot || doctor who (Book 1) by romanismysoul
The Girl Who Forgot || doctor Alice Roman
For a girl who's lived a normal life on Earth for years, is she ready to see the universe from a different perspective? *** Willow Hughes was a regular London girl until...
Apocalypse Rising (Book Five) by WritersBlock039
Apocalypse Rising (Book Five)by Miss Moffat
After dealing with the last of the Daleks, the Apocalypse is finally back on the right track. She is one of three Time Ladies left in the universe, no longer the last. R...
Eternal | Doctor Who [1] *ON HOLD* by Emily_TrenchedDreams
Eternal | Doctor Who [1] *ON HOLD*by Emily
In which the Doctor is not the only living Time Lord. OR Thinking that he'd lost his wife, the Doctor takes their only living daughter and runs, hoping desperately that...
The Girl Who Stayed (Doctor Who fanfic) by filmgeek97
The Girl Who Stayed (Doctor Who Jess
Jordyn Avery lived a half life. After her parents divorce, she learned to only depend on herself. When the Doctor arrived, she felt like she could finally belong somewhe...
Catch me in the stars  by Hufflepuff_writes12
Catch me in the stars by Eliza Kay
"Stars burn and die and then they can be reborn so to speak. That sounds like something that happened to me."
Running Through the Stars (Book One of the Bad Wolf Chronicles) by WritersBlock039
Running Through the Stars (Book Miss Moffat
Never would she have imagined herself working for SHIELD. She does that every day now. Never did she imagine she could live life as a free mutant, be respected. Done dea...
Ending of the Hours (Book Four of the Bad Wolf Chronicles) by WritersBlock039
Ending of the Hours (Book Four Miss Moffat
The Master is dead. The Year That Never Was is just that. The Year That Never Was. Martha is gone, and so is Jack, and the Doctor and Jessie are still alive. But they're...
Struggling To Adjust (Book Three of The Bad Wolf Chronicles) by WritersBlock039
Struggling To Adjust (Book Three Miss Moffat
Planet Earth. That's where she was born. It's also where she died. The first time. For the first fifteen years of Jessie Nightshade's life, nothing happened. Nothing at...
The Last Guardian Of Gallifrey by MightyMidgeet
The Last Guardian Of Gallifreyby MightyMidgeet
The Guardian is a young Time Lord, who is technically still a child, that had to grow up quick due to a rough start on Gallifrey and having very rare abilities the High...
Bad Wolf (Entry One of The Diaries of a Teenage Time Lady) by WritersBlock039
Bad Wolf (Entry One of The Miss Moffat
When Rose Tyler was saved by a mysterious man known as the Doctor, she hadn't been expecting him to ask twice if she wanted to travel with him among the stars in a time...
Experiencing The Impossible (Book Nine of The Bad Wolf Chronicles) by WritersBlock039
Experiencing The Impossible ( Miss Moffat
After seeing Amy and Rory be sent to their deaths and seeing River and Clara Oswin Oswald die in front of her, Jessie has truly fallen, becoming the soldier her current...
The Harkness twins - tenth doctor x reader  by CertifiedAngstWriter
The Harkness twins - tenth CertifiedAngstWriter
You are the twin sister/brother of captain jack Harkness you haven't heard from him for years and you truly believe he didn't make it that is until you meet the doctor...
Saxon (Entry Three in The Diaries of a Teenage Time Lady) by WritersBlock039
Saxon (Entry Three in The Miss Moffat
The parallel worlds have been saved, but at a terrible price. In a twist of events, Annakamara, the Doctor's daughter, died voluntarily to save not only the worlds, but...
Apocalypse Rising (Book One) by WritersBlock039
Apocalypse Rising (Book One)by Miss Moffat
She never took her A levels. She had to drop out of school to support her boyfriend. She was just an ordinary shop girl in 2005. She was nothing special. One trip in the...
Savannah Tyler  by Shazzie2000
Savannah Tyler by Shazzie2000
We all know who Rose Tyler is, right? But did you know she has an older sister? Savannah Tyler loved going on adventures. She loved it so much that she traveled for 2 ye...
Janto oneshots  by CertifiedAngstWriter
Janto oneshots by CertifiedAngstWriter
Basically one shots of ianto and jack There will be some as if ianto never died some before he died and basically none after he died Updating the description: the f...
As Brittle As Quicksilver (Fourth in The Creators Saga) by WritersBlock039
As Brittle As Quicksilver ( Miss Moffat
Never to touch, only to see. Never to speak, only to think. After a year and a day of being forced apart by someone both Time Lords once considered a friend, the Doctor...