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Saranghaeyo My CEO by Dyosaleciously
Saranghaeyo My CEOby Dyosaleciously
Lake Aizen Sinclair Morgan and Gene Alcaraz Story A CEO who is cold as ice, quite as mute and a maintenance staff turned into PA love story. DATE STARTED: DEC. 5,2021 DA...
A Game of Destiny  by janani_markkanathan
A Game of Destiny by Janani Markkanathan
Love is not hard, people are hard... Hard to understand, hard to hold on, hard to let go of, hard to forget and hard to love... But life isn't just about love and roman...
A Miracle That Changed My Life  by Talesanddreams_
A Miracle That Changed My Life by Khush
Highest ranking - #1 in romance hot list #1 in yourstoryindia #1 in Indian #1 in arranged She is a girl with big dreams. A girl who wanted to achieve her dreams but has...
Beyond love  by janani_markkanathan
Beyond love by Janani Markkanathan
Once in a lifetime, we meet someone who change our life completely.... What if that one person is someone who is your soulmate, best friend, a selfless lover and that Ev...
One Wrong Move by janani_markkanathan
One Wrong Moveby Janani Markkanathan
One mistake... One bad decision... One bungle... One wrong move can literally ruin you and everything that you hold close to you... Because sometimes 'Once' is just eno...
YOURS TRULY by jasleenthakker
Macy is a smart and captivating girl who has a satisfactory corporate job and a gay best friend to help her get through life. But what will happen when she unexpectedly...
Once Upon a Dream: by sarahbethbooks
Once Upon a Dream:by Sarah Beth
***The sequel to Dreams Comes True*** This book occurs after Regina confesses to Gold that she will get revenge for Cora's death. While trying to stop the path of venge...
Age Regression Diaper 3000 by CryoZircon
Age Regression Diaper 3000by Cryo Zircon
William finds a package containing adult diapers which allows it's user to change his/her age to any desired. This is the first ever sci-fi age regression novel I am wri...
A Royal Story by Cephxx
A Royal Storyby MarieBoo
Ella Diana Porter, 21 years old young woman who's born in England but her parents moved to France, is soon going back in England to one of the most prestigious Universit...
↳✧;; ❛(Euneirophrenia) | Karina x FemReader by han_jngb
↳✧;; ❛(Euneirophrenia) | Karina x...by 한정─.•*:。
Euneirophrenia ,a state of mind brought on by having nice dreams. "What if she run away?" Y/N thought "What if we close our eyes?" Karina continued...
My Love & My Mate by Ravenwood_98
My Love & My Mateby Leah Ravenwood
Mika is a junior in high school, he's not very popular in school either, they like to call him fagot and other things like that because he's gay. what they don't know is...
UNEXPECTED TURNED TRUE √by Etrat Ejaz Official
Mishal Malik: A cute , beautiful, bubbly, cheery, kind ,caring girl, ,she is 23 years old, lived in KARACHI, lived with father, elder brother FARHAN and youn...
The illusionist of minds || Morpheus x reader  by norawestallenswifey
The illusionist of minds || Morphe...by Norawestallenswife
*MY STORY IS FOR ANY GENDER AND RACE TO READ AND EXPERIENCE!!** What if there was an alternate reality of the opposite Endless' ? And what if the multiverse was real cre...
Crazzzzzy 4 U (Completed) by nadiamalik786
Crazzzzzy 4 U (Completed)by Future Writer In Sha Allah 😉
Cover by @Ellmaimran75 #1 in Armaan Malik (as on 30th August,2018) As I sipped the water which HIS mother offered me.... I heard HIS voice. My heart skipped a beat. My m...
Fan of Yours by yuashua005
Fan of Yoursby aftermoon [hiatus]
A story revolves around Y/N, a boy who dreams to be a Kpop idol and to see his favorite member of the korean girl group named "Wize". Can his dream turn into a...
Finding You, Looking for Me: A Henry Cavill FanFic by Sarcasmgrey
Finding You, Looking for Me: A Hen...by Sarcasmgrey
Sarah is living her humdrum existence when she has a happenstance meeting with a movie star. After a drunken night out, they are inseparable. Everything in her life seem...
Lions of the Sea by MonicaPrelooker
Lions of the Seaby Monica Prelooker
1670, Caribbean Sea. She's the daughter of a legendary pirate. He's a Spanish captain. Their countries are at war. Their fathers killed each other. And they were destine...
Just the standard life of a superhero by tocuso
Just the standard life of a superh...by tocuso
Italy, 2004. Just like Assassin's Creed 2 this story begins in the wonderful realm of pasta, pizza, mandolino and so on... People are born with a peak intelligence for m...
Laugh For Me - Book 1 by Love_2_Laugh_
Laugh For Me - Book 1by Love_2_Laugh_
Amber awakes in a fairytale land that has strange values that make her laugh... literally. Through every twist and turn she is greeted with laughter, love, and even some...
I saw you Vent - Among Us fanfiction by Goodrage_Sky
I saw you Vent - Among Us fanficti...by GoodRage Sky
if you are an LGBTQ+ phobe, don't read this. You have been warned. Spfa is a cyan Imposter who loves to vent, sent by the UIA (Universal Imposters Association) to attac...