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Blackjack (A MLPEG x Male Reader Fanfic) by trollma
Blackjack (A MLPEG x Male Reader Zimbabwe_Bubba
In the Year 2065, Specialist Blackjack, otherwise known as (Y/N) (L/N) is a notorious Arms Dealer and Black Market smuggler, many have recognized his actions and grown t...
Come Along with Me!! (Male Reader X MLP EG X Adventure Time) by Math4523
Come Along with Me!! (Male Math4523
Y/N seems like an Ordinary person who was Athletic, A good fighter, and was overall a nice person but something was always off about him! When the Humane 7 decided to fo...
The Prince of Canterlot High & His Princesses (Cancelled) by LordStarX101
The Prince of Canterlot High & LordStarX101
Equestria Girls Harem X Male Reader. F/N L/N may seem like your average teen but he has a secret, he can use magic! F/N has been able to use magic ever since he was litt...
The Hero of CHS: Omnitrix Chronicles by Freelancer1337
The Hero of CHS: Omnitrix Blake Masonic
You are described as a hero of your old school. Then you transfer from your old school to Cantorlot High School. What you don't know, you're getting a lot of attention f...
Black hazard in helluva boss by Dratinibro
Black hazard in helluva bossby Dratinibro
Dratini has always been bullied by his family but one day while he was trying to patch his wounds he was found by two imps named moxxie and Millie and they brought him t...
A Rose in Equestria Highschool by JacobHolder2
A Rose in Equestria Highschoolby Jacob Holder
What if Ruby and Yang had a little brother? What if he was ignored by his parents and bullied by not only his sisters but the girls who would be known as Team RWBY all b...
Carnage at Chs by Dratinibro
Carnage at Chsby Dratinibro
Dratini has just moved to canterlot high with his pal a symbiote named carnage now watch as he helps a pony princess save her world while making friends and finding love
Love on the Tracks: MLP Eg harem x male Citrakayah Reader by deadpoolmerkwiththem
Love on the Tracks: MLP Eg harem dead pool
You are Y/n Trax aka Fasttrack you and you are from a planet called Chalybeas, It's a world full of race tracks so that the Citrakayahs can practice their speed powers...
Funtime Freddy in canterlot by Dratinibro
Funtime Freddy in canterlotby Dratinibro
Freddy along with his faithful hand puppet bonbon travel to canterlot as he try's to start a new from the pain of his old life watch has he helps beat sirens and makes f...
Kamen rider double in chs by Dratinibro
Kamen rider double in chsby Dratinibro
Dratini hidari is the son of the original kamen rider double and he has decided to move to canterlot for a change of scenery but watch as he helps a princess get her cro...
Lupin red in canterlot by Dratinibro
Lupin red in canterlotby Dratinibro
Dratini Yano is the son of the original lupin red and yellow Rangers and he is following in his parents footsteps by becoming the best thief in the world but what happen...
Cheated on ranger in canterlot by Dratinibro
Cheated on ranger in canterlotby Dratinibro
Dratini was left on the doorstep of the pai shua temple as a baby he ended up growing up there even becoming great friends with the Rangers but one day he found out his...
Rejected/abused Kamen rider ooo in canterlot by Dratinibro
Rejected/abused Kamen rider ooo Dratinibro
Dratini yagi wanted to be like his family a hero but when he found out he doesn't have powers his life goes to hell his family start to beat him up and abuse him until h...
MLP Equestria Girls: The Hero of Canterlot High (MLP EG x Male Reader) by TheNintegaGuy
MLP Equestria Girls: The Hero of The Nintega Guy
Knowing that there is a parallel universe to Equestria, Twilight Sparkle discovers a world similar to (Y/N)'s home world Earth and meets his dimensional counterpart. The...
The Multiverse of Y/N (Reactions) by trollma
The Multiverse of Y/N (Reactions)by Zimbabwe_Bubba
Very original idea I know, but hopefully I can update this as much as I can. Characters are pulled from other realities by a god named Bubba (Very creative I know) and a...
Soul Of the Heart (Male Reader x MLP EG and Bleach Harem) by Math4523
Soul Of the Heart (Male Reader x Math4523
You are (Y/N) Kurosaki (yes, you are taking the role of Ichigo in this story), and well you are just a normal 16 year old high school adolescent living in Karakura Town...
One Shots | mlp  by skittleshirh
One Shots | mlp by 𝐫𝐚𝐫𝐚
hello » just some bunch of cute mlp short stories/one shots :3 » feel free to requests anything! » check out my other books if you want! » thankss 🍪
Perfect (a SoarinDash love story) by SeleneMizutani1
Perfect (a SoarinDash love story)by #AuraAlitaStorm
"Me? I'm just an ordinary girl. What do you see in me, Soarin?" "You? You're not at all ordinary. You are extraordinary. Just perfect for me." "...
Equestria Girls harem x Spiderman Male reader  by DJBron3
Equestria Girls harem x Lightning Burn
You were an ordinary guy in Canterlot High School who lives with his aunt and uncle until you were bit by a spider in school
My Little Blacklight (Prototype oc x mlp eg harem) by SavPhoenix
My Little Blacklight (Prototype SavPhoenix
What happens when a dangerous shape shifting badass named Y/n gos to canterlot high. Find out in this prototype x mlpeg harem. Takes place after the first game. Warning:...