Hey there. Thanks for visiting my page!

If you like adventure/action with some unnecessary humor, you're definitely in the right place! All my scribblings are guaranteed to have all of the above. They are also guaranteed to have very little romance, as that's really not genre.

Updates happen on weekends. Not every weekend, perhaps, but as often as I can manage. I'm a busy gal, so I may be slow to respond to messages or comments, but I'll do my best to get to all of them.

Great Writing Music :
Thomas Bergersen (TSFH)
Immediate Music
Position Music
Bear McCreary

Youtube channels with great playlists: Pandora Journey, Epic Music VN, The Prime Cronus

Shameless Shout-Outs :
@DawnStarling Please check out their contest and community The Next Big Recognition. #NBR is a fabulous community where you can get your book out into the Wattpad community, as well as receive some incredible feedback.

@katayoku_no_tori The best stalker ever to stand upon this earth. :D

@RoseMarry She's the first on this site to make it through the 150k monster that is I am a Flyer!

Currently Working On :
RAVEN'S WILL, sequel to I Am a Flyer
SHADED, the sequel to AGENT

Freedom's Dirge & Sundered Blade - these are on the back burner at the moment, while I focus on the above.

Bookmarks for stories I'm (slowly) reading (I'll finish these eventually, I promise!!!!!):
@RoseMarry --- RSOP: Chapter 34
@katayoku_no_tori --- HW: Chapter 2
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KurokageJS KurokageJS Apr 22, 2017 11:23PM
Chapter 19 of Raven's Will is out! Check it out :D
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Shaded by KurokageJS
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*Book Two of the Earth Embassies series* Just a few months ago, Gabriel Kayne was a mere office clerk. Then he made the stupid decision to become an Agent. Ever since then, his life has gone from bad to worse. The...
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Agent #934 in Science Fiction
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