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Sugar Daddy | AMBW  by CandyKhya
Sugar Daddy | AMBW by CandyKhya
Tali's a teenager fresh out of high school trying to make quick money. With the promise to herself to move out of her parents home the second she turns 18 and to never g...
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Sugar Daddy by Unconventional1998
Sugar Daddyby Unconventional1998
She was alone. Broken. Hurt. And Broke. He saved her.
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sugar daddy » jack gilinsky by natemaloley
sugar daddy » jack gilinskyby (rih)anna
"Give me sex and your time and I'll buy you anything you want, baby." In which a girl takes up an offer, but then realizes that it isn't as easy and simple as...
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Just a Little Sugar by merrydee
Just a Little Sugarby Mae Otto
Updates every Sunday 😉 Sugar has always been bullied. Her name didn't help matters at all. Why her mother called her Sugar she had no idea. Maybe it was her inclinatio...
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Stripping for the Teacher h.s. by BrandyMackenna
Stripping for the Teacher Brandy Mackenna
Gabriella Stray: -sat in the third row next to the window -straight b student Thats all Mr.Styles knew of her Harry Styles: -this was his third year working at the scho...
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Desperate || Harry Styles Sugar Daddy Fanfiction  by harry_fics28
Desperate || Harry Styles Sugar harry_fics28
"H-how do you afford all of this?" I ask as I lightly run my hand down the silk material. I know Ally didn't have the richest family. I know that she was in a...
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Intoxicating Love yandere(^o^)  prince jimin x reader  by pumpmymakeup
Intoxicating Love yandere(^o^) Manu _rios
''no...stay away....I don't want this. i don't want any of this. please ''. He stepped closer and caressed her cheek . ''but hidenka this is for you ..this ....all of...
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A Forgotten Time (A Klaroline Story) by InvisibleDramaGirl
A Forgotten Time (A Klaroline Aubrey
Caroline goes back in time to either kill Klaus or stop him from becoming a vampire, but will she continue to be able to ignore his charm.
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Sugar by americanmediocrity
Sugarby ❛𝚓𝚊𝚗𝚎❜
Florence Thompson is the poster child for your average 'good girl'. Working at Glenn's Midnight Diner in the heart of her hometown and spending all her downtime with her...
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why don't we ddlb oneshots book by bessontea
why don't we ddlb oneshots bookby barbiana
just your normal ddlb story here
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Accidental Sugar Daddy [j.jk] by smolrice_
Accidental Sugar Daddy [j.jk]by ✨cutie✨
@tastyinbusan97: "Will you be the Yee to my Haw?" @ sp0iledbbydoll_: whoa there. I don't know if you can handle this ride ;) - - - [ sugar daddy au ] - colla...
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Sweet as Sugar, Crazy as Hell by YellyisJelly
Sweet as Sugar, Crazy as Hellby siomai
"Are you crazy?!" He asked me for the zillionth time. "Yes!" I replied, hopping over another trap. "How did I end up having you as a partner?&qu...
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sugar daddy II » jack gilinsky by natemaloley
sugar daddy II » jack gilinskyby (rih)anna
Second book to 'sugar daddy » jack gilinsky' Highest rank: fanfiction #13
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Innocence||Yoonmin by 1_800_hobiwater
Innocence||Yoonminby HolyWater
Jimin never thought his innocence was something he'd give up so early in such a terrible way... *rape *some smut *depression *mpreg Start: 11/28/18 End: -/-/-
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the other side of you | ✓ by sarahlucine
the other side of you | ✓by sarah ♡
Charlotte Evans doesn't date. Never has, never will. The only thing that matters is her dad and her bakery-turned-coffee-shop in the tiny town she calls home. Mason Car...
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Sugar Rush by erasingpencil
Sugar Rushby erasingpencil
Bethany Hamilton's universe revolves around sugar, dogs, and her nephew Liam. But when she plays babysitter slash mother for a while, she meets the young and handsome B...
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The Ways To Get Yoongi's Heart||YM by -brown
The Ways To Get Yoongi's Heart||YMby jeons long hair.
حيثُ يونقي الذي يُقرر الأعتناء بطفلٍ غريب. ST:8\14\2018 EN:7\29\2019
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the other side of us | in progress by sarahlucine
the other side of us | in progressby sarah ♡
It's been four years since Charlotte Evans had the first boy she ever loved walk away from her and two years since she moved to New York city to pursue her dream of owni...
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A New Vista by vintagexpast
A New Vistaby vintagexpast
Elizabeth is a Caribbean American attending college in Ohio. After she meets playboy and football player Paul Newman, they hit it off. When opposites attract, things imm...
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