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you make my day (Jay X Kai)  by Ezekiel2009Ez
you make my day (Jay X Kai) by Ezekiel_lol
The sillies are back!!! I have 4 more ideas now wiiii I'm so happy.
Scars - A Ninjago Soulmate AU by ineedhelpwithmylife
Scars - A Ninjago Soulmate AUby ineedhelpwithmylifern
(Co-Written by Whiskers the Catfoosh) {Soulmate AU~} The night the first scar came in was jarring. Kai was in his bed, asleep, when the stench of blood woke him up. He s...
Choice-Ninjago Plasma by FireAtMyles
Choice-Ninjago Plasmaby Myles⁉️
The ninja investigates a unknown power surge coming from a ancient jungle temple. The mission seems easy right? In and out? But when the team gets captured, and lives ar...
misunderstanding (Kai X Jay)  by Ezekiel2009Ez
misunderstanding (Kai X Jay) by Ezekiel_lol
Updating again cause I want to get my ideas in fanfics before school starts😭 plus I love them so much!
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Ninjago tickle one shots  by _ITfandom23
Ninjago tickle one shots by _ITfandom23
I CAN ALREADY FEEL THE JUDGEMENT! -Plasmashipping -Glaciershipping -Buriseshipping -Greenflame -all ninja bromance no girls just the og guys
Ninjago Ships by SerpentineWarrior
Ninjago Shipsby ᦓᦓꫝꫀ᥅ꪗ ꪶꪮᥴᛕꫀ᥅
List of Ninjago ships ( ╹▽╹ ) Are you a new Ninjago fan? Are you interested in some ships and looking for a full list of them? Then you've found the right book! Welcome...
Fire doesn't exist without its light (Kai x Jay)  by Ezekiel2009Ez
Fire doesn't exist without its Ezekiel_lol
Sorry you guys but I love them so much that I just had to make another one. <3
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ninjago yaoi oneshots by aqmiao
ninjago yaoi oneshotsby Tan Ann Qi
In this book, i will write story that I just came up or inspired by songs. boyxboy don't judge xD
Ninjago~ Oneshots by 2Lame_Chick2
Ninjago~ Oneshotsby =🅒🅞🅡🅞🅝🅐 🅗🅐🅢 🅜🅔=
~!REQUEST!~ Lemons~ Love triangle~ no readers~~ (I do not own anything
What the Tide Brought In (Ninjago AU) by lime_kitty
What the Tide Brought In ( Rina
Kai has never liked the sea. Water is dangerous, you can drown in it! Yet for that same reason, no one would be looking for him at that secluded spot he'd found on the b...
Who's Your Perfect Match ? ( story currently being rewritten )  by Darkness_InA_Ninja
Who's Your Perfect Match ? ( ☾ kai ☽
STORY IS CURRENTLY BEING RE-WRITTEN Well Nya chose Cole, so I minus will have someone else. To the perfect match console! [ Kai X Jay | Plasmashipping ] [ Nya X Cole |...
Desert Kings by CeraunoAure
Desert Kingsby
Jay and Kai get blasted to a new realm after an accident now a year later Nya has created a way to go after them in this new realm. After venturing into this strange new...
How to Train Your Dragonblood 2: The Day of Love by crystalgirl259
How to Train Your Dragonblood 2: crystalgirl259
Three months after Kai and Jay defeated the beast and united their people and right before Ninjago's traditional spring holiday of The Day of Love, all the dragonbloods...
~ ninjagay oneshots ~ by kaibabyy1
~ ninjagay oneshots ~by jewel
a collection of ninjago oneshots/drabbles that may include (but are not limited to) : - bruise - plasma - digibolt - amberphoenix - jaya - techno - samurai - pixane ...
Jay Au's  by Xaviers_Worlds
Jay Au's by Xaviers_Worlds
This book is gonna consist Of mostly comfort or fluff, whatever you call it It's gonna have mostly plasma,bruise, or both might end up together. Who knows? Jay & Nya ar...
The Earth Prince|Glacier Ninjago|Cole X Zane| Delayed Updating! by AtreusBOY
The Earth Prince|Glacier Ninjago| BEQUE4TH
Cole the Master of Earth had to have gotten his powers from one of his parents. He knew his father had never had powers and he's positive his mother possessed them, but...
Ninjago Stuff(Headcanons, Oneshots, Drawings, etc...) by EmbreTheWorld
Ninjago Stuff(Headcanons, Punk Stardust
This is just me simping for legos. I got headcanons here and a bunch of other stuff like writing and drawings. I don't own Ninjago but I do own the drawings I made. Cov...
Save me! by Ninjagoftw
Save me!by Kai Smith
If you were him, everything would be upside-down. If you were him, you'll see red every day. If you were him, you wouldn't know what's life. ...
Kai x Jay, 𝘧𝘪𝘳𝘦𝘣𝘰𝘺 (ON HOLD.) by the_fnaf_dork
Kai x Jay, 𝘧𝘪𝘳𝘦𝘣𝘰𝘺 (ON .EXER.CAMPELL.
Plamsashipping from the wonderful world of Ninjago. Kai, the sassy and abused hothead, and Jay, the nerdy and lighting mouthed engineer. Will they fall in love, or will...
Realmfall by CeraunoAure
It was three months later when everything got turned on its head. Now there are rifts appearing out of nowhere, her portal is destroyed, and her brother is about to do s...