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Slightly Younger •Reader x Tom (SvtFoE) by SuperiorSenpai
Slightly Younger •Reader x Tom ( ♡~Artie~♡
(Y/n), the slightly younger sister of Star, moves to Earth to keep her sister in line while also unintentionally starting a romance with Star's Ex? COVER CREDS TO THE LO...
"And that's a Dragonfly promise!" (Comet dragonfly x sister! Reader) by Wishtrest
"And that's a Dragonfly promise!" Wishtrest
Crazy adventures await you and your fraternal twin brother, comet dragonfly! To silly little problems to big family secrets will you be able to handle it all?
Fight fire with fire. by snowVantas69
Fight fire with Snow Vantas
What if Marco danced with Tom at the blood moon ball instead of star? How would any adventures be different, and how would star react? I know this is an overdone idea...
Lost Love [~Toffee~] ((COMPLETED)) by _-WhereAreMyPANTS-_
Lost Love [~Toffee~] ((COMPLETED))by Halla Fortenberry
There was once another princess Butterfly, one lost to the current of time. Her name was Elara, the sister of Moon Butterfly. She was banished to be forgotten by everyo...
"Your Hero" Tomco Fanfic by MyVeryOwnMind
"Your Hero" Tomco Fanficby IloveYaoi
This fanfic is located into an AU where Marco is a girl instead of a boy And on the blood moon dance he (or must I say she :3) stops Star and Tom from dancing, you may a...
A little touch of darkness  by AndreaJenkins768
A little touch of darkness by Rosegardenlover05
Male queen Eclipsa x fem monster princess reader I'm writing this for fun and it might not be the best. This story is hevely inspired by @ AshleyGryffindor's story
Twins of Mewni by YvieLeaf
Twins of Mewniby YvieLeaf
What if Star had a twin sister named Comet ? What if they were complete opposites of each other? How will the adventure go? Find out for yourself.
Do You Trust Me? {Tom Lucitor x MALE reader} by bark_bark_b1tch
Do You Trust Me? {Tom Lucitor x 💀
'do you trust me?' that's what he said to me... I wish I stayed in Mewni with my mom and dad. You see, I'm the son of the Queen and King of Mewni. Twin brother of Star B...
Another Butterfly『Marco Diaz x Reader』 by KimmiePines
Another Butterfly『Marco Diaz x kim
"y/n, it's okay if you don't like me back, I just want to tell you what I truly feel about you. will you stay by my side?" y/n butterfly is star's sister who...
Switched! (A Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Fanfiction) by Theduchessoffandom
Switched! (A Star Vs The Forces I like my coffee black like m...
What would you do if you accidentally switched bodies with your best friend? When two lucky souls are chosen, they are bound to be together for all eternity. But there w...
Tom x Reader *COMPLETED* by username4616
Tom x Reader *COMPLETED*by username4616
Y/n hasn't had much of an exciting life over their 17 years of life. Everything seemed to be so boring, until Star came into her life. Star brought magic, excitement, an...
Our Bloody Hell Fate by Chiimei
Our Bloody Hell Fateby Chiimei
Marco decided to go to the Blood Moon ball after all. He knew Star wouldn't like it, but he can't trust that demon ex-boyfriend of hers. He wanted to save Star, but... h...
Puppy Reader x Svtfoe  by BlindSpeaker
Puppy Reader x Svtfoe by BlindSpeaker
Everyone knows you as the neighborhood puppy,your little tail wagged happily and you were always in the mood to play.But you had a disability,you didn't have a accurate...
Shooting for a Star. (Star x Reader) by XLunarFoxX
Shooting for a Star. (Star x XLunarFoxX
This is a Star Butterfly x (non-gender based) Reader (Which means the reader will be referred to as they/them/(Y/n) (Star vs. the Forces of Evil doesn't belong to me!) (...
His Queen by _DeaFlorum
His Queenby ♡ Chris ♡
『Highest Ranking Attained: #1 - Toffee 』 Luna Butterfly, Comet Butterfly's eldest daughter, she was known as a wonderful Queen back then but her reign didn't last long...
Like Father, Like Daughter (Hiatus) by Marco-Ubaldo-Diaz
Like Father, Like Daughter (Hiatus)by Marco Ubaldo Diaz
After spending 16 years in another dimension Marco is finding it a little hard to readjust to his life back on Earth. Then a few days later Hekapoo shows up at his doors...
 Tomco ~ one shots! (Smut warning)【☆】 by FlopyFrenchFries
Tomco ~ one shots! (Smut warning) Ghost Girl
Tomco ships that have a nice storyline but I hate writing full stories (✿◠‿◠) ♡DISCLAIMER ♡ I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARACTER FROM SVTFOE LGBTQ+ STORY SOME MATURE SCENES
Various X chubby fem reader one shots by Sassyshotaprincess
Various X chubby fem reader one Sassyshotaprincess
Updates are slow! Lots of oneshots All characters I write smut about are 18+
Eco Arroyo - Historia De Dos Butterflies (Incompleta) by CAD425
Eco Arroyo - Historia De Dos Cuenta Abandonada
Este Cómic fue creado por Moringmark, todos sus derechos de autor son para el, y la traducción de todos sus capítulos son hechas a mano de la pagina de Facebook llamada...
Starco children Svtfoe by AminaKarahodzic
Starco children Svtfoeby Dawn ♡~♡
Hii guyysss itss ya girll again XD Hope you enjoy this new version of Starco kids I know of :) Enjoy ❤