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PURE LOVE (COMPLETED) by simfanfic
A middle class girl having so many dreams is forced to marry a rich businessman man. Cause of some reason. Peep to know In collaboration with @priyaxsidneet
Rozana by ManahilKhaan3
Rozanaby biryani.com
Rozana : daily The daily snippets from the life of a not so boring couple
Swimming Lessons by alltimetoad
Swimming Lessonsby Marissa🍒
Acely (ace-lee) Quill is one of the most boring people you'll ever meet. She reads the same books, enjoys musicals, and paints. Acely loves the water - always has. She l...
Life had always been a joke for Kim Taehyung until he got married with the richest CEO, Jeon Jeongguk. Taehyung was never serious in his life until he found himself on...
Nae Rishte 2 by SovArshi
Nae Rishte 2by Sovarshi
Both Lavanya and Arnav get engaged to each other and married ritually but not legally. What happened to Khushi?... After 4 years of marriage, Payal and Lavanya can't bea...
Misha💘🔥💫♉ by Carolina4240
Misha💘🔥💫♉by Carolina424
Misha is the shy 16 years girl from Atlanta who lives in the hood most of her life. Mario is the 16 years old boy who always had his eyes on Misha.
A Little Too Dark by Intheheadofyumna
A Little Too Darkby Yumna
SEASON 1: (COMPLETED) A lack of any direction in Andy's life makes everything difficult. Andrea Hebert and Lorenzo Vigorito - two completely different people. Andy, a lo...
Black Girls Don't Blush by BlessMolla
Black Girls Don't Blushby Scholastica Blessing Molla
A nineteen year old black girl escapes the clutches of her abusive father with her pregnant twin sister. Less than a week later, she's left to mother a child which isn't...
Enemies at Best AU by Summer Cheng by SummerCheng37
Enemies at Best AU by Summer Chengby Summer Cheng
If you are reading this on any other platform other than Wattpad (or other platforms you're on) you are very likely to be at risk of a malware attack. If you wish to rea...
Faithe {REWRITING} ✓ by gracefulgreene_
Faithe {REWRITING} ✓by Faith Abimbola Soremekun
#4 in tas #1 in Abeokuta Dedicated to all Africans who are depressed and suffer PTSD. How exactly do you explain to an African parent that you need help? Do Africans...
Dreamy Adventure ✔ by farimra
Dreamy Adventure ✔by ♥Rimaza Rafeek♥
🌻🌿She was a little girl with big dreams who was living a dreamy life in a rainbow world.She as an individual was thinking life would be an interesting thing if there w...
OUR ADVENTURE  by pinkcupqake
Daniel Torres and a Some of his friends from east LA are switched to a preppy school that Araceli Gonzalez goes to. Daniels school shuts down because there was to much...
The Middle of Love by KallieAndrews16
The Middle of Loveby Kallie Andrews
Katherine Winthrop is a high society princess. Her parents are the richest in Indiana if not the country. She wants a chance to live a normal life so when her parents l...
The New Neighbor - Sodapop Curtis by WritelikeJughead
The New Neighbor - Sodapop Curtisby 𝘵𝘪𝘧𝘧𝘢𝘯𝘺 ✎
Discontinued, new version OUT NOW - Euphoric // sodapop Basically, My name is (Y/N). Were not rich and I no longer have a mom. We moved to Tulsa to 'get away from it'...
Shivika os"I've fallen in love many times... but always with you..."✔ by Believing_In_Fate
Shivika os"I've fallen in love man...by Believing_In_Fate
"SHIVIKA OS" "I've fallen in love many times... but always with you..." Concept :- Ractism
❤Tipsy Premika❤ [Vriti FF] by zivalovesbooks
❤Tipsy Premika❤ [Vriti FF]by Ziva
This is not some A good girl meets bad boy and they fall in love lovestory Meet Mishka, belonging to a upper class broken family, she is arrogant, aggressive, bold, tips...
Perfectly Imperfect by poof1227
Perfectly Imperfectby C.E
18 year old Ariel and 19 year old Alex have been best friends for a long time, Ariel has had a crush on Alex for a while now, but he's made sure she knows he doesn't fee...
THE ANGEL OF THE HELL by PercbethTheoTris46
THE ANGEL OF THE HELLby PercbethTheoTris46
Misunderstanding is the worst prospects of anyone's life