Aki (A Naruto/HxH Crossover Fan Fiction) by YoshiXx03
Aki (A Naruto/HxH Crossover Fan Akira Shinikage
"If you had another name, would you be a different person?" Aki has amnesia. Waking up in a forest with no memories has left her confused and slightly vulnerab...
  • hxh
  • hisoka
  • leorio
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Senpai, You're Mine [Killua x reader]||Completed by cjponard
Senpai, You're Mine [Killua x Alien101
||MODERN AU|| You are Killua's SENPAI , Killua is the playboy KOUHAI (junior) They say.. "A guy will stop being a playboy when he finds the one"... "Will...
  • drama
  • hxh2011
  • romance-comedy
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The Zoldyck's Nanny (Illumi x Reader) by Katjaface
The Zoldyck's Nanny (Illumi x Katjaface
Why is Illumi so obsessed with Killua? What if it was because Killua was not his brother, but his son? This fanfiction revolves around the idea that Illumi had a kid wit...
  • pregnancy
  • lgbt
  • nanny
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Hunter X Hunter Boyfriend Scenarios by Kemi-Senpai
Hunter X Hunter Boyfriend Scenariosby Mizukemi
Gon, Killua, Illumi, Hisoka, Chrollo, Feitan, Phinks, Shalnark, Kurapika, and Leorio will be in these!! Why am I writing one? Well... There is a huge lack of these on th...
  • gonfreecs
  • chrollo
  • hisokaxreader
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My Rival stole my First Kiss [Killua x Reader]  by Kouhai-desu
My Rival stole my First Kiss [ unprofessional
[Status: DONE] How does it feel when your mortal enemy stole your first precious kiss? A 16-year-old (Whole name) who's a second-year student at Hunter's Academy, she...
  • skyress
  • ftnzoldyck
  • readerxcharacter
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Secret Spider NEW (Hunter x Hunter) by fsyuuske
Secret Spider NEW (Hunter x Hunter)by FujiSyuuske
Three. Breathe in. Two. Breathe out. One. Smile.
  • killuazoldyck
  • gon
  • feitanxoc
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Drown Me In Lemons 2 by Teary_Skies
Drown Me In Lemons 2by Teary_Skies
Literally just lemons unless specified otherwise. Holy butts. T H A T ' S R I G H T B I T C H E S I A M B A C K Yo, uh, yeah i dont know why im doing this again? i just...
  • lemons
  • tentaclehentai
  • tentacles
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Assassinate My Heart | HxH | Killua x OC [UNDER-EDITING] by CoFFeeBeaN28
Assassinate My Heart | HxH | ⓗⓘⓐⓣⓤⓢ
♔Hunter x Hunter Watty Awards 2016 Winner♔ ♔1st Place Winner in the category of Killua Zoldyck on HunterxHunterWA♔ P l e a s e d o n ' t l e a v e m e ...
  • romance
  • hxh
  • fanfiction
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The Mystery Girl {3rd Place in HxH Watty Contest} by SweetBudder12
The Mystery Girl {3rd Place in 作っ家-ちゃん
Book 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Demon is a mystery to others. She is emotionless and quiet. She decide to take the Hunter Exam to become a hunter. She mee...
  • fanfiction
  • hunterxhunter
  • gonfreecss
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『Future Husband⇝Killua∣completed』 by _starlight07
『Future Husband⇝Killua∣completed』by Suga's wifeu
It was a cold raining night when your phone rings;someone calling you. ❝Hello? Who is this?❞ ❝Your Future Husband.❞ ∞ In which the reader got multiple of texts and calls...
  • hxh
  • killuazoldyck
  • hunterxhunter
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Roommates✓|| Hunter x Hunter by AngelicNan
Roommates✓|| Hunter x Hunterby Killua Freecss
"Wh-what do you want to know?" Gon asks, leaning back in his chair to stay away from him. "First of all, your age," Killua says, his smile fading. &q...
  • gonfreecs
  • hunterxhunter2011
  • leorio
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The Guardian of Time by lucetta-
The Guardian of Timeby ♡Lucetta♡
Hunter x Hunter • Flandre Scarlet, the guardian of Time. The vampire with the ability to bend time to her will. Born in Vampirilia, she has been locked up her whole lif...
  • ff
  • random
  • flandrescarlet
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She's Mine (Hisoka x Reader x Illumi) by Chrodeus
She's Mine (Hisoka x Reader x Chrodeus
"Stop playing me around! im not a toy!"
  • gonfreecs
  • anime
  • killuazoldyck
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HunterxHunter Oneshots And Scenario's by AquaTheWaterGoddess
HunterxHunter Oneshots And AquaTheWaterGoddess
just a bunch of little stories of gon and killua, and kurapika, hisoka,etc. you can request anything you like so that means lemons, and boyxboy, xreader etc. are aloud b...
  • kurapika
  • killuazoldyck
  • gonfreecs
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Falling For You by cafeakira
Falling For Youby Elio
When Gon Freecss moves and becomes the new kid in school, he immediately becomes entranced with Killua Zoldyck upon laying eyes on him for the first time. While his clas...
  • killualovestory
  • fanfiction
  • killuaxgon
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Loveless Loving     (HunterxHunter)(HisokaxOC) by kelpy8
Loveless Loving ( 你的女孩 kelpy
What happens when two people who don't know how to love fall in love. I'll try to stick to main storyline as much as possible ;)
  • hisoka
  • hisokaxoc
  • hunterxhunter
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Glass Over The Flame [Killua] by ErwinsRightEyebrow
Glass Over The Flame [Killua]by Maria
Numb to much emotion, a young girl sets out on a journey to avenge her loss; along the way, she meets a young roadblock by the name of Killua. *TRIGGER WARNINGS: physic...
  • killuazoldyck
  • zoldyck
  • hunterxhunter
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SPECIALIST! (Hunterxhunter Ff)【ON HOLD】 by 0Anonymous_Panda0
SPECIALIST! (Hunterxhunter Ff)【 Pandanonymous!
Hunter x hunter ff Reader x ??? Prepare yourself to your temporarily blind state. ₩hat would happen if you go into an adventure yet not knowing that it already started...
  • selfhurt
  • kurapika
  • hunterxhunter
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Never Stereotype A Gay Person| A Hunter x Hunter Killugon Fanfic by KilluaZoldyckHeart
Never Stereotype A Gay Person| A Killua Zoldyck
Hunter High is a school of freedom, fun, health, friendliness, and education. For the LGBTQ+ folks, nope. Once people found out that Killua Zoldyck, Kurapika Kurta, Gon...
  • leopika
  • transgender
  • kurapikakurta
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Behind The Mask by AquaTheWaterGoddess
Behind The Maskby AquaTheWaterGoddess
"why did this have to happen...," I whispered as tears ran down my face. "It's my fault that they died, I was the one that should have left this dumb worl...
  • xreader
  • gonfreecs
  • killuazoldyck
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