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The Chosen One ( Jason the Toymaker X Reader ) by Pepsiwriter
The Chosen One ( Jason the Pepsiwriter
You always felt like someone was watching you. Something in the shadows. Could that old rabbit you received as a gift hold the key to the truth? Credit of creation for J...
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Fun House (Jason The Toymaker x Reader) by BonsaiFox
Fun House (Jason The Toymaker x Bonsai The Fox
Y/n has been captured by a strange but interesting man named Jason Meyers. But Jason doesn't always "play" nice. Will she live? Or will she die? A/n ...
  • jasonthetoymakerxreader
  • boyxreader
  • creepypasta
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Laughing Jack X reader X Jason the toymaker by chelsiePanda
Laughing Jack X reader X Jason chelsiePanda
Hello, this is the story of (y/n) (y/l/n) and what she's going through, The poor girl is having difficulty with two boys the first, a not so imaginary friend and the sec...
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Creepypasta Yaoi/Yuri/CP x CP (rough/ soft) by MaryTheCreepyPasta
Creepypasta Yaoi/Yuri/CP x CP ( Mary
I've decided to make my yaoi stories in a new book ~ x) Not sure how often I'll update this one but I will try to! Update: I am adding Yuri and Cp x Cp (aka NONE reade...
  • creepypasta
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Creepypasta boyfriend Scenarios by Thecrazywriter46
Creepypasta boyfriend Scenariosby Kimberly pelosi
Just some of your creepypasta's for ya.
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  • jeffthekiller
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The Forgotten Proxy.  by CrimsonBlood__
The Forgotten Proxy. by CreepyPastaOutlet
BOOK ONE IN THE PROXY SERIES. Book 2: the Rejected proxy #20 in creepy pasta and #4 in the slenderman category on 10/5/18 Cover by; @Liv_Da_Queen Y/N is the forgotten pr...
  • laughingjack
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Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios by BlueJaysMama
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenariosby Caelum ♂
Cause I love CP, but I can't write a X Reader for the life of me. So, here. Also, this is a step from my comfort zone, so yay~ † †×C×R×E×E×P×Y×P×A×S×T×A׆ † -I'm going t...
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Creepypasta Zodiacs  by Bianca_BellaBell
Creepypasta Zodiacs by Bianca
ya I know a lot of people have done this but eh. enjoy. Or don't enjoy. Depends on who u are...
  • jeffthekiller
  • eyelessjack
  • zodiacs
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Cʀᴇᴇᴘʏᴘᴀꜱᴛᴀ Zᴏᴅɪᴀᴄ Sɪɢɴꜱ by MazuMarsh
Cʀᴇᴇᴘʏᴘᴀꜱᴛᴀ Zᴏᴅɪᴀᴄ Sɪɢɴꜱby мαzυ мαяѕн
☆~The Title Says Everything~☆
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Creepypasta Zodiacs by BlackDash_the_otaku2
Creepypasta Zodiacsby Lari♢ 《Anime》
This is my second book! i hope you all enjoy this one! You can leave requests. And it would mean the world to me if you read my other stories. Ofc you don't have to if...
  • creepypastazodiacs
  • ticcitoby
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How to Summon Creepypastas by regina66678gotova
How to Summon Creepypastasby Regina Jane Gotova
In this Book, you will find how to summon creepypastas like Clockwork, Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack, Jason the toymaker, Candy pop, Slenderman, and many more.
  • clockwork
  • paranormal
  • jeff
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Creepypasta Zodiac Signs  by DawnWTB
Creepypasta Zodiac Signs by Kieraly
Hi there! This is my first creepypasta zodiac book so don't judge me if I messed up on anything and I'll try update whenever I can so enjoy!
  • jasonthetoymaker
  • janethekiller
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roleplay with jason the toymaker by Captain_Levi16
roleplay with jason the toymakerby Levi Ackerman
I'm bored that's why I'm doing this ?♥
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Jason the Toymaker x reader {My little Doll} by ChibiRedFox
Jason the Toymaker x reader {My Vixen
You loved dolls/plushies till you got into your mid teens and started losing interest. The next day there was a new doll/plushie near your collection of the objects, but...
  • laughingjack
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  • eyelessjack
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Creepypasta oneshots by lovezerokiruu
Creepypasta oneshotsby ellaeine viviana Bloodrose
Title says all request if you want might include lemons or limes if requested.
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(Jason The Toy Maker X Reader) Stitched Love by Diamondflight
(Jason The Toy Maker X Reader) Diamondflight
Ever since you were born you were horribly abused by your parents. You were also bullied at school with kids calling you "Freak Show" and other names. One day...
  • fanfiction
  • creepypasta
  • love
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Jason the Toymaker x Reader Lemon by user13960730
Jason the Toymaker x Reader Lemonby Alix~Chan
Hey, guys. So I decided to make a Jason the Toymaker x Reader Lemon. I won't always update, sorry. BTW this is going to have a bit of the real Jason the Toymaker's perso...
  • glutton
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ToyMaker X Abused Reader by xXDark_Moon_AngelXx
ToyMaker X Abused Readerby Dark_Angel
Y/n was a good girl until her mom died. She had died in a car crash. Her dad had always blamed her for her moms death. The abused started. But Y/n started to have diffe...
  • jasonthetoymaker
  • abuse
  • toymakerxreader
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Creepypasta Horoscopes 2 by keixel_0013
Creepypasta Horoscopes 2by keixel_0013
My second book of the horoscopes and creepypasta. First book is: creepypasta zodiac scenerios/headcannon and songs check it out! This book is similar, get a chance to...
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Jason the Toymaker X Reader by GlitchyWorld324
Jason the Toymaker X Readerby Hello?
(Wolfy: Because I find Jason more attractive than Laughing Jack. Don't ask.. Though I do find LJ cute for some reason.. Zor: The fandom making him cute.. Wolfy: YOU HAVE...
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