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The Reality Of Nightmare [BoyXBoy] by OralKel
The Reality Of Nightmare [BoyXBoy]by Mikeeeee
As an angel of love, Hadraniel "Adrian" Stars doesn't really know how to do his job properly. His parents being the King and Queen of the Angels Association is...
  • angels
  • extendeduniverse
  • angel
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Bullies In Love With Me (Lesbian Story) by YuriHimeko
Bullies In Love With Me (Lesbian YuriHimeko
There was a quite and shy girl when it came to public name Dylan Wargh, she been bullied by 5 drop dead gorgeous and was abused by her mother. The reason why they hurt h...
  • watty2018
  • intersex
  • nerd
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I Choose You.  by Lisamstu
I Choose You. by Lisamstu
Completed. Kaitlyn's and Lydia's worlds collide in a way they never imagined. But what will happen when these two meet. War? Lust? Friendship? Will they change the minds...
  • girlfriend
  • samesexlove
  • loveislove
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• the painter • ✓ by Firewithfire11
• the painter • ✓by ( w h e e z e )
❝ the colors in her head bled into the canvas infinitely ❞ ( FEATURED IN THE OFFICIAL WATTPAD @LGBTQ+ WOMANxWOMAN READING LIST ) *** @Firewithfire11 | © 2019 |
  • girlxgirl
  • lgbtq
  • lesbian
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Thank You [Camila/you]  by myloveiscamila
Thank You [Camila/you] by 𝓢𝔂𝓪𝓯
How can that happened?!! She live right beside me and how can I not notice her before?! But THANK YOU for coming into my life ~~~~~~~~ GXG The first few chapters are...
  • xfactor
  • freelgbtq
  • wattys2018
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Give Me Fever by pinkyblz
Give Me Feverby Blessing Bella
A love story between a boy and his kidnapper
  • bdsm
  • gay
  • romace
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The Mysterious Mr. Black by therandomantic
The Mysterious Mr. Blackby The One Who Can't be Named
There's something about Mr. Black that Michael cannot point out. When he started working for him, buried memories are now starting to resurface and the nightmares are c...
  • secretary
  • maxman
  • boyxboy
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The girl she called pathetic by Gawdesk01
The girl she called patheticby 𝘼𝙝𝙣²
Kasey Conell has always had a thing for Cara Mayers, she liked her even if she was the school's most famous bad girl. Most people looked at Cara as one of the most arrog...
  • newadultreads
  • freethelgbt
  • adults
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Must have been the wind by vasHappening_Potato
Must have been the windby Moni.D
(boyxboy) ~'Cause you're hot then you're cold You're yes then you're no You're in then you're out- "Would you stop playing that damn song all the time" the boy...
  • mhacharacters
  • arden
  • lgbt
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Human by acwyatt
Humanby A. C. Wyatt
Tommy Gold's the snarky, gay lit major who still lives in his parents' basement. Jake Miller's the all-American straight guy with only one leg. Turns out, neither of tho...
  • funny
  • freethelgbt
  • disabilities
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Free Me by Lisamstu
Free Meby Lisamstu
Free me. The direct sequel to 'I Choose You.' Lydia is forced to face her past yet again. There's some skeletons buried in her closet. Will Kaitlyn be able to look past...
  • freelgbt
  • lesbianfiction
  • gxg
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~Cupid's arrow~ by DOODLEDOOVER
~Cupid's arrow~by Doodle do over OwO
Joseph is your average jock. Good looks, great grades, the lacrosse team captain and "straighter than a pole" as he put it. Jayden is a shy goth nerd with a va...
  • dom
  • freethegay
  • lacrosse
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Way back into Love [ENG] GxG by M_Raynaud
Way back into Love [ENG] GxGby Marti
"I'm scared of a lot of things and one of them is falling in love." I can feel myself smile but it was one of the melancholic smile that I've been wearing afte...
  • romance
  • workforce
  • bisexual
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The Vampire Rules (boyxboy) (Rewriting) by crazyfrankyz
The Vampire Rules (boyxboy) ( Crazy kyz
[Rewriting] Highest rank on boyxboy #222 A vampire fell in love with a sixteen years old "human" boy. What will happen when the "human" boy turns out...
  • bxblove
  • slayer
  • teenlove
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Call Me Princet (Under renovations) by Insignificant_Knight
Call Me Princet (Under renovations)by °◇"Venus"◇°
It's tough. Falling for girls, realizing that you don't conform to gender rules, and being part of the royal family- It's frightening. But out of chaos, good thing will...
  • genderfluid
  • midevil
  • lgbt
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Double 0 Idiot by Rebelwithideas
Double 0 Idiotby Ava Knight
Aiyla's life is about to change. This 20 year old psychology student stumbles across a crime scene, running in to the handsome and charming Zane. She never expected her...
  • school
  • brunette
  • freelgbt
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Let go (GirlxGirl) by vgwryatt
Let go (GirlxGirl)by vgwryatt
Being forced Maisie just moved in with her dad, his kids and his wife after her mother died. Not wanting to deal with the drama and past between the two Maisie tries to...
  • lgbtlove
  • bisexual
  • converse
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Could It Be Fate? by HarleyVB
Could It Be Fate?by Harley ☕️
[Snowed In Love Contest] Jamie Charles was driving up to a highly dreaded family Christmas party when suddenly he swerves off of the ice covered road and crashes. Aft...
  • short
  • bxb
  • fate
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Skinny love by heels_and_arrows
Skinny loveby heels_and_arrows
Skinny love (n.) When two people love each other, but are too shy to admit it, yet they show it anyway. Allison Argent was never captivated by others easily, but the n...
  • lesbian
  • malisaac
  • lgbt
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The Ways To Break A Heart | ✓ by jeoning
The Ways To Break A Heart | ✓by nisha
"He likes her. She likes girls." - She used to be sure of her sexuality. She used to have a perfect, carefree life. She used to have a steady boyfriend and a b...
  • freethelgbt
  • wattys2017
  • story
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