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Yugioh: The Power of Four by Foolishguitar
Yugioh: The Power of Fourby Daniel Erik Camus
Leo Akaba sets his plans into motion to capture Yuzu and her counterparts to revive his daughter Ray, harming other innocent lives in the process. However, a group of po...
Yugioh-Dragon Yu Boys reacting to ships! by Tauriel105
Yugioh-Dragon Yu Boys reacting GhostGIrlViolinist
Ever wonder how the five dragon boys will react to the fan ships for the series? Ever wonder what they might say to popular ships or even.. Themselves being pair up...
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V Bracelet Girls One-Shots by SnickerDoodle01
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V Bracelet Girls SnickerDoodle01
Bracelet Girls x MALE Reader Just a one shot of Yuzu, Serena, Rin, Ruri, basically the Bracelet Girls in Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V. Might do other one shots of other girls, like Ri...
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: The Galaxy Master by TheTrinity9
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: The Galaxy Masterby TheTrinity9
Kuroba Raiden has a sad life. Ignorant parents and losing his best friends make him suffer a lot. During his visit on his best friends' grave, he dragged into the Arc-V...
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V White Crystal  by Shiroram
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V White Crystal by Shiroram
Getting Reborn isn't Something you would think would be possible but you are wrong and what Happens when Our MC Shiro get's reborn in Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V with Not one, Not tw...
Arc-V: Cultivating Future by Aquarius727
Arc-V: Cultivating Futureby Aquarius727
A normal person, with normal and boring life, wo was just regular Fan of Yu-Gi-Oh, suddenly got transported to YugiohVerse. It was not a planned event, but when life giv...
Barian Emperor Male Reader Oc x Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V [REMAKE] by DeadFizh08
Barian Emperor Male Reader Oc x DeadFizh08
Hi! My name is Y/n L/n, I am 15 years old boy who loves Yu-Gi-Oh! I died in an accident there I meet God and he gave me the wish to be reincarnation in a world that I ch...
Yu-Gi-Oh Crossing Field New Generation Moto (male reader) by Lightningstorm12
Yu-Gi-Oh Crossing Field New Lightningstorm12
Step into the New Generation of the Yu-Gi-Oh series with rise of ritual summoning.
Yugioh Arc-V, Next generation (Male reader X Yugioh Arc-V) by JustARandomGuy146
Yugioh Arc-V, Next generation ( IDontKnowWhatToDo
Take place 2 years after the defeat of Z-arc A young man with dreams of becoming the strongest duelist in the world, with the help of four dragons and his childhood frie...
Raging Flame Dragon: Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V by JJonasMiller
Raging Flame Dragon: Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-Vby JJonasMiller
A fanfiction rewrite of the duel between Yuya/Yuto vs Serena and Ruri from Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V Ep 124 and 125. Hope you enjoy my own spin on the events of the duel. Please se...
Yu-Gi-Oh: the twilight Hero by Arthurpendragon285
Yu-Gi-Oh: the twilight Heroby Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
kamui had very rough life because his friends sell him out with lies, his girlfriend dumb him for someone better and worse of all his parens kick him out of the house be...
Yu-Gi-Oh Protagonists x Reader Oneshots by Kloplove63708
Yu-Gi-Oh Protagonists x Reader Kaylove 62108
I'm deciding to write another book. This story will be all about your life... with all the Yu-Gi-Oh Protagonists, so enjoy and have fun with them! Only for Yu-Gi-Oh prot...
YGO plays horror games  by Ayacisse145
YGO plays horror games by Ayacisse145
what happens when our protagonists start to play horror games I do not own Yu-gi-oh
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: Territory of the Shark by SharkKnight32
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: Territory of SharkKnight32
Reginald Kessler was just a normal Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans before he got transported into Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V as reincarnation of Ryoga Kamishiro/Shark. With Nash's guidance, and the...
The Rising Samurai by CMXB20
The Rising Samuraiby CMXB
A new Duelist has arrived to challenge those in Maiami city and show why he's the invincible duelist.
The Ghost of The Lost Silver (Crossover X Dead Gold Reader) by Darkcooler78
The Ghost of The Lost Silver ( Darkcooler78
in this story your were a pokemon trainer know as Y/N L/N also know as Gold you were the best trainer even have an adventure also made some great friends on the way. but...
The Three Emperor's (Yugioh Arc-V X Male Reader) by Darkcooler78
The Three Emperor's (Yugioh Darkcooler78
Your Are separate of the Three of these Characters Primo, Lester and Jakob the Villains from Yugioh 5Ds with one of My Favourite Arcatype The Meklords I Hope you enjoy t...
🌺 It's Summer! 🌺 (Yu-Gi-Oh! x Reader) (ALL SERIES) (REQUESTS CLOSED) by inari-emperor
🌺 It's Summer! 🌺 (Yu-Gi-Oh! x t r a n z
It's summer, and how would you guys celebrate it? Outside obviously, but you chose to read this book smdh. In this collect, it's you x the YGO characters! This is full o...
Warrior's Disease by TheBladers
Warrior's Diseaseby The Bladers
(Cross-posted from Yuya Sakaki is an orphan living with a terrible disease. Yuto doubts this and sets out to investigate-until he is attacked. (Counterpa...