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Welcome Back (Completed) by fanfictionist2004
Welcome Back (Completed)by SWAGATIMA
Wordcount: 56410 Harry Potter, The boy who lived, the chosen one or uncommonly known as the boy who lost his parents. Not for long, a rare occurrence occurs and Harry fi...
Harry Potter and Death's Mystery by TheAmazingMaddy
Harry Potter and Death's Mysteryby Maddy 🏹
The Second Wizarding War has finally drawn itself to a close. Two months later, the survivors are still feeling a small emptiness inside of them. On the 1st day of July...
Sanegiyuu angst by ntepetlanco
Sanegiyuu angstby Giyuufemsimp
Sanemi and giyuu relationship was not healthy they pretend to love each other infront of the hashira but when they get tho their estate thing got worse or bad that until...
JILY - AN UNEXPECTED RETURN by the_maniacaldesigner
JILY - AN UNEXPECTED RETURNby Jhyothsna R Giridharan
Set from the third task of the Goblet of Fire, Read more to know how Harry reacts to seeing his family back from the dead nearly fourteen years after getting hit by the...
As the Autumn Leaf Falls by BlackBirdSammy
As the Autumn Leaf Fallsby BlackBirdSami
What if you woke up in a cemetery, not knowing who you are, or where you are? Well, that's what happened to Gold Leaf. When he woke up, he found a scar on his neck, and...
First Steps | A Zombie Apocalypse Story (Completed) by thatrandomgeekgirl
First Steps | A Zombie Alana Harris
The beginning was like any other sickness. Like any other flu. At least that's what everyone thought. But boy, were they wrong. This is a disease that would change the...
Sister Grimm by Queen-Tyra
Sister Grimmby Queen-Tyra
Brooke Burkhardt is Nick Burkhardt little sister. She is a doctor. She is a grimm. She is very special in her own way.
Playing With Death {Harry Potter Various x Reader} by absentvoid
Playing With Death {Harry Potter absentvoid
This is a continuation of @ILike_Waffles' "Playing With Death". The story still belongs to them. Please, go follow them and read the first chapters of this sto...
{Demon Slayer Fanfiction} Hidden Sun And Glory  by CloversFieldOfFire
{Demon Slayer Fanfiction} Hidden Clover's Field Of Fire
(Inspired by others) A lonely demon meets a depressed hashira. When their forbidden friendship comes to light, the demon becomes a traitor and many truths are revealed. ...
The Discoveries [ On Hold] by AilsaHpBlack
The Discoveries [ On Hold]by AilsaHpBlack
Death cannot be reversed. We all know that. But what if it was undone, those claimed dead coming back to life once more. What will happen once a discovery is made and Ha...
Back Alive | Taehyung x Reader by gummyoongz_
Back Alive | Taehyung x Readerby staerynight
KIM TAEHYUNG. He was once a friend. A crush. And... A dead boy. And now? He is right beside me. Our hands intertwined, like a strand of perpetual DNA. "You complete...
The Dead Return At last by LunaLovegoodGarciaa
The Dead Return At lastby LunaLovegoodGarciaa
There was a new prophecy which no one believed, until it came true... Lily Evans woke up, expecting a normal day in heaven with her husband and friends. But little did s...
Frankenweenie One-shots by Casper-Da-Ghost
Frankenweenie One-shotsby Simp 4 Alot of people
Any characters are excepted No smut people😪 The rest of the info will be in the first chapter because I'm not good at descriptions :) Also if you do request I will no...
Hannah Beale  by Waterlover34
Hannah Beale by Waterlover34
16 year old Hannah lives with her Grandma Kathy and half brother Bobby what she doesn't know is her mother is still alive after believing she was dead, doesn't know abou...
The Impossible  by BuckyBarnesPadfoot
The Impossible by Padfoot
During the Battle Of Hogwarts The Impossible happens after Harry potter dies at the hands of Voldemort for the second time. As soon as he was hit by the killing curse th...
Master of the dead by CatLover_3695
Master of the deadby ❤El❤
For the sake of the story's flow I have decided that this will not be a sequel. :)
Regrets by MintVender
Regretsby Oasis
Like any other, she hopes to have power. Coming from a noble house in the wizarding world, that should've been an obvious privilege but for her, it was exhausting to ach...
1] For Island Fires and Family |Harry Potter Fanfiction| Jily by decrepitkneecaps
1] For Island Fires and Family | idiot
When Lily realised she was falling for James Potter; and not as a friend. ----- ❝James's undying faith was something to die for, was what they were fighting for in the...
Stepbrother... 2/4 by XxAvii_AvaaxX
Stepbrother... 2/4by Aavi
This is part 2, this was like a year ago but I'll let you down, going to fall around and- sorry sorry anywho me and Ava changed, its me Avi writing this lol
KODEXIS by AutumnsFallen
KODEXISby Autumn
A technologically intellectual semi human semi bot from the future blended in well enough with the humans tries to look for her legacy. Will she be able to carry it out...