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Kamen Ride: Arifureta (Slow Updates for now) by TheOneTruePug
Kamen Ride: Arifureta (Slow Update...by Sento Kurusu
Makoto Kadoya, Just a passing through high school student that suddenly ends up in a world with memories of a distant past entering his mind let's see how the destroyer...
In this world 80% percent of the population have power called quirk but 20% of this world was born quirkless means they don't have power i was one of them a quirkless hu...
In the year 2060, there was once a dark rider who destroyed countless worlds and killed innocent lives with the power of many types of dark riders as he traveled through...
Remnant's Enigmatic Destroyer by Fantasizer_X
Remnant's Enigmatic Destroyerby Fantasizer_X
The World Traveller. The World Destroyer. The World Savior. These are the titles given to describe Kamen Rider Decade. But now he arrives on Remnant. What will happen h...
The Demon Time King Of Twilight (Kamen Rider Zi-o x Twilight) by ArkScorpion669
The Demon Time King Of Twilight (K...by ArkScorpion669
YN LN is the son of Tanya Denali after she became a vampire he just disappeared and was never seen again but now he is back as the Kamen Rider Zi-o Or Ohma Zi-o The Demo...
Destroyer or Savior: I'll be a Huntsman by JeymisPeixoto
Destroyer or Savior: I'll be a Hun...by Jeymis Peixoto
(Jaune Arc as Kamen Rider Neo Decade/Diend X RWBY Harem) Jaune Arc was considered the black sheep of the family as his family denied him the dream of becoming a huntsman...
Decade's Chronicle by BHongNguynL
Decade's Chronicleby GBruhsus
A fanfic based on Juukon Sentai Juusoldier of Takeda Hiromitsu. Asahi Aomiya, a boy with a tragic fate who got betrayed by his close friends... But he then got blessed b...
The Destroyer of corruption(Re-writing) by JakTsu3
The Destroyer of corruption(Re-wri...by JakTsu3
(Y/N) was giving a second chance after his life was taken by a corrupted officer. Tsukasa kadoya graves him a second chance and sends him to another world as Kamen Rider...
Hailey's on it x decade by Dratinibro
Hailey's on it x decadeby Dratinibro
Xander was betrayed by his friends but soon meets all 20 Heisei riders and soon he moves to Oceanside California where he makes new friends and helps save the world
An Eternal Journey by Cha0ticHarm0ny
An Eternal Journeyby Cha0ticHarm0ny
Normally, you wouldn't think that someone's very destruction would bring another into existence alongside them. But, when some scientists awaken a force beyond their con...
The Aegis Wielder vs Union Academy by JeymisPeixoto
The Aegis Wielder vs Union Academyby Jeymis Peixoto
(Wielder of Aegis Male Reader X Crossover) Y/N is the wielder of a blade named Aegis. Unfortunately, Union Academy found out and decided to chase after him and get him t...
Kamen Rider Decade x Happiness Charge Precure by WafiqAkmalRajaNazeli
Kamen Rider Decade x Happiness Cha...by kamen rider tokusatsu
The story revolves around previous universes of the heisei kamen rider merging into one, something that would destroyed all the world. To prevent, a person who become tr...
The Destroyer Of Worlds In The World Of Heroes (Decade X Invincible) by Ghost-Of-Tsushima
The Destroyer Of Worlds In The Wor...by Ghost-Of-Tsushima
What does the Destroyer Of Worlds think as he travels through the world of Invincible.
The Dark Savior of world: Multiverse X Kamen Rider Dark Decade  by FifthZephyr_The2
The Dark Savior of world: Multiver...by Murayama
Hundred, an evil organization, invades parallel worlds using the Aurora Curtain, either destroying or ruling them. They possess advanced technology allowing them to copy...
Kamen Rider Neo Decade (remake) by kaikun47
Kamen Rider Neo Decade (remake)by kaikun47
This is a remake of my original Neo Decade book. This book focus on the Heisei Rider AR Worlds Arc. Two years after the defeat of Gyze, third year student, Shindou Chron...
Decade of the boiling isles  by Dratinibro
Decade of the boiling isles by Dratinibro
Xander a boy who was abandoned by his parents at a young age now goes to a military school where he learns to protect people but when he gets a package his life changes...
Decade Galaxy by RiderDecade
Decade Galaxyby RiderDecade
A young man name Soren died after coming home from his vacation. Later, he meet God and get incarcerated to another world. He in the new world as Kamen Rider Decade and...
Quirk Ruler Deku : A Boku no Hero Academia Fanfiction (Book 1) by Yuuyakizami21
Quirk Ruler Deku : A Boku no Hero...by Willyam Jordan
Izuku Midoriya is a young man who is born quirkless, and is bullied a lot because of it. It was until he was given a chance to become a hero, one who could borrow others...
Gacha World x Kamen rider Decade by Delta1047
Gacha World x Kamen rider Decadeby Delta1047
What happen if Tsukasa isn't die when fighting Ohma Zi-o but instead,He's been transported into world of gacha,Will he successfully defeat the corruption?Find Out more i...
Reborn into amphibia as a destroyer  by Dratinibro
Reborn into amphibia as a destroye...by Dratinibro
Xander runs into Tsukasa who sends him to the world of amphibia his favorite show as Kamen rider decade Kai