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Mob Psycho Male Reader X Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon by SuperSodaPie
Mob Psycho Male Reader X Miss SodaPie
A office worker and programmer by the name of Kobayashi had a normal life by herself, until one day she took in a boy two years ago. Her normal life became somewhat less...
My Dragon Maid Acidemia by DannyPhantom75
My Dragon Maid Acidemiaby DyKaiowyn Kincaid
After the death of his mom, the expulsion from UA, and backlisted from hero schools just he used to be quirkless, he didn't know what to do until he met Kobayashi. Made...
dxd highschool x neglected reader by pokemonUB
dxd highschool x neglected readerby pokemonUB
you are the younger brother of riser pheonix but you are not loved by the family and so you ran away and came across a dying dragon ad they gave you a gift you gave your...
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid OneShots! by explodingemos
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Jay
Why aren't there any more books about this anime??
My Crazy Life with Dragons & Psychics. (Dragon maid x Oc/Male reader) by CookPsycho
My Crazy Life with Dragons & CookPsycho
Ryder Ligero, is a chef for a local restaurant in Japan, he recently moved in with a family friend named Kobayashi into some cheap apartment. One day, Kobayashi came hom...
Ben Tennyson's Dragon Maid (Ben 10 X Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid) by Logan2465
Ben Tennyson's Dragon Maid (Ben ShortMannZ
This story follows what would happen if Ben had saved Tohru in the mountains. Let's see what chaos ensues. None of the artwork shown in the story is mine. (Miss Kobayash...
"Roommate" Lucoa x FEM reader (Kobayashi San chi no maid dragon) by shrimpenthusiast
"Roommate" Lucoa x FEM reader ( Mayonnaise
Y/n= female and is basically your character Disclaimer: please atleast give credit to me if you want to make a rip off version of this Y/n works at the candy shop with I...
Tohru is Izuku's Dragon Maid by Gamer_Ladd
Tohru is Izuku's Dragon Maidby Gamer Ladd
With his parents not around, Izuku Midoriya had to live in an apartment by himself. His parents sent money every so often so that he could live comfortably. But what hap...
 A Serpent Amongst The Dragonmaids (Futa!Reader X Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid) by Dark1o
A Serpent Amongst The Dark1o
((A/n): just a heads up I'm writing this on around the main manga not the anime. So if it feels off I don't blame you, this is how I felt when reading the manga after wa...
Stand user's dragon maid by ThatShadowPrince
Stand user's dragon maidby ThatShadow Prince
Atlas celestial is a streamer that enjoys all things fictional but despite his human appearance he holds a unique ability being able to summon spirits that others can't...
Kobayashi-san Chi no maid dragon: "True enemy or false friend" by ExaLupe
Kobayashi-san Chi no maid Exalupe
Apparently, Kobayashi has something with Elma, but Tohru does not know and the truth is terrible >Temp 1-3
Son, what is a Dragon Maid? by MrRandomFromSanDiego
Son, what is a Dragon Maid?by MrRandom
(Sorry about the bad cover). Son was watching Kobayashi's Dragon Maid on his computer Until Father showed up. He was about to get his head shot by Father until the compu...
Mr Rick's Dragon Maid  ( Rick and Morty x Miss kobayashi's dragon maid )  by Black-Nerd
Mr Rick's Dragon Maid ( Rick Black-Nerd
What happens when Rick and his family go on a vacation to Japan to get away from everything well let's just say they will have to deal with annoying neighbors. All Righ...
The dragon tamer ( bnha x male reader x dragon maid ) by steven326977
The dragon tamer ( bnha x male steven326977
you are bakugou's the twin brother. you are best friends with midoriya and he calls you nekochan. but one day a villian capture you from your family. you escaped and now...
Mr Eri dragon maid, Lovely Dragon Accident. by BlazeDX7
Mr Eri dragon maid, Lovely BraeonX2
There are no accident...... Is it an accident that a guy who was drunk as hell accidentally saved a Dragon from death and the next day the Dragon returns and turns out t...
A Dragons Gold by SpideMaster
A Dragons Goldby SpideMaster
An adventurous ghoul was bored back in his world so he decided to leave his home and go to a new world. Little did he know what chaos would follow. Join Dengo as he trie...
Property of the Dark Lord (Fafnir x Fem!Reader) HIATUS by MistyMari1
Property of the Dark Lord ( Mari
You've been good friends with Kobayashi and Takiya since your first day working in Jigokumeguri System Engineering Inc. Everything was normal until Kobayashi got a maid...
Mrs. Kobayashi... (Kobayashi x Tohru) by sxltsplash
Mrs. Kobayashi... (Kobayashi x himbo nation
(OLD) Kobayashi x Male!Reader - (spiderman fic) by obamasdad_
(OLD) Kobayashi x Male!Reader - ( obamasdad_
Dead fic. Old description: "There's an extreme lack of kobayashi x reader, so i decided to make this. Enjoy! (also I might throw in a big twist here and there, be p...