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BakuSquad Madness by Sigherra_Michaelis
BakuSquad Madnessby Sigherra Michaelis
⚠UPDATES ALMOST DAILY⚠ Kirishima: I thought you guys were ready! Mina: Ready to fail! ~~~~~~~~ Kaminari: So sad, Alexa, play despacito. ~~~~~~~~ Mina: So um... What you...
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Japan's Telepathic Ronin by codyBREH-son2
Japan's Telepathic Roninby codyBREH-son2
Abused Kenshi male reader X BNHA A blind, quirk-less boy born of the Bakugo family, received nothing but hate and abuse from his brother as well as the woman who gave bi...
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The Weight I Carry (My Hero Academia x M!Reader) by KingKamilebXL
The Weight I Carry (My Hero Academ...by KingKamilebXL
Y/N Uraraka has one purpose in life. Not to be happy, or to have fun. It is simply to support whatever path his sister chooses to follow. It just so happens that she ch...
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Let's Jam! (Kyoka Jirou x Male Reader) by Antouian
Let's Jam! (Kyoka Jirou x Male Rea...by Immigrant
I don't own the cover art nor the chapter art. So I'm going to diverge from cannon quite a bit so if that bothers you, you should probably read another book. Also there'...
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Waste it on me • Tododeku • by mult1cult1
Waste it on me • Tododeku •by DK™️
-COMPLETED- shouto thinks that love is a waste of his time. no one ever showed love to him, not even his family. so he didn't thinks that someone else would give him lov...
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Hate me or love me • Tododeku • EDITING by mult1cult1
Hate me or love me • Tododeku • ED...by DK™️
-COMPLETED- Deku is a famous singer and Shouto hates him. They're meeting at the orphanage Shouto works and Deku used to live and comes to visit it. Pairings: Tododek...
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ship; chanro by chogiwanese
ship; chanroby i'm sorry
╻everyone ships them╹ ❀ chanro (a special ship) ❀ chogiwanese
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[MUTE] BNHA Fanfic by Sigherra_Michaelis
[MUTE] BNHA Fanficby Sigherra Michaelis
⚠UPDATES WEDNESDAYS⚠ THIS IS NOT A BNHA X READER There was a student at UA who no one really knew. The students didn't know her quirk, her name, who her parents were or...
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BNHA truth or dare! (Book 2!) by littlemissfangirl13
BNHA truth or dare! (Book 2!)by littlemissfangirl13
Title says it all~ Requests are always open! Enjoy~ scorings: #5 in shipping #3 in truth or dare
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BNHA Ship Art  by Luminary_Maki
BNHA Ship Art by KlanceShipper™
NO SHIP HATE The art in the book is not mine Any ships are valid Please enjoy!
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BNHA reacts to ships! by littlemissfangirl13
BNHA reacts to ships!by littlemissfangirl13
Class 1A to the teachers to the villans~ To any character you can think of will react to the Beautiful Ships~ Disclaimer: Cover art and bnha does not belong to me
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BNHA Girlfriend Scenarios by Bakuhoe_Bitches
BNHA Girlfriend Scenariosby Mother Sparky
okay so separate from my boyfriend scenarios I present to you the girls!!!! enjoy the book guys and all of its cringy and weirdness!!
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Save Me From The Monsters (TomoeXReader) • Completed • by harleighkinz
Save Me From The Monsters (TomoeXR...by Harleighkinz
Angry tears coated the girl's face and fell into the blood soaked snow beneath her. She screamed at him until his silhouette disappeared into the snowy atmosphere. She...
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 BNHA Chatfic by birbson
BNHA Chatficby Bird boy fan
Iida made a huge mistake. There's no turning back.
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PMOYS(Denki Kaminari X Reader) (Texting AU) by ashlee_anime
PMOYS(Denki Kaminari X Reader) (Te...by Ashlee
[COMPLETED] After adding Kaminari Denki on Snapchat due to a PMOYS (put me on your story), [F/N] accidently sent him a picture of herself to him that was meant to be se...
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BNHA truth or dare (book 3) by littlemissfangirl13
BNHA truth or dare (book 3)by littlemissfangirl13
Title says it all! (If you haven't read book 1 or 2 please go read those two first! Thanks!)
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We can figure it out. by HairyNinga
We can figure it out.by Hairy_Ninga
After Bakugo gets pissed off more then usual during class he storms out. Kirishima goes running after him after hearing a loud crash. That's basically the jiz shit happe...
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Plz Respond (BNHA X Fem!Reader) by TheRedDragon1
Plz Respond (BNHA X Fem!Reader)by Isabelle Dragon
Iida mistakenly adds a stranger to the class 1-A group chat, where they decide to replace Mineta with their new friend. Soon enough, everyone is curious of the newcomer...
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Music Of Cinnamon Roll by Hagox104
Music Of Cinnamon Rollby Hagox104
OK this is my first time I write this story so.... This story where they found out that our Cinnamon Roll who always nervous, Hero fan boy, innocent boy, strong heart...
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Oneshots [BNHA x Reader] by Yooooongles
Oneshots [BNHA x Reader]by Kit uwu
> Oneshot means kill with one hit. IN YOUR HEART< Oneshots about our hot BNHA boys and girls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
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