Twice As Lethal (Lethal Weapon) by lexieriggs
Twice As Lethal (Lethal Weapon)by RIXIE.
Martin Riggs and Lexie Shaw are: Twice as Lethal. Alexia 'Lexie' Shaw is an undercover cop working for the LAPD's Gang and Narcotics Unit. She's two months into her curr...
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  • maureencahill
  • violence
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RWBY 5-0 : A RWBY AU Story ( Male Reader ) by Ninjamain
RWBY 5-0 : A RWBY AU Story ( Ninjamain
Do you have what it takes to keep the streets of L.A. safe? Well four girls certainly hope so. Detective Ruby Rose, Yang Xiao Long, Weiss Schnee, and Blake Belladona thi...
  • lapd
  • mystery
  • rwby
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SWAT Love by Poorungodlysoul
SWAT Loveby Poorungodlysoul
Estella Bennett is a transfer from the SWAT in New York and she was the top dog there. Everyone wanted her on their team and one incident has her transferring to another...
  • victortan
  • family
  • nypd
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It's Going To Be Okey ~ (Michael X Reader) - (COMPLETED) by PrinceGalaxii
It's Going To Be Okey ~ (Michael 🗡Erwin🗡
You got chased by some perverts and got saved by a L.A.P.D police cop name Michael. He will take care of you until the coast is clear. Such a nice sweet guy. But until y...
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  • romance
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New Chapters ~ A S.W.A.T. FanFic by chicagopdfangirl
New Chapters ~ A S.W.A.T. FanFicby Jane Doe
To be written soon
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  • swat
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The Delinquent & The Cop's Son by popthemollyimflex
The Delinquent & The Cop's Sonby Alex
Maze ruins her entire life with a baseball bat and rage from her high school principle, she's sent to juvenile detention and quickly taken out after a fight breaks out...
  • foster
  • daddyissues
  • life
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Cruisin' South by palomitab
Cruisin' Southby palomitab
During the last year of the 1980s decade, two LAPD police officers are assigned to work undercover in a gang that focuses on armed robbery in South Central LA. But issue...
  • cruisin
  • crime
  • lapd
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The Devil and His Lover by Yukimoto-Namikaze
The Devil and His Loverby Yuki
Lucifer(TV) fanfiction -- But the human didn't care, not even the slightest, because he cherished the moments they had together, where they would whisper secrets that th...
  • lucifer
  • lapd
  • trixiedecker
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Honor ~ a S.W.A.T. FanFiction by chicagopdfangirl
Honor ~ a S.W.A.T. FanFictionby Jane Doe
This is the story of a women. This women not going to name her as that will be for you to find out, she was a victim. Though not how you'd expect. Her friend was killed...
  • lapd
  • sophiabush
  • alexrussell
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Nine One One  by Angelandbaby
Nine One One by Colleen Rosen
When Evan Buckley finds out that he got a girl pregnant after meeting her during a call before meeting the 9-1-1 operator Abigail Clark, he goes to find her and soon dis...
  • lafd
  • buck
  • athena
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Once Upon A Time - Lucifer Parallels ❤ by hopeduckling13
Once Upon A Time - Lucifer Hope Swan-Jones. Impossibly C...
I love both of these TV shows and I realized that they are a lot alike. I will focus mostly on Captain and Deckerstar parallels. Since they're both my otp.
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The Heroes and Their Imperfections ~ A 9-1-1 FanFiction  by chicagopdfangirl
The Heroes and Their Jane Doe
This is the story of Elke Rollins and how she deals with an emergency of her own. That of being a single mother of an 8 year old little girl, who takes care of her dying...
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