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Babysitting Baby Draco {#Wattys2016} by Jack13ee
Babysitting Baby Draco { Jacky
an argument has gone wrong and half the class has changed into babies Hermione and Severus are in charged of Draco till Severus can make the potion for 16 students SSHG...
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Roles to play [Snamione] by mrs__snape
Roles to play [Snamione]by mrs__snape
What will happen when one night a wounded Hermione Granger stumbles into her former potion's professor's storages to 'borrow' some of his supplies? Why is the witch woun...
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Unfavourable Circumstances  by GermanWerewolf
Unfavourable Circumstances by Adal Wolf
Hermione gets captured by deatheaters. Snape gets summoned. Suddenly, Hermione is pregnant and they're locked in a house in the middle of nowheresville, Britain. Hogwart...
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Right in the Face by The-Dark-Mistress
Right in the Faceby Ezra Hollow
Hermione Granger is an Eighth Year. You know the drill. She goes back for a redo. Her two best friend go to work for the Ministry. Ginny is dumped by Harry, who didn't r...
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Issues ~Snamione | ✔️ by mrs__snape
Issues ~Snamione | ✔️by mrs__snape
This story takes place 5 years after the war. The golden trio is working in the ministry until Ron cheats on Hermione and tells her she isn't worth a thing, she decides...
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Plus One by alover_forSnape
Plus Oneby Hayles
Severus Snape is one of the least-liked people to come out of the war, and Hermione one of the most famous. So, it only makes sense when she finds a respectable, Potions...
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HECHIZO by BarbiiMay
HECHIZOby BarbiiMay
Esta historia esta basada en el momento en que termina la guerra Harry sabe que Snape no es malo asi que regresa por el e intenta salvarlo realizando un Hechizo que algu...
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Ensnaring the Senses by SecretMai
Ensnaring the Sensesby SM
Potions disaster, a startling revelation, comedy, romance. ss/hg pairings. PG-13. AU after DH, Dumbledore and Snape don't die and 7th years come back to finish school. S...
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Healing A Broken Heart: Snamione Love Story by mrsxsnape
Healing A Broken Heart: Snamione Mrs. Severus Snape
Hermione didn't know what to expect when she went back to Hogwarts. All she knew was that the new Headmistress McGonagall had sent for her to help restore the school. Sh...
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Only Us ✓ by ClaraKarinaOfficial
Only Us ✓by Clara Karina
What if we had to be together? If we had to walk down the aisle pretending to be a happy couple? This is all 'a life for a life'. 'I'm trying to hide these tears behin...
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Under The Stars by bbtashae
Under The Starsby Nat 🍓
(HGXSS) It all starts with a Detention occupied by Severus Snape himself. Hermione and Severus grow close over the last few years of Hermione's High School career. They...
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Together (*****Completed*****) by snamione4always
Together (*****Completed*****)by Snamione4Always
A good ol' jolly romp through the lives of Severus & Hermione, with a few of our other favourite characters we've come to love thrown in for good measure. And a few new...
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The Light in the Darkness by makattack1234567
The Light in the Darknessby Myra Mak
"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light" ~ Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore An impossible lov...
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Frozen Heart [Snamione] by mrs__snape
Frozen Heart [Snamione]by mrs__snape
"Would you go to Azkaban for me?" A simple hypothetical question and yet so powerful in its meaning. The answer to it so destructive and yet so liberating. T...
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Time Boat by alover_forSnape
Time Boatby Hayles
Hermione ends up back in time, but not everything is as it seems when she melds into the old world in a different disguise than one would expect... especially Severus Sn...
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Say You Love Me by alover_forSnape
Say You Love Meby Hayles
Hermione is ill with an obscure Chinese curse. Severus is merely in love.
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When All is Lost One is Found by Rinoaebastel
When All is Lost One is Foundby Rinoaebastel
Severus Snape lives his life in shadows with the goal of redemption and the specter of his demise at the forefront of his life. People he trusted always used him and gav...
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Someone like you (SS/HG) by mrs__snape
Someone like you (SS/HG)by mrs__snape
Severus Snape is on the threshold to death, when a not so bushy haired know-it-all comes to his rescue. Will Snape's behavior towards the young Griffendor change, or wil...
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Niña Buena by Vrunetti
Niña Buenaby Vrunetti
Ser la niña buena de la historia es más difícil de lo que parece. Hermione descubre que su vida no es lo que ella esperaba, que las decisiones correctas no siempre trae...
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Free  by JKRHero
Free by Julia
The second wizarding war is finally over. Voldemort is defeated and his death eaters either dead or sentenced to life in Azkaban. Despite the many deaths the order of th...
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