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Another Butterfly『Marco Diaz x Reader』 by KimmiePines
Another Butterfly『Marco Diaz x 𝕜𝕚𝕞
"Y/N, it's okay if you don't like me back, I just want to tell you what I truly feel about you. Will you stay by my side?" Star Butterfly's sister who goes by...
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The Mirror Magic ( A Star vs the Forces of Evil FanFiction) by MissMultiverse
The Mirror Magic ( A Star vs the Ms. Multiverse of Stories
Just your typical Fan Fiction, the inseperable duo of the magical intergalactic princess of Mewni Star Butterfly and her bestest friend from Earth Marco Diaz sets afoot...
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Marco and the Forces Of Evil - Dark Marco by InfernoDog
Marco and the Forces Of Evil - InfernoDog
*NOTICE* It's an svtfoe fan fic about Marco point of view and his struggles with his dark side that is corrupting him and haunting his past. The story will be kinda dark...
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Starco by TheBondingMoment
Starcoby :)
The end of the year dance is coming up, and Marco has his eyes on Jackie, but when things go wrong, and something happens to Star, Marco must figure out how to save his...
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Slightly Younger •Reader x Tom (SvtFoE) by SuperiorSenpai
Slightly Younger •Reader x Tom ( ♡~Artie~♡
(Y/n), the slightly younger sister of Star, moves to Earth to keep her sister in line while also unintentionally starting a romance with Star's Ex? COVER CREDS TO THE LO...
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Tomco!!!! by ROOKIEmistake456
Tomco!!!!by DarkBlueEvil Lost
😂😃😆😏!!!!!!! I really don't know what's with all these exclamation points!!!!!.....
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All the Little Things (Starco Fanfiction) by panduhcorn
All the Little Things (Starco panduhcorn
Star and Marco have been besties for 4 years straight. But after Marco makes plans to go to college and Star gets a call that her time to be Queen of Mewni has arrived...
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SVTFOE: A Guardian In The Flames by Omnimerd7
SVTFOE: A Guardian In The Flamesby Ian Dell
I don't own Star versus the forces of evil or the artwork I may use first attempt at a book so feedback please and don't try to be nice I can take anything so be as mean...
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Resolution || Marco Diaz / Reader by craziidanni
Resolution || Marco Diaz / Readerby Crazii Dani
So I love starco, i really do, but wouldn't you love to date Marco even though it meant "ruining" starco? YES
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Up to the bones (Tomco) by fAlSeHoOdFaLsEhOoD
Up to the bones (Tomco)by K♥l♥a♥n♥c♥y♥N♥o♥t♥F♥a♥n♥c♥y♥
This is originally a book in spanish by Shamsia on Archive of Our Own. ---- "Young Marco, there are two things you should know: First, the Red Moon has affected you...
{Tom Lucitor X Reader} by Dog-Spit
{Tom Lucitor X Reader}by Dog-Spit
"Marco! we have great news! your cousin Y/n is visiting!!" Mrs.Diaz said enthusiastically. "wait wait wait-Y/n??? I have a cousin?!?" "Marco...
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¡Me Prometiste que no le Dirías a NADIE! (FANFIC) by ander90XD
¡Me Prometiste que no le Dirías Ander90XD
- Porque ¡¿Star?! ¡¿Porque?! me lo prometiste... - No fue mi culpa Marco yo solo se lo dije a... - No quiero escucha tus excusas - Pe-pe-pero Marco déjame explicarte ...
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love sick 🌹💍 (A starco FF) by idk_izuuu
love sick 🌹💍 (A starco FF)by Thats_so_izu
They say it's love at first sight, but lets just say in this story, its love at first... Crash? It all started when a certain brunette crashed onto star's lawn. You know...
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The Butterfly Effect | Star vs the Forces of Evil  by StarryEyedButterfly
The Butterfly Effect | Star vs StarryEyedButterfly
When Marco Diaz comes to realization about his feelings for Star, his thoughts consume him. He can't seem to get the princess off of his mind, and as a result, he sets o...
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When Two Worlds Collide by KPRS4ever
When Two Worlds Collideby KPRS4ever
Earth and Mewni have now merged into one; all because of a rebel mewman princess and human safe-kid's love for one another (and magic, of course)! Now that they live in...
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Las sogas, la bodega, la lluvia y algo mas. Starco Lemon by Llosmith
Las sogas, la bodega, la lluvia Llosmith
Una historia llena de cómicos accidentes casuales, Starco, Lemon, Romace y mas...
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Tom lucitor  X reader (svtfoe) by tripped-setting
Tom lucitor X reader (svtfoe)by 🖖Nadine💚
Meeting star butterfly was probably the best thing that had happened to you but also the weirdest, but oh boy you didn't know what you had in store coming for you. ⚠️WAR...
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Lincoln Loud,Marco Diaz, And Dipper Pines, Magic Mortals by werewolf259226
Lincoln Loud,Marco Diaz, And werewolf259226
Lincoln loud, Marco diaz, and Dipper pines ran away from there home because they can't take no more of 10 sister bullied the only brother star cheating on Marco for Tom...
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Accidental Love ~ Toffee X Reader  by WildChild289
Accidental Love ~ Toffee X Reader by Queen Of Holidays
(Y/n) has a bf but he's kind of a jerk!....she has just moved to a new school. A school that has a possum as their mascot. A school that has magical princess from anothe...
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The Magical Misadventures of Marco Diaz by littleannierooney
The Magical Misadventures of Annie Rooney
Marco is trapped in a twisted alternate dimension. The only way out is to defeat Hekapoo and get back his dimensional scissors. This is the story of what happened during...
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