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The Adventures of Ashley Pevensie by SheetaGranger
The Adventures of Ashley Pevensieby Daughter of Hades
Ashley Pevisne admitted it, she was scared. Last year, her best friend Harry Potter won the Triwizard Tournament, leaving them both shaken with the knowledge that Voldem...
  • narnia
  • susan
  • peter
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(Lucy herem) by fatallkitten
(Lucy herem)by 😺😺😹😹
I'm not great at descriptions Your just going to have to read my story to find out \(^o^)/ Not all rights are reserved only the creativity the charters are in no way po...
  • fairytail
  • harem
  • lucy
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Please Master Natsu by unicorns647sparkel
Please Master Natsuby King_Sloth_ Sin
Basically Lucy gets sold as a personal slave to the most powerful man. Natsu Dragneel. They both have secrets. Some about love some about pain and some about the past an...
  • levy
  • jellal
  • love
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Her Secret Daughter by punnypuppylove
Her Secret Daughterby Ashley Vermillion
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Mavis had a daughter? What if she was also the daughter of Zeref? Just how strong would she be? How would people react? But t...
  • rogue
  • natsu
  • guilds
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Dark stars (a zerlu story of fairytail) (discontinued) (recontinued) by Lost_Paradox2610
Dark stars (a zerlu story of Lost_Paradox
I am sorry if this story is bad but I keep thinking of this so I'll tell u some of the story so basically Natsu and Lucy are dating and the have sex (I'm not doing a lem...
  • akhiroheartfilia
  • lucymakesnewguild
  • lucy
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kamen rider ryuki x Fairy Tail harem girls. by JustinTurner855
kamen rider ryuki x Fairy Tail Kamen rider Anime 555
Y/n and his friends were sent to other world to save Earthland from Zeref and his evil riders. They were given the decks that let them transform into kamen riders. know...
  • ryuga
  • lucy
  • zolda
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Evil Never Dies by MikeHuntsmen
Evil Never Diesby Mike Huntsmen
This is a Fairy Tail fanfiction mainly focused on Natsu and Zeref the two Dragneel brothers. This fanfiction starts before the whole Fairy Tail war happened in fact it d...
  • end
  • fairytail
  • happy
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Revenge Of The Forgotten One. (A Fairytail Fanfic) by drewramana
Revenge Of The Forgotten One. (A drewramana
Slut. Useless. Weakling. " You don't deserve to be in fairytail." Those were the words that people or the ' guildmates ' of (y/n) would assosiate her with. Bei...
  • percy
  • natsu
  • revenge
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The Little Malfoy by Dracos4Evr
The Little Malfoyby extraterrestre
Hi. My name is Lucia Charlotte Nacrissa Malfoy. I go by Lucy. This is my story, as the youngest Malfoy.
  • bullied
  • granger
  • lucius
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Nalu - Dragneel's by Eternal-star
Nalu - Dragneel'sby Eternal-star
Well it's come down to this, the final chapter of their love. Natsu has returned from his 6 years of training but Lucy has not. The time has come for Fairy Tail to face...
  • anime
  • dragneel
  • magic
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Fairy Tail - Fanfic by pwincesscharcoal
Fairy Tail - Fanficby pwincesscharcoal
*This is a fanfiction based on the series "Fairy Tail" by Hiro Mashima. I do not own the characters* This story happens somewhere between Tartaros Act and the...
  • gale
  • fairytail
  • natsu
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Danny's Horned Child by Varian122894
Danny's Horned Childby Varian122894
What if before Danny is given the invitation by Gray he did some work with Professor Kakuzawa and Kurama at the diclonius research facility? What if while working there...
  • shoutacon
  • doctordanny
  • kushinaxdoctordanny
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Is it okay? by Kitsuaki
Is it okay?by Eve
Is it okay Is it okay to feel sad? But not shed a tear? To feel happy but not show it? Not laugh when something funny? Is it okay to not know how to show emotions? Is it...
  • happy
  • naruto
  • kakashi
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Fairy Tail: Laxus' Little Sister  by serendipeachy
Fairy Tail: Laxus' Little Sister by nochu
This story follows the anime and some from the manga (*¯︶¯*)
  • gray
  • lucy
  • laxus
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The Loud House - My Little Beloved Demon by Algerian_Builder112
The Loud House - My Little Algerian_Builder112
When everyone in the house forget about Lucy's birthday, the emo gets really sad and tries to avoid everyone for good. While Lincoln tries to get the answers for : Why i...
  • depressed
  • love
  • happy
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You're Mine All Along by wyasumin_cool
You're Mine All Alongby wyasumin_cool
Lucy's p.o.v We've been best friends since we were kids. At first people always said that we're a couple but after they knew us, they'll understand. Because they know, o...
  • natsu
  • romance
  • lucy
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Lucy's Conflict by Scarlet_Rairlight
Lucy's Conflictby Scarlet Flaire
Fairy Tail got disband everyone went into different paths Natsu and Happy left before the guild disband leaving Lucy alone.... this issue got into Jude Heartfilia he qu...
  • love
  • brothersconflict
  • fairytail
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The quiet girl and the mystery boy (MystoganXLucy)- Discontinued  by angelicrown15
The quiet girl and the mystery LuckyMinami123
Hi guys! This is the rewrite version of my second story, The ghost mage that I fell in love with (MysLu). Apparently, I was accused for stealing another story that has...
  • myslu
  • fairytail
  • mystogan
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Adrift | NaLu | by bleuebellebleue
Adrift | NaLu |by ♥Belle♥
"So.." he began, shifting to look at her now instead. "Why'd you leave?" There it was, the question she had dreaded from the start. Lucy closed her e...
  • natsudragneel
  • mirajane
  • lucyxnatsu
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Eight Deadly Sins of Fairy Tail (Fairy Tail x malereader x SevenDeadlySins) by sambamhaw
Eight Deadly Sins of Fairy Tail ( sambamhaw
Y/N is the Eighth member of the Seven Deadly Sins before he and his friends are accused for the death of Grandmaster Zaratras by the holy knights, he was alone until he...
  • malereader
  • ultear
  • tencommandments
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