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Summoning Victorian British Empire by earthfatking
Summoning Victorian British Empireby FantasyLover
At the zenith of British Imperialism, the sun never set on the empire that ruled over 300 million people across the globe. But one fateful day, just after the Universal...
Seven Zero Days with Space by jeffelyncosme
Seven Zero Days with Spaceby jeffelynC
Novel is not mine. For reading purposes only. Category: Through Novel author: Quifeng Xiaoxiao Size: 206 KB Progress: Completed Time:...
Rebirth: Peasant Wife Has Room by jeffelyncosme
Rebirth: Peasant Wife Has Roomby jeffelynC
This Story is Not Mine! Anyway, Happy Reading Folks! Author: Aru Category: Romance Novels 24.33 million words | full version Update:...
Prince from Paradise | ✔ by Beauty4evar
Prince from Paradise | ✔by Shadia N.
Their love was like a wildfire. Once spread, there was no stopping them. What started as an innocent glance became the magnitude of their flame. * * * In a country, wh...
Femme Fatale. by GloriousGothamite
Femme GothamHorrors
Turns out, I wasn't the only dame in Gotham looking for emancipation. A Birds of Prey X Reader.
MARIELA ROSA by mayrellerose
An unforeseen romance that developed amidst a war-torn period. Mariela Rosa Almanza, the youngest among her siblings, was a cheerful and affectionate child who lived thr...
Towards liberation by Alighasemianbaghban
Towards liberationby علی قاسمیان
The Falkland Islands are in the South Atlantic Ocean. These islands, with an area of 4700 square miles (12000 square kilometers), include West Falkland and East Falkland...
Operation: Tel-Aviv (Saimum Series #1) by lodiraisa
Operation: Tel-Aviv (Saimum Raisa Lodi
Torn apart from his family, homeland and childhood because of his faith and identity, he grew up to be a hope for the hopeless, voice for the oppressed, liberator of the...
Caged by Godsbreath
Cagedby Hilda Kembo
I'm trapped within the confines of this body, a vessel of human flesh that feels ill-fitted to the essence of who I truly am. It's as if I am a prisoner, held captive by...
The True Defenders Of Remnant by GhostR3x1
The True Defenders Of Remnantby GhostR3x1
Jaune was one's a student in beacon but was expelled do to his transcript being exposed those who stood by his side was his team and team rwby but then he was sent to a...
Call Of Duty: For The Last U.S Navy Warships  by hi_bb63
Call Of Duty: For The Last U.S Ad. Andhian
The story of two modern aircraft carriers in America is fighting against the Chinese and Russian Federations for the sake of defending their country. Then they were abou...
Trauma's Temptations (Deku x Winged!Reader [ft. Shigaraki]) by NellaJaySteel
Trauma's Temptations (Deku x Hero: Gumpy! 🎗🐷
The Paranormal Liberation War is coming to a close. Y/N makes a decision of whether take Deku and run or to stay and fight Shigaraki. Deku disappears after the war and S...
Liberation | N.M by EuphoricHiraeth
Liberation | N.Mby EuphoricHiraeth
𝐋𝐈𝐁𝐄𝐑𝐀𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍, Klaus Mikaelson "Literal perfection thats now in ruins. " In which Nora-Naomi thought she was finally liberated from the dead weight tha...
DIAMOND HEARTSby Dr. Sonali Kale
Growing up in an orthodox Indian family, Kuhoo Chaturvedi never thought that she would one day be an independent neurosurgeon in Chicago. She didn't desire much from lif...
Creative Writing Pieces by AliciaPapas
Creative Writing Piecesby TheOneThatGotAway
A little bit of everything. Horror & short stories Warning: violence and course language. Credit to Jeniffer Tran for the drawing used in the cover!!
Naois' flute (Garo: Goldstorm X Liberation Dx2) by TaylorGriffith879
Naois' flute (Garo: Goldstorm X Taylor Griffith
(Book cover made by Umika-25 on Tumblr) (Y/N) = your name or any name of your choosing for female readers When a lost Makai Tool threatens two worlds. The golden knight...
The Heart Of Sphinx (Lupin the 3rd crossover Shin Megami Tensei) by TaylorGriffith879
The Heart Of Sphinx (Lupin the Taylor Griffith
For girl readers (Y/N) = your name, or any name of your choosing (Please read and Vote!) Lupin, Jigen, and Goemon goes to Tokyo to steal a special ring and necklace in h...
The Purpose of Life by Penorema
The Purpose of Lifeby Penorema
(Source: Some very blissful spiritual channels on YouTube, Words of Truth by some self-realised Yogis, Bhagvad Geeta and My experiences.)
Gifted Wonderland (Bungou Stray Dogs X Dx2 Liberation) by TaylorGriffith879
Gifted Wonderland (Bungou Stray Taylor Griffith
for female readers (Y/N) = your name or any name of your choosing (Y/N) and the Liberators go to Shinjuku to investigate a series of recent children kidnappings, when th...
Assassin's Creed Imagines, Preferences, Theories etc. by joahnwiz27
Assassin's Creed Imagines, joahnwiz27
Sick and tired of cliché writings? Assassin's Creed series fan? Here you will be able to find an ever growing collection all the way from fanfiction, opinions and theori...