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You're One Of Us {Brainwashed Yugo x Reader} by SweetheartNicky
You're One Of Us {Brainwashed Yugo...by SweetheartNicky
Yugo Sakaki got in to a terrible incident while driving around the Snychro dimension. He was taken by the Fusion Soldiers dressed as officers that would rescue him, and...
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Yugioh-Dragon Yu Boys reacting to ships! by Tauriel105
Yugioh-Dragon Yu Boys reacting to...by GhostGIrlViolinist
Ever wonder how the five dragon boys will react to the fan ships for the series? Ever wonder what they might say to popular ships or even.. Themselves being pair up...
  • arc-v
  • yuri
  • zarc
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Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal/Arc V One Shot Book (Completed) by TinaCun
Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal/Arc V One Shot Book...by Tina_Cun
Hi guys! I haven't done much in my Arc V book so why not combine it with my Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal one? Great idea right? Anyway, request and I'll be on my way! A/N: Yugioh Zexa...
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The Tale of Two Legends (Wakfu Fanfic) by -_Axellotll_-
The Tale of Two Legends (Wakfu Fan...by Yee Haw
Alexis sets foot in Wendy's lab one night and stumbled upon the Universal Gateway he had once traveled in. He accidentally opened the gates and is sucked him in it (agai...
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Dallygo( Under Heavy Editing) by Jeffy_senpai
Dallygo( Under Heavy Editing)by Jeffy_senpai
Sir percedal x yugo or dally x yugo from wakfu if you don't know the show go watch it and if you don't ship go suck a lemon. Not rated mature but might be later in the f...
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💖Beyblade Burst Boyfriend Scenario💖 by JenniferMojarro21
💖Beyblade Burst Boyfriend Scenari...by JenniferMojarro21
Hi there Beyblade burst fans.
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  • shu
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Beyblade Burst x Reader by Miss-Potter-Head
Beyblade Burst x Readerby Kira <3
just read on :)
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The secret Eliotrope Royal (a Wakfu fanfic!) by Ninjago6678
The secret Eliotrope Royal (a Wakf...by Ninjago6678
Yugo and his dragon brother Adami are running around in the woods of the Sadida kingdom when they run into a young girl with sandy blonde hair, and a blue and green had...
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The demon fox and demon king yugioh arc v (yuyaxyuto) (yurixyugo)  by BloodyButterly2245
The demon fox and demon king yugio...by BloodyButterflies2245
Look in the comments of love is born my first book to see what's about because twighlighteclipse102 requested it and i decided to make it for her and be sure to read lov...
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Wakfu harem. (Over powerd male reader x wakfu harem) by Swagmaster4209
Wakfu harem. (Over powerd male rea...by Swagmaster4209
Your a traveller looking for any kind of fun possible.Luckily this journey will be fun.Also I don't own wakfu nor the characters.
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Yugioh Short Stories [Closed] by ShancyLove
Yugioh Short Stories [Closed]by Shancy Love
Yugioh short stories Generations I watched: Arc V Vrains I accepts ships, canon characterxreader and canon characterxOC. (Request Box: Closed) Cover made by the amazing...
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My Desire for Senpai~ (Yandere Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Fic) by KuribohKlub
My Desire for Senpai~ (Yandere Yu...by KuribohKlub
(A Yandere Pawnshipping Yugioh story) There he goes. Yuri watches as Yugo walks past. Why Yuri had fallen for a guy like Yugo, he had no clue. Maybe it was that positive...
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  • pawnshipping
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The feline master (wakfu x male reader) by pisces0302
The feline master (wakfu x male re...by pisces0302
A story of a boy wandering the lands after losing it all who finds interest in a boy with a strange hat with a tofu. Armed with his family spirit's what kind of adventur...
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Wakfu Yugo x reader by Yoshi_Brie
Wakfu Yugo x readerby Yoshi_Brie
welp I didn't see many good fanfiction on this, and the good ones were unfinished for like 2 years, so why not. All rights belong to the rightful creators. This goes up...
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Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V One Shots (Completed) by TinaCun
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V One Shots (Complete...by Tina_Cun
Another one shot book! Hope you enjoy this one too! Please request and comment down below. Thank you and enjoy the book! :) A/N: Yugioh Arc V does not belong to me, they...
  • yuto
  • yuri
  • yugioh
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The Skeleton's Second Realm (Wakfu x Male Human Sans Reader) by Koops-Kun
The Skeleton's Second Realm (Wakfu...by KoopsProductions
It was a genocide timeline, Chara's 100th reset, (Y/N)'s 100th time seeing the underground. This time, Chara knew all of (Y/N)'s attacks and took no damage around. Chara...
  • evangelyne
  • wakfu
  • ruel
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Wakfu x Male Reader by Mecha_Fenix
Wakfu x Male Readerby Mecha_Fenix
This is the story of the adventures of (y/n) in the world of Wakfu. I suck for descriptions :V
  • xmalereaderinsert
  • yugo
  • wakfu
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Eliatrope by FantasyDreamer19212
Eliatropeby Terreina
~Wakfu~ A young Eliatrope who is looking for something, decides to go on an adventure. She ends up finding Yugo and the gang, so she hangs out with him knowing he is loo...
  • percedal
  • eliatrope
  • adventure
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Wakfu- The Love of An Eliatrope (COMPLETED) by Kiah_Cara_Serenity
Wakfu- The Love of An Eliatrope (C...by Rain🌈
Fly! Across time and space! Jumping through the gates! The hero lies in you! Watch! The legend unfold! It's history foretold! Here's the start of our adventure! Race! At...
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Triplets?(Wakfu Fan-Fic) by Infinity_of_Nobody
Triplets?(Wakfu Fan-Fic)by Kami-Sama
Everyone always believed that Yugo and Adamai are just twins when really they are not. They are actually triplets. The third and youngest of the triplets is a little gir...
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