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The Demon King of Time by Masamune
The Demon King of Timeby Salty
"What would you do if you were told if you're going to be a king?" "I would try to avoid it... but in the end it's all meaningless." "I will alw...
Archon of time by DemonLordDragonis
Archon of timeby Demon Lord
Freedom , Contracts , Eternity , Wisdom , Justice , War and Fear . These are the 7 follow their own Ideal in the world of Teyvat. However upon the day the 7th seat was...
The Ridewatch Hero (Kamen Rider Zi-o x My Hero Academia) by Biggie1222
The Ridewatch Hero (Kamen Rider Zi...by Biggie1222
Ryou Soutou is a boy with a Quirk unlike any other, allowing him to tap into powers of the legendary heroes, the Kamen Riders. Once a Vigilante doing things on his own...
I Will challenge my Fate! by JakTsu3
I Will challenge my Fate!by JakTsu3
what will happen if you get isekai into a new world and someone tells you that in the future you will become a King but a group of people come from the future and they t...
Kamen Rider Zi-O X High school DXD by RisingHopper01
Kamen Rider Zi-O X High school DXDby Cyrus
Y/N has moved to Kuoh Town with his uncle to start his new life at Kuoh Academy. Y/N has a strange dream of being King when he grows up because of that dream he was bull...
[English fanfic] Rangers and Riders' Little Romance Wonder World (yaoi) by Lambthange33
[English fanfic] Rangers and Rider...by Lâm Thắng
A brand-new BL retake on Kamen Rider and Super Sentai Series, updated with more couples and more villains. A/N: The image(s) for this story does not belong to me. It bel...
Viajes en las dimensiones Rider Perdidos by GAMER2OO1
Viajes en las dimensiones Rider Pe...by GAMER2OO1
Un adolescente que era fanáticos de kamen rider que ha perdidos memorias no recuerdas que kamen rider y los villanos se llevaras los poderes kamen rider para abrí el j...
RIDE THE WIND (Male reader x Crossover) by Raidou14th
RIDE THE WIND (Male reader x Cross...by Ryan Gosling
Destroyer of worlds, Decade. What do those eyes see as he travels through many worlds. Rejoice! At the rebirth of a legend. Male reader x crossover
The Stamping Trailblazer. (Kamen rider Revice X Honkai Star Rail) by WhiteRoseWM
The Stamping Trailblazer. (Kamen r...by WhiteRoseWM
The story is about a male trailblazer named y/n who travels along with a group called the Astral express. The purpose of the journey is to explore different worlds whil...
Gaze into the Future [ My Hero Academia x Kamen Rider Zi-o ] by EvoJaden
Gaze into the Future [ My Hero Aca...by THE TRUE DEMON KING!
[ This book will Follow the story but things will become altered as time goes won't truly effect the story until season 4] They say " Your Destiny is set in stone...
Ben 10 x Kamen Rider Zi-O by tdk0403
Ben 10 x Kamen Rider Zi-Oby Tyler Klause
A young man named Cleft Tennyson who was given a driver with a mysterious ridewatch by his overlord Woz he must protect the tennysons as there guardian wether he's Oma Z...
Hail to the king  by Zerodragon4
Hail to the king by Slay
A new crossover of rwby with kamen rider zi-o
Song of time (zi-oxsymphogear) by Zerodragon4
Song of time (zi-oxsymphogear)by Slay
the noise isn't the only problem on earth evil versus of kamens have appeared and now it's up to the new generation of kamen riders to defeat them
I'll Surpass My Father And Shine Like He Did! (Male Reader x Crossover) by Whitesnakepucci23579
I'll Surpass My Father And Shine L...by Evol Blackhole2017
Y/n Tokiwa the son of the Demon king of Time and Space, Sougo Tokiwa...just like his father he wanted to become king... until Y/n transported to a World filled with inte...
Kamen Rider Zi-O x Kakegurui : Kamen Rider Zamonas by QuesterRei01
Kamen Rider Zi-O x Kakegurui : Kam...by Khalid Hasif Jabami
I know this quite crazy, but since there's a lot of kamen rider and anime crossovers, so i'll try to make my own Kamen Rider x Anime crossover about one of the Kakegurui...
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Zi-O x Hugtto Pretty Cure: A New Chapter Of Future! by All_Fanfic
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Zi-O x Hugtto...by @All_Fanfic
The content of the story revolves around Tokiwa Akira, the son of Tokiwa Sougo and also the one who will take the throne of the future Master of Time & Space, Ohma Zi-O...
Barry Allen/Flash disappeared during crisis his family ,friends and his wife through he died. The Justice League was having trouble caused by Reign and The World Destr...
[Toei Company] Kamen Rider Zi-O x OC Male Reader by yvang5
[Toei Company] Kamen Rider Zi-O x...by Brave Dragon
What if a male character who becomes a Demon God, obtains the Ziku-Driver, and becomes a Kamen Rider Ja-O that joins Sougo Tokiwa's team. This takes place in Kingdom 206...
The best Christmas of all time by ManonMoulinard
The best Christmas of all timeby Manon Moulinard
Since there will not be a Zio episode special Christmas, I wrote one It's also a Sougo X Tsukuyomi fic #TeamSougoTsukuyomi Forever #Otp Normally I wanted to post it o...