Creepypasta ~7 minutes in heaven~ by Lydiah12
Creepypasta ~7 minutes in heaven~by imaweirdolol
it is what it is :)
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Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios by TheWaterHyacinth
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenariosby Unappreciated Pun
Ingredients of this series: - five creepypastas (namely an iconic ever-smiling killer who wants you to go to sleep, a blonde midget who has a deep obsession for video ga...
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La muñeca maldita (Bloody Painter y tu) by YubettMendiz
La muñeca maldita (Bloody 😺Yubett Mendiz 😺
Una hermosa muñeca maldita a llegado nuevamente a la CreppyHouse después de tantos años decidió volver a casa de su padre Slenderman aquella muñeca es una creepypasta mu...
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The Proxy Boys [Creepypasta Fanfiction] by DazingDaydreamer
The Proxy Boys [Creepypasta The Wanderer of Imagination
Top Ratings: #274 on TicciToby and #113 on Hoodie :) --- Iliza Meers wasn't insane. Or homicidal. She was a normal college student at Fairview College, until one night...
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I donno because i'm a little lost (with Lost) here and have no idea where im going with my stories soooo, hope, you weirdos enjoy.
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Paint Over It, For Me? (Bloody Painter x Reader) by Kitten_707
Paint Over It, For Me? (Bloody Scary Noodle
(Y/N) is tired of a young boy named Helen Otis. He finds a lot of interest in her and follows her where ever she goes. She now has the chance to ask him questions of why...
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Creepypasta Randomness by SavageStrangers
Creepypasta Randomnessby M I Y A
The title says it all. There will be sad, happy and funny moments in this book. Basically just random Creepypasta stuff \(≧∇≦)/
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Just the Normal Life (Creepypasta X Reader Insert) by Angelic_Snowflakes
Just the Normal Life ( Angelic_Snowflakes
"You know, (Y/N).... you've proven yourself enough. Will you take the offer of being a creepypasta?" -Slenderman. Constant gossips, overprotective parents and...
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Insanity {Jeff The Killer} by TheEternalDark
Insanity {Jeff The Killer}by Vanessa
{ok I made the cover image wrong my apologies, this is a fanfic for creepypasta not just jeff and only Jeffrey) A 15 year old girl, named Kay- meets jeff, with not even...
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Immortal believer [Libro#1] Bloody Painter Book Fanfiction by AlisonMomsen
Immortal believer [Libro#1] Alison Momsen
"Y era legendario por salir en televisión nacional. Su rostro estaba por todo estados unidos. Era fuertemente buscado por toda la policía y mas de 30 investigadores...
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Creepypasta Scenarios by Gwyne_Entity303
Creepypasta Scenariosby Hiro Hatada
This is some scenarios I can think
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Fearless  by LazyAlana66
Fearless by LazyAlana66
(Creepypasta x reader) this book follows (y-n) on her adventures to meeting the creepypasta, read and see what her past holds, will she kill or be killed? What wi...
  • bloodypainter
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New Home {CreepyPasta} by TheEternalDark
New Home {CreepyPasta}by Vanessa
{BOOK ONE} Working for Zalgo, kayla become bestfriends with Liu, he understands her the most. She then realize Zalgo is Bi-Polar, Cold-Hearted, Cruel, and unfair. Kayla...
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No Stars by Lil_Crazy_5sos
No Starsby ILove5sos
Hi my name is Jordan, I'm 16, I'm Adventurous, sweet, brave, tomboyish, and smart. I have wavy purple hair in human form but in my other form I still look human but my h...
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Heartless & Alone (Creepypasta × Reader) by radioactivecrystal
Heartless & Alone (Creepypasta × A.A 🔪👑
Y/N was being abused by her parents and bullied at her school but one day it all ended she was free and that was all she wanted in life and now she spends her life with...
  • slenderman
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Jeff The Killer X Reader! ♡ by animelove1237
Jeff The Killer X Reader! ♡by animelove1237
After you found out that you had a power your life changed...♡
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Creepypasta boyfriend sceanrios by Horrorlover6804
Creepypasta boyfriend sceanriosby unknowncreepypasta
Title says it
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Judge Angel x Bloody Painter by -_A_Cat_Foxie_-
Judge Angel x Bloody Painterby Nightclub
Tên tác giả: A Tệ lắm Chỉ có tại Watt
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Our Demented Lust by TaeGiSarang
Our Demented Lustby Yango the Mango
I don't know why I'm like this, I just am, and I don't know why I do this, I just do. You'd assume me to be all nice and prissy-like seeing my background, but I'd beg to...
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Jeff The Killer x Reader x Ticci Toby by Sweetgirl1115
Jeff The Killer x Reader x Ticci B.A
Y/n a girl gifted with black magis and fire powers but she doesn't use it she was born an orphan and a sinfull girl at the age of eighteen she was a murderer lives in a...
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