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Safe and Sound  by charlieelliot01
Safe and Sound by Charlie Elliot
You and I'll be safe and sound.... ‼️ I don't own Harry Potter! Also the inspiration for this book has been given in the first chapter so please read it!‼️ ‼️Also 500 f...
  • drarry
  • dracomalfoy
  • potter
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Safe and Sound//Jasper Hale[4] by Mirabelle13
Safe and Sound//Jasper Hale[4]by call me nicole
twilight saga: breaking dawn part 1 Bella and Edward are getting married on Nina's birthday, dont worry they have full permission. its not the first time all of them hav...
  • werewolves
  • breakingdawnpart1
  • marriage
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Safe and Sound by mariyaisme
Safe and Soundby Mariya
The night was dangerous. The roaring thunder, piercing lightning, stormy wind and excessive rainfall did nothing but made the night all the more dangerous. But I wasn't...
  • robertthier
  • ambrose
  • linton
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Why Am I Not Happy Yet? | Be More Chill Fanfic (Also, some DEH and Hamilton) by MichaelUwU
Why Am I Not Happy Yet? | Be SQUIPED
The SQUIP has been defeated and things are back to normal now, with Jeremy and Michael staying best friends and even gaining some popularity, but Michael is still unhapp...
  • friends
  • bestfriends
  • dearevanhansen
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Safe and Sound (Final in 'He's a Keeper' series) by 88Abby88
Safe and Sound (Final in 'He's a Abby
It's Violet Pine's last year at Hogwarts. But this year, she won't spend much time at school. She is part of a group that has the key to destroying the wizarding world...
  • harrypotter
  • safeandsound
  • hesakeeper
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Innocent, Sarcastic And Dangerous by EyuStories
Innocent, Sarcastic And Dangerousby EyuStories
It started when I was 12, at the time I was just happy that my father was finally out of my life. I didn't expect it to happen but it did, and it opened my eyes to how s...
  • untrustworthy
  • loathe
  • action
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Safe and Sound - Luffy x Reader Songfic by deiiiji
Safe and Sound - Luffy x Reader デイイイジー
Song is Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift
  • safeandsound
  • luffy
  • xreader
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FULL MOON: A Twilight Story by Maggie12gibson
FULL MOON: A Twilight Storyby Maggie12gibson
Jacob Black's sister, Maggie, hadn't been home since there mother died. She hadn't learned the secrets of the werewolf/vampire world. But soon she will learn she may bec...
  • wattpad
  • teamjacob
  • safeandsound
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Avengers: Age of Ultron (Safe & Sound 1.5) by AndyDelRio
Avengers: Age of Ultron (Safe & Andy Del Rio
Antes de leer esta historia, primero se debe leer: "Safe and Sound" y "Let it go, let her go". Jemma y Thor han vuelto a la tierra. Ambos se unirán...
  • hydra
  • loki
  • romance
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Kung Fu Panda vi X Crane by JeremiahBenoist
Kung Fu Panda vi X Craneby Jeremiah Benoist
  • notaboutme
  • safeandsound
  • notexpected
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The Kidnapping Of Jessica Jones by RosieWrites16
The Kidnapping Of Jessica Jonesby RosieWrites16
A little girl is kidnapped and found, but after getting kidnapped her life is a living hell.
  • found
  • littlesister
  • littlegirl
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Safe And Sound •A Tobuscus / Toby Turner Fanfic• by xohnnh
Safe And Sound •A Tobuscus / Hannah
This was my first attempt at a fanfiction and I was like 12, so please don't judge me based on this as I am too lazy to reread and edit it. If you wanna see what was goi...
  • safeandsound
  • tobuscus
  • music
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Safe & Sound by judge_amato
Safe & Soundby ColourEclipse
I have Anxiety. A horrible nightmare that you can never wake up from. A hell that your constantly stuck in, damned there for no sin you have committed. Once day, the An...
  • friendship
  • safeandsound
  • coloureclipse
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Safe And Sound by UnknownQuest
Safe And Soundby UnknownQuest
When a boy (named Darell) discovereds he is not the only one in his house after seeing someone opening the door for someone else and let's him in Darell nones that he is...
  • horror-thriller
  • schoolofrock
  • trekker
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Safe and Sound by changeofheart505
Safe and Soundby ChibiSD
Based and inspired by Taylor Swift's "Safe and Sound." One-shot. Being an older brother is a job that is never over. He promised he would keep her safe. 300 ye...
  • jack
  • jacksonoverland
  • jackson
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Safe and sound- A supernatural AU by learylester
Safe and sound- A supernatural AUby Ellie's Not Amused
Really sad AU of supernatural. Only one part, but really sad. Taylor Swifts 'Safe and Sound' inspired me to write this. Read, If you don't mind the feels.
  • supernaturalau
  • deanwinchester
  • samwinchester
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Evening Primrose  --Prim's POV-- by Everlarkelsa
Evening Primrose --Prim's POV--by Winchester Bros
You know Katniss's view of everything, but what about Prim? How does she deal with watching her sister fight for her life? ...
  • tribute
  • healer
  • katniss
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My Savior by ASKFanfics
My Saviorby ASKFanfics
One Direction "Why me?" She mumbled as I walked closer. "Love, you okay?" I asked. She jumped and moved away a bit. "I'm not going to hurt you b...
  • perrieedwards
  • niallhoran
  • injurys
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Safe & Sound by desperateforstories
Safe & Soundby desperateforstories
The silence was beginning to become unbearable, why had they sent you here? Then, as if the demonic god answered your question...the alarm rang. You twist to face him...
  • alarm
  • scary
  • teenfiction
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Safe and sound by LittleBigGir
Safe and soundby LIL_popstart\^0^eat_alll
  • safeandsound
  • funny
  • cutestory
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