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Falling in LOVE after Marriage  by Vasugiiiiiii
Falling in LOVE after Marriage by வாசுகி
#1 ranking in #Tamil (15-11-18) #1 ranking in #Anushka (15-11-18) #1 ranking in #Watty2019 (07-02-19) #1 ranking in #India (06-05-19) #31 ranking in #Life (16-06-19) Th...
  • cousin
  • maturelanguage
  • indian
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❤Tipsy Premika❤ [Vriti FF] by zivalovesbooks
❤Tipsy Premika❤ [Vriti FF]by Ziva
This is not some A good girl meets bad boy and they fall in love lovestory Meet Mishka, belonging to a upper class broken family, she is arrogant, aggressive, bold, tips...
  • middleclass
  • dhawan
  • mishka
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Ugly Wife by SRahman95
Ugly Wifeby SRahman95
To Aslan Drilik definition of beauty was fair skin, big blue eyes, plump pink lips, rosy cheeks, big boobs, tiny waist, wide hip.... To sum it up, he only dated models w...
  • laugh
  • ugliness
  • brown
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Savannah's Very Own Royalty by KHodges0621
Savannah's Very Own Royaltyby Kendra Hodges
Alexander Romero lived in Savannah, Georgia. He had any and all the beautiful women he could dream of, he had fast cars and nice houses all over the world. But, what he...
  • family
  • baby
  • trust
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RESISTANCE by vibinna
RESISTANCEby vibinna
After diwali..kushi kumari gupta understand there is no such Knight with shining armour for a middle class girl..Arnav rudely announced his engagement with Miss.Kashyap...
  • asr
  • struggle
  • lovehate
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Why Did It Have To Be You? by I_dhesi18
Why Did It Have To Be You?by _I_D_
Royal Elite Academy, was the most popular and rich school known in the world. A girl named Odette Willa wasn't rich nor did she come from a high society, but was chosen...
  • dare
  • drama
  • royalty
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African Beauty (Interracial Romance) by Dauphinachancia
African Beauty (Interracial Romanc...by Robin G.
"It's my time to go ." He whispered. I shook my head, I couldn't beleive this was happening. " No, stop it , don't say that. You are going to live and tel...
  • highschool
  • middleclass
  • rich
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Back with Bang👊 by jayasri7
Back with Bang👊by jayasri7
Read story to know 😉
  • ohm
  • friendship
  • anika
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100  by jayasri7
100 by jayasri7
One day shivay has to know he is suffering from an disease and he did not able to survive more days so he leave his family and come to India to start a new life. What ha...
  • middleclass
  • shivay
  • sad
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Ek Ishq Ek Junoon🎯🎲 by Aashritha13
Ek Ishq Ek Junoon🎯🎲by Sai Aashritha..
he is a supermodel while she is a middle class girl..
  • life
  • pyaar
  • avneil
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Space Boys-Trillie. by forevaanow
Space Boys-Trillie.by allex
Billie doesn't like posh boys. Billie makes an exception. Billie/Tre [Trillie] [Completed; 22 May, 2016- 2 October 2016.] [Highest Ranking in #Trillie; #9] [Highest Rank...
  • class
  • iii
  • joe
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OUR ADVENTURE  by pinkcupqake
Daniel Torres and a Some of his friends from east LA are switched to a preppy school that Araceli Gonzalez goes to. Daniels school shuts down because there was to much...
  • deportation
  • immigration
  • middleclass
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Yes, to be his ( Summer Secrets - 1 Summer Engagement)- on hold by TheBlueSniper
Yes, to be his ( Summer Secrets...by Udaya
"so, what have you decided?" my mother enquired. Her lips pressed in a thin line, her face emotionless, her eyes focused on me with anticipation. She impatient...
  • indian
  • marriage
  • tam-brahm
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Chained Love by Thedreamer_Ak
Chained Loveby AaravManvi
Rajveer went against his father wish and married Naina. He left his home along with her but his younger brother Aarav had to face lots of restrictions because of it. Pl...
  • naina
  • fanfiction
  • love
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Perfectly Imperfect by poof1227
Perfectly Imperfectby C.E
18 year old Ariel and 19 year old Alex have been best friends for a long time, Ariel has had a crush on Alex for a while now, but he's made sure she knows he doesn't fee...
  • bestfriends
  • romance
  • curvy
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AarShi "Love Never Regert"... ✔ by Believing_In_Fate
AarShi "Love Never Regert"... ✔by Believing_In_Fate
❤AarShi One Short...❤
  • aarnav
  • together
  • couple
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Bohat Pyaar Karte hai tumko Sanam-A Zaya FF by ShrusthiPareek
Bohat Pyaar Karte hai tumko Sanam...by Shrusthi Pareek
It is been said that love don't have any limit, Love don't sees rich or poor,Love only sees two souls who are deeply and madly in love with each other Aliya Haider Daug...
  • middleclass
  • preetikarao
  • wewantbeintehaaseason2
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Strings Attached by inklooseindian
Strings Attachedby Amenah
"Then I'll see your face I know I'm finally yours; I find everything I thought I lost before; You call my name I come to you in pieces So you can make m...
  • middleclass
  • diverselit
  • playboy
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FORCEFULLY HERS  by fazee2018
FORCEFULLY HERS by fazee2018
This is my first story...but you won't be disappointed inshallah. "Stop the wedding" He roared making the hall silent. "How dare you stop my wedding?"...
  • topper
  • brothers
  • romance
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With all my heart by Lotte_gw
With all my heartby Lotte_gw
The Netherlands, 19th/20th century While large groups of women are protesting against sexism, two friends are fighting for their own future. Through years of writing...
  • friendship
  • lgbt-themed
  • workingclass
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